When the name Ashton Kutcher comes up, we might think of That 70s Show, Demi Moore or even Zaarly.

Now you can add Steve Jobs to that list. Kutcher is playing Jobs — beard and all—  in a new biopic about the Apple founder and we’ve got our first look at his portrayal skills today.

In the minute-long preview above, Kutcher is talking to Josh Gad, who plays Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. They’re discussing Wozniak’s OS that would allow people to see what they’re doing on a computer while working. Kutcher — er, Jobs — has a mini-freakout about the potential of the idea, while Wozniak is less enthusiastic.

“This is freedom! This is freedom to create, and to do and to build, as artists, as individuals,” Kutcher says.

“Even if you were developing this for freaks like us — and I doubt you are — nobody wants to buy a computer. Nobody,” Gad responds.

“How does someone know what they want if they’ve never even seen it?” Jobs asks.

The movie, titled “jOBS,” is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend and opens in theaters April 19. Here’s a good Q&A with Gad about the flick. 

Kutcher is well-known for his investments in tech startups, some of which include Skype, Foursquare and Zaarly.

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who wrote the screenplay for The Social Network, is currently working on another film focusing on Jobs.

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  • Sir Michael Rock

    Why didn’t they hire that guy who played Jobs in Pirates of Silicon Valley?

  • http://moniguzman.com Monica Guzman

    It still feels … weird … that Ashton Kutcher is playing Steve Jobs. I’m sure he’ll rise to it. He’s got one foot in startupland and knows what a deity Jobs has become. But, it’s Ashton Kutcher. “Dude, Where’s My Car?” What a world ;)

    • Taylor Soper

      It is certainly a little odd seeing him portray Jobs. I keep thinking of Michael Kelso…but I actually think he can pull this off. Excited to see if it’ll be better than Social Network.

      • http://moniguzman.com Monica Guzman

        Tough act to follow, but expectations are high. In a popularity contest, Jobs would destroy Zuck.

      • jeanie

        Social Network better!

    • http://www.christopherbudd.com Christopher Budd

      So I’m going to go ahead and take a strong stand here.

      I find it insulting that they would pick such a useless lightweight to play Steve Jobs. Jobs may not have been a nice person but he was brilliant and having someone like Ashton Kutcher play him just totally fails to convey that.

      I admit that Kutcher is at the top of my “I can’t stand” list. I view him as an overgrown boy with no depth, intelligence or acting ability. I don’t think he could portray a ball of lint compellingly (because even that is smarter than he is).

      I predict this will evaporate with no notice mainly because no one will see Steve Jobs on the screen: just Ashton Kutcher trying vainly to pretend he’s Steve Jobs.

    • guest

      What seems odd is that Ashton is basically the opposite of Jobs personality-wise, and so far hasn’t demonstrated the acting chops to pull off that kind of leap. Jobs was unbelievably successful in his second run as CEO, no debate there. But most reports, and even his own authorized bio, show him to be a complete ahole whose public persona was more the product of a hyper vigilant PR department. Which Jobs are they going to portray, the real one or the PR one? I can only see Ashton barely pulling off the PR one.

  • Guest

    Congrats to Ash on the big pickup! jOBS looks to be a great film about the life, death, and rebirth of one of America’s formerly notable computer companies. I’d happily pay to have whomever is running Apple into the ground today watch it.

  • Rufus d.

    I attended the opening night of NERDS the Musical on Friday, and
    the show exceeded all my expectations. It is a hilarious parody about the long rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. In my own group we had people ranging
    from a 14 year old teen up to a couple of 80+ year old grandparents, and they
    all enjoyed the show very much. It seems that anybody who has used a computer,
    has played Angry Birds on their phone, knows a Nerd, or is a Nerd (hmm, I guess
    that’s just about everybody) will love this show.

    I have every confidence this show will be a big hit as it gets ready for a Broadway run, and the reviews seem to agree with me. Here are a few that have been posted so far:





  • http://www.facebook.com/theemerican Christopher Fryer

    Yeah I can’t get past Kutcher’s own personal style to see Jobs. I wonder who Jobs would pick to portray him…probably not Kutcher.

    • guest

      God? ;-)

  • jeanie

    Ashton did a great job, a really great job!!

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