Catherine Giudici

SPOILER ALERT: Fans of The Bachelor may want to stop reading this article.





Amazon’s employee roster is already full extremely talented people with serious accolades. Now you can add a Bachelor winner to that list.

Catherine Giudici, a visual designer at Amazon, is the latest newlywed of the popular ABC reality show and will be marrying Sean Lowe, a.k.a. this season’s bachelor.

Thanks to Seattle-based media company Wetpaint, we got the inside scoop on The Bachelor’s results even though the finale doesn’t air until March.

Giudici grew up in Seattle and attended Roosevelt High School before enrolling in Washington State University where she majored in advertising. She then worked at the Wexley School for Girls and Taco Del Mar before ending up at Amazon. Giudici is also a freelance writer for Seattleite, penning blog posts about vegan food. You can check out here design portfolio here.

Way to rep the 206, Catherine, and congrats on your marriage.

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  • Guest

    Congrats to Catherine on the big win! This is a great Public Relations coup for Amazon and for our entire Seattle tech region.

  • guest

    Marriage won’t last long-she is marrying “Down”

  • guest

    So you guys have become a spoiler site now?! Not cool… I’d suggest removing her picture if you’re not looking to spoil this for your Geekwire fans that watch the show. Lame :(

  • evanjacobs

    Catherine is the most successful Amazon game show contestant since Tom Nissley won all that money on Jeopardy.

  • The_Tim

    Hah, I don’t care about “reality” TV shows, but it’s a little late for a “spoiler alert” when you’ve already given away the spoiler right in the headline.

  • Guest

    Fine if you want to announce the spoiler, but please don’t put it in your headline, making it unavoidable to those who actually watch the show.

  • Michelle Heng

    I dont even watch this show but this was a total spoiler — my little Asian mother would be very upset with you right now if she knew how to use the Internet!

  • LiveBachelor

    Good luck Catherine!

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