’s lead in the cloud computing arena is well known, but just how far ahead is the company in providing the core backend infrastructure to make companies’ Web sites run? Consider this report by Wired magazine: According to research by DeepField Networks, one-third of Internet users in visited a Web site that used Amazon’s services each day.

That’s just mind-boggling when you think about it, and as reporter Robert McMillan writes, it speaks to how Amazon has “quietly become a massive utility.” Additional research from DeepField uncovers that Amazon touches roughly one percent of all Internet traffic in North America each day.

“The number of websites that would now break if Amazon were to go down, and the growing pervasiveness of Amazon behind the scenes, is really quite impressive,” DeepField co-founder Craig Labovitz tells Wired.

The scary thing about that statement is that a portion of Amazon Web Services actually did fail, one year ago this week. The outage impacted a number of Web sites, causing howls about Amazon’s lack of communication about what was going wrong.

Here’s a look at the growth of the company’s Simple Storage Service:

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  • Christopher Budd

    Wow. That’s really something to give pause. It’s impressive to be sure. In particular since, as the article noted, it’s something that developed almost as an afterthought: “basing it on the technology it had developed in-house while building up”.

    BTW, a friendly suggestion, it would be really handy if your links to other stories would open in a new window. It makes it easier to read what you’ve linked to and then come back and comment here (at least for me).

    • Guest

       We recommend holding the “SHIFT” button while clicking links. This causes the link to open in a new browser window. One can then drag the old and new windows to the left and right edges of the screen so that Windows 7’s Aero Snap function creates an experience that maximizes one’s desktop real estate.

      • Christopher Budd

        Thanks, though if the link opened in another window I can just flip back without an extra step (and it’s all about me being lazy!).

        The Windows 7 Aero Snap doesn’t work so well on a Mac. :)

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