KindleFireHDXMaydayAmazon is trying to make its newest tablets appeal to more budget-conscious consumers by offering Amazon customers the chance to pay for a Kindle Fire HDX or Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ in quarterly installments, rather than having to buy the whole tablet up front. Buyers will pay a quarter of the device’s purchase price, plus any applicable sales tax on the device’s full purchase price and any shipping costs.

Of course, the devil’s in the details: buyers are limited to one installment plan Kindle at a time, and if they miss a payment, they risk losing access to the media they have on their tablet, and even losing their Amazon account altogether.

Still, the installment plan means that customers who might otherwise look at Amazon’s more budget friendly Kindle e-reader might instead reach for a tablet. And while the Kindle Fire HDX might not be the perfect business machine, it does well when it comes to consuming content.

Then, once someone has gotten their hands on a Kindle, recent research shows they spend 55 percent more than customers who don’t own one of the company’s tablets.

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  • Natalie Kilpatrick

    They suckered me in. I got the 8.9 HDX almost as soon as I found out about the plan. I would have never bought a tablet if it hadn’t been for this.

    • DMP

      I am trying to checkout and do not see the payment plan option. Where did you find it?

    • DMP

      Where did you see the option of the payment plan? I cannot find it. My only option is to check out with my pre-established Amazon account. Please advise.

      • Ben

        Go the the HDX page (either 7″ or 8.9. There should be a banner about the plan. Click on Learn More button. Click on Accept Offer button.

        • Guest101

          Either they’re removed it or I’m just not seeing it. There isn’t any banner mentioning a payment plan on either one.

  • David Woods

    I miss the old page turners myself, but these kindles will come down in price eventually, but they are light enough for a drone to deliver.

  • Lynn

    Use the link from the article to access the plan. Otherwise it is nit widely advertised anywhere on the site.

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