In a “move that will surely send shocks through the iPhone accessory ecosystem,” TechCrunch reported today that Apple plans to switch things up with the next incarnation of the iPhone by using a smaller 19-pin port instead of the existing 30-pin port for connecting accessories and cables.

Any way you slice it, for Apple users and enthusiasts, it would mark a big shift, requiring the replacement of more than a few accessories for people who upgrade to a new phone.

The 30-pin port has been the Apple standard since the third-generation iPod, but many sources, including Apple Insider and CNN, contend that Apple seems more set on saving space in the device than on maintaining standards for the sake of compatibility.

“The reaction on blogs and on Twitter has been largely negative, with commenters saying the new port — used to charge the phone and connect it to other devices — would render obsolete existing chargers and accessories such as speaker sets,” CNN’s John D. Sutter writes.

What do you think? Smart move by Apple? Or are they just being jerks?

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  • Leif Espelund

    Or they could switch to micro USB, you know, like the rest of the industry.

  • Guest

    Micro USB ought to be good enough for anyone. Furthermore, using the same connector for all devices reduces the waste created by having custom cables just for iPhones. Shame on Apple for not implementing standards.

  • guest

    No loss. I hate the connector anyway.

  • Mack

    Ridiculous that it’s gone on for this long. Any other company would have been lambasted for keeping that idiotic connector for so long. Welcome to 2007 Apple.

  • guest


    Apple will pocket another Billion or Two off of proprietary cable sales this year while maintaining it’s status as the penultimate provider of conspicuous consumption devices in the World.

    Amazing how we differentiate between Big Oil and Big Tech in terms of cool-factor. Money is money, and Apple knows how to rake it in. Bless them, everyone.

    • Guest

      Proprietary cables are bad for the environment, bad for society, and bad for businesses. I’d like to see our next President enjoin Apple from foisting these destructive products on our world.

  • M.D.

    Enough with the Apple “we’ll tell you what you like” attitude.
    I am looking forward to my Samsung Galaxy III phone where I can use a standard micro USB connector and an SD card to do what I want to do. I like the build quality of my iPhone 4 but Samsung is par with Apple on that front…

    • Guest

      You’re doing the right thing. Apple is yesterday’s news. You’re buying tomorrow’s.

  • Elliott Omlin

    won’t somebody just come out with a 19 to 30 pin adapter? seems like the logical solution. ‘course it’ll probably run $29.99 at the apple store.

  • Jeremy Irish

    I’m indifferent. Every previous phone I owned seemed to have a different connector and charger.

    The connector hasn’t changed but older products have often had problems with shielding, charging, etc. It was inevitable that the connector would change. It would be nice for Apple to think ahead at least a few generations of iPhones to make sure they continue to work with the new connector though.

  • Mike Christensen

    Kinda a bummer since my car has a standard iPhone connector, as do the treadmills at my gym. That’s a lot of expensive equipment to replace!

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