An exhibit that surfaced yesterday in the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial showed where the Apple brand is strongest, and how the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Android phone affected that standing, based on an internal Samsung marketing study.

AllThingsD posted the map Monday evening, and we couldn’t help but wonder how it compared to a different map that we’ll be seeing a lot of this fall — the Electoral College breakdown in the U.S. Presidential race.

This was CNN’s version of the electoral map as of late last month, below. Not exactly the same, but a lot of similarities. At the very least, the Romney and Obama campaigns might want to make sure their candidates are seen carrying the appropriate devices in those swing states.

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  • guest

    Recently I’ve had several long time iPhone-using friends who have dumped the iPhone and opted for the S3 instead.One had gone through three 3GS’s, each of which broke in either a minor or major way, and they finally had enough. Anecdotal of course, but it’s been enough of them to make me wonder if Samsung isn’t starting to pull ahead in an even bigger way.

  • guest

    no, not really. west coast is in the iphone camp, big shocker. northeast, sure. everything else, doesnt even come close to matching. way to stretch for a story

  • Ross

    What are the similarities between the two? They both involve a colored map of the US?

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