Steve Wozniak Photo: Jonathan Alcorn

Microsoft is trying hard to win fans for Windows Phone. And while the mobile operating system is still way behind rivals such as Android and iOS, the company received an unexpected endorsement this week from none other than Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

In his remarks on The Report podcast, the outspoken geeks says that he prefers Windows Phone to Android. “It’s no contest,” he said.

Wozniak notes that the device he’s been using — thought to be a Lumia 900 — is far better and makes him feel like he’s “with a friend, not a tool.” Woz still carries two iPhones, one from AT&T and one from Verizon. And those remain his preferred mobile device, but added that he’ll be carrying his new Windows Phone with him too.

“I’m kind of shocked. Every screen is much more beautiful than the same apps on Android and iPhone,” he says.

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[Hat tip to The Verge]

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  • Guest

    Congratulations to Microsoft on creating a compelling and exciting experience! Woz, the true innovator in Apple’s history, should be running the show instead of whatever number-crunching clown is in charge now. They’ve already lost the innovation game to Microsoft.

    For shame, Apple. For shame, Tim.

    • Guest

      Um, are you serious? Tim has been running the company for a few months. Product cycles can stretch into years. It doesn’t sound like you have any experience building anything.

      • Guest

        iPhone 5? Ignored in favor of an also-ran “S” product.
        Standalone Apple TV? Not released on time.iPad mini? Abhorred by the visionary, to be shoved out the door by the heir apparent.

        Fire Tim. Fire the board. Install Woz. Start over.

        • Guest

          Amazing that an “also-ran” 4S still managed to outsell all WP7-phones by a factor of about 30:1, no?

          Fire Tim? Shouldn’t he be allowed thirteen years to systematically destroy Apple the way Ballmer has MS?

          • David

            Apple outsold it simply because they had more fans there… If you have an ice cream truck that all the kids go to, then you introduce a new ice cream truck in a place where the kids can’t see it, even if the second truck has way better ice cream, it won’t get as many sales.

    • Guest

      “They’ve already lost the innovation game to Microsoft”

      Laughably silly.

  • Matt

    Everyone says Windows Phone OS is beautiful, but know one is buying them, and developers are certainly not developing high quality apps for it.

    I use and like Windows Phone, but they are playing a catch up game with every update.  They need to drastically dash ahead of the game.

    • ted

      Developers are creating apps for it. Windows Phone marketplace is growing extremely fast, with beautiful apps and useful apps. I can find all the apps I want. But then again, I can imagine life without Angry Birds…..

    • Kevin

      I switched from iPhone (4) to Driod and then recently to a Windows phone on the recommendation of a freind. I LOVE IT!! 

      I asked about them from another freind who works for a cell phone distributor and he said that the reason people aren’t buying them is that the store employess at many of the wireless dealers are not pushing them… MIcrosoft does not pay kick backs to the carrier the way Google or Apple does.

    • Awheat

      people haven’t been buying them out of sheer lack of knowledge they EXIST.  EVERYONE who has an iPhone to which I show my Windows phone LOVES it!  I’m not a super tech, but neither are most consumers:  We want something easy to use and social.  Windows blows iPhone out of the water on that one ;)

  • Dracono

    Microsoft, some of us would be very interested if you were not blocking Unity3D/Unreal Game SDKs on Windows Phone 7 as it has been successful on delivering many quality applications to the other platforms. Personally I would like to Microsoft succeed, but that is not going to happen as long you run a closed platform and ignore what is being asked. Listen to your developers/customers, Windows Phone 7 SDK  & XNA Game Studio has its merits, but it is not a one size fits all solution, so stop plugging your ears if you want to succeed.  (No WP7 support)  (No WP7 support)

    Don’t just take my word for it.

  • Skipnote11

     I love this OS..

  • Floyd

    A Bloomberg talking head called ” Microsoft the new Apple” last week! I almost fell out of my chair!
    It is funny to watch all the Apple sheep not feel so cool and self important with their overpriced iToys!

    • Jim98122x

      what’s even funnier is constantly seeing apple-haters disparage iPhone owners as ‘sheep’ who buy their phones to be cool.  Nobody buys an iPhone to be cool, they buy them because they like them and they’re easy to use.  Seriously, how much “cool factor” could there be to a phone that practically everyone else has?  The iPhone has exactly zero exclusivity to it–no “status” at all.

      There are a lot of reasons people buy iPhones, but “because it makes them feel cool or self-important” is rarely one of them.

      And just for the record, before you snark that I must be an apple “fan-boy” — I work for Microsoft and have nothing but good stuff to say about the new Windows phone too.

      • ChkN

        Actually, I beg to differ, but there is definitely a “cool” factor associated with the iPhone. Sure, the UI is fun and intuitive. Sure, the ecosystem is second to none. But to say that the Apple “cool” factor is not a huge driver as well would be to ignore the facts. There are many flaws with the iPhone (as with any other platform) that are ignored by many simply because of the “cool” factor. If we survey a group of high school students with iPhones, I’m sure we’ll find that many of them got it because their friends have it.

  • Jim

    I agree with Steve I love my Windows phone and wouldn’t switch even for an i phone.

  • Dragonboats

    I love how Woz shoots from the hip. Very honest and authentic. He even comfortable by joking at the end, saying “I carry two iphones one for AT&T and one for Verizon. It covers me when a batery goes out like right now. One of my batteries is dead. So I solved Apple’s problem the easy way, the extensive way.”

  • Todd Bishop

    Having interviewed Woz once in the past, I never know exactly what to believe, when he’s pulling a practical joke, or whether he truly feels as strongly about a topic as he suggests. 
    That said, endorsements don’t get much more emphatic than this. I noticed this piece got some RTs from Windows Phone team members over the weekend. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a Woz quote show up in a future Microsoft slide deck.

  • WTF

    Windows phone clearly beats Android. But iPhone, i still doubt

    • on the virge

      I too love my windows phone, as does my wife…add a compass and I would be 100% satisfied instead of 98%

  • Christopher Budd

    To paraphrase Stalin about the Pope, regarding Woz “How many divisions [of sales people] does he have?”

    It’s a nice quote, it really is. But I think what really matters for the future of WP isn’t what Woz thinks but instead the quotes recently from Verizon and AT&T indicating they’re looking at WP as a possible counterweight to Android and iPhone.

    They do have legions of sales people and I think if they really do put muscle behind WP that will help immeasurably.

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