billgatesThere are all kinds of geeky ways teachers can use technology to help their students perform better and learn more. One big problem, however, is that often times instructors either don’t know where to find these tools or just don’t understand how to use them.

That’s exactly where Bill Gates wants to lend a helping hand. The Microsoft co-founder recently made a multi-million dollar investment in Graphite, a partnership between Gates and non-profit Common Sense Media that provides a free resource for teachers to find new apps, games and websites to enrich their classes.

“There’s a lot of amazing work going on, but teachers need more support to understand what’s out there, what works, and how to use it,” Gates wrote in this blog post.

The site offers reviews and ratings on specific apps and programs, with opinions from a community of teachers on what works and what does not.

Gates is pretty keen on using technology and data to improve education for our children. His foundation has dedicated a substantial amount of time and money to improving education already, though the efforts are sometimes controversial.

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  • Razzputin

    His efforts are sometimes controversial? You bet. Gates has single-handedly used money and a bias for science to completely re-direct teaching and education into a faith in outcomes driven by data. In the process, the art of teaching is being destroyed. Students are led to believe an education is all about creating themselves as a tool of productivity that can be measured. They get rewarded for producing measurable things – and there is much about life that is not measurable. In fact, the most important things such as character development, self-reflection, self-discovery, human relations, are not. Try measuring theatre and art, two of the most important areas in accomplishing these things. The education bureaucracy along with private enterprise has blindly jumped on the microsoft bandwagon without serious critical thinking about what a holistic education means – the very thing that is so lacking in today’s classroom. This is not just a money game, it is also one of power. Gates is no hero. He is a false god acting with near-monopolistic power on education in a society that enables him to claim that science and money is the answer to human satisfaction. If anyone needs more schooling, it’s Gates.

    • balls187

      Yeah, America will still need all those well adjusted, self reflective kids who suck at math, science, reading, and basically life, to work fast food jobs.

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