Oh, the irony.

Oprah gushed about her love of Microsoft’s new tablet computer, the Surface, with the following Tweet yesterday.

A great ringing endorsement by a woman who can actually impact millions of purchase decisions, right?

Well, the message backfired a bit when some sleuths noticed that Oprah actually sent the Tweet using her iPad.

Now, it’s unclear whether Oprah, who boasts 14.8 million followers, maintains her own Twitter account. But, nonetheless, this is not the sort of PR fiasco that Microsoft needs at the moment.

Oprah, you may recall, recently put the Surface on her “Favorite Things 2012″ list, noting that the product “feels like a Mercedes-Benz to me.”

Well, that might be the case. But what “car” does Oprah actually drive?

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  • http://giftguy.co/ Stephen Medawar

    Here is some evidence. I screenshot this from my TweetDeck, so you don’t have to worry about attributing it to anyone.

    • johnhcook

      Thanks Stephen.

  • guest

    Wow, that’s pretty sad.

  • Warren Buffett

    Whew, the market had been really been sweating the Oprah endorsement. Thankfully that’s over. APPL up 7%.

    • trollsRmorons

      Pretty sure Warren Buffet knows the actual trading symbol for Apple. Pro tip: that’s not it.

    • guruad

      :-/ yeah the statement just kinda falls flat when you get the companies stock symbol wrong…

  • http://twitter.com/TweetingAC Andrew

    Her initial endorsement clearly was written by Surface’s PR team to cover the companies main talking points on the device.

    “The full-size keyboard built right into the cover makes work easy, the very smart kickstand makes watching a movie or Skyping a friend a delight…”

    Some items I bet she truly discovers (ie Glassybaby) but its become a marketing tool for companies. Oprah’s Favorite Marketing Budgets.

  • uxo22

    Oh, so if I say I love my Toyota Tundra, am I not allowed to say it if I am driving my wife’s Nissan Murano? Why can’t Oprah be taken by what she said instead of what she was currently using. I don’t recall her saying that she love the MS Surface and only used her Surface. I love the Nokia 920, but I own an HTC 7 Pro.

    • http://twitter.com/TweetingAC Andrew

      Because there are hundreds of choices of cars from dozens of manufacturers. There are only 4 main players in the tablet market and the iPad is the biggest competitor and reason for Microsoft switching strategy and operating system design. It’s a pretty bad oversight by the Oprah and Microsoft teams.

      • uxo22

        Spin it however you want man, all I’m saying here is why can’t she love both of them. She made a comment and guys like you dissect it because she tweeted from an ipad. This woman probably has ipads, androids, and surfaces all over the place. She tweets on whatever is handed to her.

        Perhaps she didn’t just pick it up to tweet about surface, perhaps she was tweeting in general and the subject came up. We don’t know what the scenario was, but you just draw up your own conclusion…Not surprised. Should she have put down her ipad, and requested a surface so that she can tweet about Surface. Is she not allowed to love Surface while owning an ipad and love both products?

        What’s with the conspiracy theories?

        • http://twitter.com/TweetingAC Andrew

          Conspiracy theory? It’s called marketing and public relations in 2012. I probably shouldn’t debate with someone that thinks she is personally tweeting these things without any outside influence. This isn’t Joe Random tweeting his love for a new gadget. Microsoft, Oprah and OWN are big businesses.

          Thus, big business networks report it, not conspiracy theorists:

          *drops mic

          • uxo22

            Okay Andrew, sure you’re correct. Moving on.
            *picks up mic, places it back on mic stand, turns off the light and closes the door.

        • txfun

          $100 says UXO22 is bangin 2 chicks and is still trying to convince the
          world he loves both of them. Rule #1 – While bangin chick #1 don’t
          tweet about how chick #2 rocks! — Lets play his scenerio through.. So
          Oprah is testing out the Surface and loves it so much she puts it down,
          finds her iPad and decides to tweet about it.. Yeah, thats likely..

          • Talon2400

            Dude why did you have to go and make it personal. Here’s another spin on the UXO22 scenario. UXO22 is bangin 2 chicks one being your big sister, and one being your little sister. You can claim your $100 because he doesn’t love either of them. But they both love him…lol No so funny now when it’s personal against you.
            I hate it when some people makes these things personal, now you see what it feels like. Yeah I know I did it, but dude deserved it.
            Here’s another Oprah scenario, maybe Oprah didn’t want to get death threats from apple fan boys so she used her ipad to tweet about Surface. I’m still trying to figure why any of this mess even matters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasondouglasfarris Jason Farris

    I actually do love my Surface.

    • Kand

      Great product and I definitely love mine as well. Exactly what I was looking for as it handles ALL of my business affairs with NO problems. Very fast and responsive and the best thing about it: no more carrying around an iPad AND a laptop!!

  • DarthViper

    uxo22 said, “This woman probably has ipads, androids, and surfaces all over the place.” I don’t know where Oprah puts her iPad, but I can bet she keeps her Surface in the bathroom.

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