3D printing, or at least the concept of it, is becoming all the rage in the geek world. Here’s a new iPad app from Autodesk that taps into the trend in an interesting way.

You may know Autodesk as the company behind AutoCAD and other high-end programs for design, architecture and engineering. The company’s new iPad app, 123D Creature, lets users create intricate 3D models of all manner of monsters, and send them off to have them made into small sculptures using 3D printing technology.

The other interesting thing is that this app is exclusive to iPad, despite Autodesk’s long history on Windows.

The app isn’t cheap, going for $7.99 in the App Store. That doesn’t include the cost of the 3D printing if you go that route. But if you’ve ever wanted your own special monster on your screen (or your desk) it’s worth checking out.

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  • ChetCrunch

    Does this app also generate and provide the code to print on a personally owned 3d printer, or can the design only be printed through their printing service?

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