A new analysis by Forbes ranks the Seattle region No. 1 in the country for technology job growth, crediting the region for expanding its tech employment base “in good times and bad, boasting a remarkable 43% increase in tech employment over the decade.”

That was ahead of the growth seen by Silicon Valley and other tech hotbeds, according to the analysis. To compile the ranking, Forbes looked at job growth in tech employment broadly over the past decade, as well as growth in specific areas of science, technology, math and engineering jobs.

Here’s how Forbes summed up the situation.

The most consistent performer over the period we assessed is the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, Wash., metro area, which takes first place on our list. Its 12% tech job growth over the past two years and 7.6% STEM growth beat the Valley’s numbers. More important for potential job-seekers, the Puget Sound regions has grown consistently in good times and bad, boasting a remarkable 43% increase in tech employment over the decade and an 18% expansion in STEM jobs. Seattle withstood both recessions of the past decade better than most regions, particularly the Valley. The presence of such solid tech-oriented companies as Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing — and lower housing costs than the Bay Area — may have much to do with this.

Over the past year, Amazon has contributed a disproportionate share of the growth, expanding by 9,400 employees in the first quarter alone worldwide. The company doesn’t disclose how many people it employs in its home region, but just this week Amazon.com said it has more than 1,000 open positions in the Seattle area.

Seattle is also benefiting from an influx of companies from the Bay Area, which are expanding here at a rapid pace. See our post earlier today: From Facebook to Zynga: A guide to the tech giants establishing Seattle outposts.

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  • Scot Baker

    Cookin’ with gas Seattle!  I can tell you first hand that our clients are making us feel this growth …day in and day out, and the fuel dousing that fire has shown no signs of taping out in Q2-2012.   How cool is it to live and work in a city with such a robust collection of technical entreprenuers and visionary companies creating all these kick butt jobs in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics (STEM) fields?  Awesome!  We are so fortunate to have the priviledge to help build these companies.

    Scot Baker
    Baker Technical Staffing

  • Jamiers

    Good things for companies like restaurant Portage Bay Cafe in the south lake union neighborhood right next door to buildings and buildings of Amazonians.  Those restaurants down there are doing well.  

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