Apple’s unveiling of the new iPhone 5 certainly got tech geeks chattering, with social media channels lighting up with hundreds of thousands of comments about the new device. But is it actually a good fit for you?

There’s been plenty of criticism that Apple didn’t really show off anything that revolutionary with the device, which has a larger screen; supports LTE networks and boasts new parental controls.

Wired called the new iPhone “completely amazing and utterly boring,” while Forbes notes that Apple has become “hamstrung by its own success.”

At the end of the day, all that matters to Apple is whether people — you and me — will buy the thing. And it appears a lot of people will fork over the cash, with Bloomberg News reporting that it could be the best selling consumer electronics gadget of all time with as many as 10 million sold by the end of the month and 58 million by the end of the year. So, what do you think? Vote in our poll and let us know:

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  • Randy Hoopes

    I’ll be buying one opening day!

  • Elcee8

    I have never owned a smart phone before so I am doing some heavy online research here. The iPhone 5 seems like a great first smartphone for me and it will sync perfectly with my iPad. But because I’m used to the iPad size, the iPhone looks so small to me. I am also considering the Samsung gs iii, would seriously consider the nokia lumia if Verizon carried it. I do use a lot off google stuff…so I don’t know.

    • MCO

      Be aware that the iPhone 5, while a nice phone, is still BARELY holding its own spec-wise against other competing devices. That’s right now. In two months, it will be totally outclassed. Apple releases only one phone per year, and so they needed something that put then ahead of the competition, not something that barely caught up. They failed to deliver. It will sell like hotcakes, as do all Apple products, and that’s not because it’s the best device.

      My advice: unless you are really hooked into the Apple ecosystem, don’t spend a bunch of money on a phone that will be old news by years end. I’m jumping the Apple ship..I won’t continue to spend more for less simply because of the fruit on the back. Get yourself something that will be more future proof…Galxy Note II, Galaxy S3, the upcoming Nokia, or any number of other products.

      • delay

        If you want a future proof phone you would be much better off going with an iphone despite what the android users will tell you. Based on history, iPhones are supported much longer. If you look at the iPhone 3gs which came out 3 years ago. It’s operating system will be updated to the latest version which will be iOS 6. There is no manufacture of android phones that even support there product for a year much less three. Even the latest android phones are already a generation behind update wise. I am not aware of any phone supporting Jellybean yet and you will never find a 3 year old android phone supporting it. The iPhone have always had a beautiful build quality. Androids may have slightly better specs but they don’t run software as smoothly and are usually made of plastic. If I wasn’t buying an iPhone I would probably consider the latest nokia running windows phone 8.

  • Quo

    The fact that the iPhone 5 still has not introduced NFC and the fact that they are changing their connector, but not to a standard connector like USB but yet another proprietary mechanism is ridiculous. I’m done with the iPhone. They’ve been passed by Android, soon to be passed by Windows Phone as far as real features and function.

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