Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass app made its debut on iOS overnight, released as an upgrade to the Redmond company’s previous Xbox Companion app — giving iPhone and iPad users the ability to use their devices as remote controls and second screens for Xbox Live on the Xbox 360.

The experience is similar to Xbox SmartGlass for Windows 8 and Android, letting users navigate the Xbox Live menu by swiping the screen in their hands, search for content including movies and video using text and voice input on the iPhone or iPad, launch programs and music from the device, and control playback, as well.

I’ve been trying it out this morning on my iPhone 4S and there’s something awesome about using an Apple device to control and interact with the Microsoft console.

For the most part, the experience has been seamless, very similar to what I’ve experienced on my Microsoft Surface tablet. That said, the app did crash a couple of times in about an hour of usage. Also, one of the big complaints from iPhone users in the initial App Store reviews is that Microsoft didn’t come out with native support for the iPhone 5’s taller screen.

The free SmartGlass app for iPhone and iPad is available here.

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  • Tim Acheson

    SmartGlass for Android:

    Welcome to the future!

    • AndroidShill

      Why are you posting links to the Android product in a story about iOS?

      • Tim Acheson

        This story is not simply “about iOS” its also about SmartGlass.

        As usual, iOS gets disproportionate levels of attention, including this article. I thought some Android users reading this website might want to know they have SmartGlass too — in fact we had it ages ago but that’s iOS for you rofl.

        You’re an Apple fanboy, aren’t you, which makes you angry when people mention superior rival products.

        Notably, your comment doesn’t make my comment any less true — as is typical of Apple fanboy comments, trying but failing to disagree with reality.

  • Guest

    Nice. I love this cross-platform strategy. SmartGlass had some interesting, if slightly rudimentary, second-screen features during Microsoft/NBC’s coverage of the election.

    • guest

      Not much choice given that the leading phone and tablet platforms are dominated by Google and Apple, not MS.

      • Guest

        SmartGlass also works on my PC, which runs Microsoft Windows 8, as will almost all of the 350 million PCs sold in the coming year alone.

  • Giallo Lionheart

    I can’t get my iPhone to transfer videos to my Xbox using smartglass or mirror my activity on my phone through xbox

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