A Seattle street scene today

For the past few days, Seattle’s Zachary Cohn has been spending his days and nights planning for a January 18th rally to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act. But one thing got in the way: the weather.

An epic snowstorm, which arrived in the Seattle area early Wednesday morning and has already dumped several inches on city streets, has led to the cancellation of the protest.

“No sense crying over frozen precipitation,” joked Cohn in an email to GeekWire. “I’m definitely a bit bummed, but I’m just shifting focus and keeping up the pressure.”

Cohn promises that the rally, originally scheduled for South Lake Union, Westlake Park and Bellevue Square, will be back in February.

In the meantime, Cohn said that he’s urging protestors to call politicians to share their views on SOPA and the accompanying legislation known as the Protect IP Act. He’s also pushing the video “The Day the LOLcats died,” a parody of Don McLean’s classic song American Pie which features a cameo appearance by SOPA and PIPA critic Ben Huh of Cheezburger Network.

Seattle schools and about 30 Metro bus routes have been canceled in the city, and Mayor Mike McGinn just went on KUOW 94.9 FM to urge residents to stay off the roads.

In addition to Cheezburger, which joined Reddit and Wikipedia in blacking out its site today, other tech companies such as Amazon.com, Google and Microsoft have voiced their opposition to SOPA.

Here’s the flyer that Cohn planned to hand-out today at the Seattle rally.


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  • http://www.intrinsicstrategy.com FrankCatalano

    Blackout gives way to whiteout. Appropriate, somehow. 

  • Guest

    I think this shows incredible cowardice on the part of the “protesters.” Tahrir Square didn’t empty out when it got cold or when it rained. Westlake Plaza didn’t drain of Occupiers when the clouds came. If you want to fight, fight.

    • Guest

      So what have you done lately? 

      • Guest

        Basically the same thing as Zac. I’ve sat home and posted indignantly on the Internet without making any active effort to educate the uninformed.

    • Zac Cohn

      Oh, hello anonymous poster who is accusing others of cowardice.
      We were not out there to protest. We were out there to educate. There wasn’t going to be anyone else out there to educate, so there isn’t much of a point in us going. Instead, we’ll reschedule for when we can have a better impact.

      Have a great day, Mr. Mysterious Commentor.
      Zachary Cohn

      • Guest

        I’ve been outside today and there were literally hundreds of people in need of education. Were the educators actually willing to step outside and hand out flyers, a great opportunity could have been converted. Instead, the weather has driven the revolutionaries home with their tails between their legs.

        I am very disappointed with Seattle Against SOPA and I will be withholding donations of money to it. Perhaps some mittens would be more urgently needed.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GE5CNEISA2HSBUXVDC4S7A5AKY Ted

    what you people need chains for your feet?
    with all the people that pussied out and didnt make it to work, school you could have had a huge turnout.  instead you all are posting videos from your downtown appartments of all the idiots here that cant drive, you could have had a shovel off to see who could clear the most sidewalks infront of senior centers and others ways to do good for your comunity in stead of making our roads the laughing stock of the snow belt.

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