Google co-founder Sergey Brin caused a stir at an event in San Francisco last night, sporting a prototype of the company’s “Project Glass” augmented reality glasses, which were just unveiled by the company earlier this week.

Apart from proving that the devices are real, Brin’s move gave a sense for what the glasses would actually look like on people in real-world settings, as you can see in the photo above by Thomas Hawk, via Flickr.

As shown in Google’s demo video, the glasses will overlay interactive graphics on top of the real world, delivering information and messages, providing real-time directions, finding nearby friends, snapping pictures, and letting people interact with the device using voice commands.

But here’s our question. Seeing what they look like in the wild, and keeping in mind that the project is still in the prototype phase, would you wear these things in public? Vote in our poll below.

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  • ALbert

    Awesome. Bring them to market and they will fly off the shelfs.

  • FrankCatalano

    If I can get them with prescription progressive lenses, why not? For those of us who have to wear glasses anyway, might as well get more function out of them.

    • GradyPhilpott

       I’m in complete agreement.  So long as they work as advertised and the price is manageable, I would feel perfectly comfortable wearing this device–ah, well, if they’re comfortable to wear.  I’m used to lightweight eye-wear.

  • Petrolly

    What. A. Loser. A billionaire but still a loser. I watched the Google video linked to above, and I can’t wait for the SNL parody. “Hi Jessica… Hey, wanna see something cool?”

    • Guest

      You said the same thing when you saw a man holding a telephone in the palm of his hand. “A billionaire but still a loser; telephones should be confined to desks and booths.”

      You said the same thing when you saw a man using a computer he could plug in at an airport waiting area. “A billionaire but still a loser; computers are for use in an office, not while waiting for an aeroplane.”

      Today, there are those who see technology differently: those who mock progress and those who stand to benefit from it. I know the side on which I stand. Do you?

      • galenward

        I bet Petrolly said the same thing about the segway too! ;)

        • Guest

          Xe probably did, but to be fair Segways were pretty lame until we redesigned our cities around them last year.

  • Joe the coder

    First geek that doesn’t see the bus that runs him over makes headlines.

  • Relaxeddriver

    I’ve been waiting for this since Star Trek launched!

  • Guest

    I remember when, in 1985, I was mocked for carrying a mobile telephone. “That telephone is comically large,” said a man at the cafe, “and you look a fool for holding it.”

    Today, everyone I know carries mobile phones — large mobile phones, larger than bars of soap, on their person at all times. In fact, one would look a fool for holding anything else.

    I imagine that the same men who mock Google’s concept video in 2012 will be lining up for fourth-generation Google Glasses in 2039.

  • Colgan Jon

    I know that I would, I think they look sweet I can’t wait for them to come out

  • Kirill Zubovsky

    Hell yea! How can I get a pair? 

    • Kirill Zubovsky

      ps. Can’t believe 43% of you (atm) have said either “No” or “Maybe”. What are you even doing reading GEEKwire ?

      • Joe the coder

        So being skeptical nullifies geek cred?  Have you considered that glasses wearers already have enough crap on their face already?

  • Beowuff

    What, no option for “Sure, if they integrate comfortably into my current glasses?”

  • kpedraja

    I can’t help but be reminded of The Jerk. They’ll sell like crazy until there’s an epidemic of people with some degenerative myopia in one eye. Then everyone will sue Sergei and leave him with just his remote control, his lamp a his faithful dog, Shi… well, you remember.

  • Sonny

    Android is a complete failure from a revenue standpoint, so of course Google needs a diversion. Unfortunately, this is a famously bad idea for one reason – people actually don’t like wearing glasses. Sorry.

    • Guest2

      Right, it’s only a half-billion dollars in revenue and should be so much more!  Those slackers.

      But, isn’t the real point that it’s 1/2 a billion AND a brilliant move from allowing Apple to own mobile?  If Android hadn’t launched and been given away to manufacturers, Google would have missed the opportunity to own more than 50% of the smartphone OS…and, would have lost it’s edge in pushing it’s allied products to mobile.  We’d all be prisoners within Cuppertino’s walled garden if Android hadn’t fulfilled the most basic principles of Capitalism: competition is good for everyone.

      The thing is, Google are doing some pretty cool stuff. They’re involved in future-thought…not just changing their web site’s design and privacy policies ad infinitum.  Google remind me of Japanese corporations where they envision decades/generations of evolution, way beyond a focus on next Quarters earnings.

      • Guest

        Half a billion dollars in Google Android revenue, after 10 years on the market, is pathetic. My friend Henry told me that Microsoft makes hundreds of millions of dollars from Android, and they didn’t even write the OS!

  • Shawn Ruse

    I want to beta test these!

  • Googlely Eyes

    No wonder Google and other companies are trying hard to find good designers; those things look pretty awful, like something out of 1990s scifi. no one with reasonable taste would wear that in public without ridicule…

    On the other hand, you gotta start somewhere if you want to develop a 24/7 heads-up display. So if they can eventually get the interface working in contact lenses or standard-style glasses, that would be aweome. The original mobile phones looked like you could call an air strike in the battlefield. LOL

  • christiananderson

    1. Can you wear them while driving?
    2. Can you get them with a fighter pilot helmet that has “Maverick” stenciled on it? …to wear while driving.
    3. Do they come with a Kenny Loggins Greatest Hits CD?

    • Guest

      1. No, but they do control Google self-driving cars.

      2. Yes. …no, but they do control Google self-driving cars.

      3. What’s a CD?

  • Guest

    Bring them to market and watch everyone buy  then put in a drawer to never see the light of day again !

  • Guest

    HELL NO!!!

  • jss


  • Guest

    Does the idea of someone driving with these on not scare anyone else?  

  • Shawn Jones

    did we learn nothing from Star Trek:TNG?

  • Frank Barreca

    The government  will step in and ban their use in cars, there will be class action suits for the battery being too close to your head, and thieves will rip them off your face  to sell at the pawn shops for drugs.  AND STILL PEOPLE STAND IN LINE TO GET THEM. ps: GUCCI will make diamond studded ones for the rich.

  • weejoe

    yes, if its functional, wear at ease, a bit cool looking, and can help tremendously people like me w/ vision problem.  I’m  in search of normalcy in my way of life after medical condition.  

  • Gradyphilpott

    When one considers what passes for fashion these days, the Google glasses are down right refined and conservative in design.

    The question is, will they work in real-life scenarios?

  • Kathrine Mya

    pretty cool post

  • Jeff

    Worst idea ever… anyone could take a picture of you or anything or make a video anytime anywhere and nobody would ever know, we already barely trust each other imagine with these glasses, I would never approach or trust someone with these…

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