Call it Startup Weekend on steroids.

The Seattle nonprofit today is unveiling a new four-week training program that’s designed to get people off their duffs, pursuing that entrepreneurial idea that’s been gathering dust for too long.

Dubbed Startup Weekend Next, the program is a departure for the organization, which up until now has been known for its 54-hour hackathons. In the Next program — which is also being labeled as a “pre accelerator” — entrepreneurs will enter a four-week training program led by startup vets and including online educational aspects.

The organization certainly isn’t starting small. They expect to have 30,000 entrepreneurs from 10,000 early-stage startups enrolled, spanning some 350 cities across the globe.

Startup Weekend organizer Marc Nager

Others working with Startup Weekend on the Next project are Steve Blank, who provided course content from his Lean LaunchPad class; Startup America, with a network in 30 regions in the U.S.; TechStars, which is providing access to experienced coaches; and, which hosts the Lean LaunchPad online lectures.

The first four-week Startup Weekend Next programs will begin on November 28th in 25 cities.

“Startup Weekend’s Next program and the Lean LaunchPad curriculum are based on the premise that we have cracked the code for early stage entrepreneurship,” said Startup Weekend CEO Marc Nager.  “While we don’t know how to make a startup become the next Google or Facebook, we now know how to teach founders how to dramatically reduce their failure rate through the combination of business model design, customer development and agile development.  We believe it is the new standard for startup success.”

Cost of the program will range from $140 to $300 depending on the city.

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  • Stephen Medawar

    I can attest that this is a great program. It’s a very challenging (read with a positive connotation) 4 weeks, but in the end you will be so much closer to product/market fit. I started the program with an MVP already built and clients signed, but throughout the program I found a more focused and accessible market.

    If you have any questions about the program (from the perspective of someone who has been through it), connect with me.

  • Cindy Wu

    The Seattle SWNext Team is awesome! At Microryza we spoke with over 100 customers in 3 weeks–if you’re committed to creating products that your users will LOVE… TAKE THIS COURSE. This course is a full-time job, so if you have a current job (outside of your startup) be ready live on very few hours of sleep. Already working full-time on your startup? You should already used to little sleep.

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