Microsoft Research is showing a new project called “Cliplets” that lets users turn video clips into something closer to a moving still image by effectively freezing a portion of the frame and leaving another portion of the video to run as is.

The project was unveiled this week as part of Microsoft Research TechFest, an internal science fair, and it’s available for public download now for Windows 7. In the video above, Microsoft researcher Neel Joshi explains the approach and how it works. Also see this tutorial below.

Here’s hoping they bring this to mobile devices.

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  • Guest

    Hard to imagine how MS’s relevance has declined and their market cap/profit leadership been lost when cutting edge breakthroughs such as this, with obvious ability to complete redefine the industry like Apple has three times now over the last ten years,  are coming out of the $1 billion plus a year spent on MSR    /s

  • sslack

    Ummm…try googling “cinemagraphy”
    This is NOT new.  Where has this research team been?

    • sslack


  • Anonymous

    Isn’t there already an app for that?

  • dukewars

    This is the FIRST time this capability has been put into an App that is CUSTOMIZABLE and EASY. @sslack – your link is NOT research.. it is a tutorial on how to painstakingly edit each frame to constrict this effect… potentially hours of work.
    @mcgarty:disqus – Yes this is a similar app.. for doing something that creates a similar effect, but is crude. a recent review reported: “The app works best when your device is completely still, and although our tests didn’t work fantastically, some users have already uploaded some beautifully constructed GIFs. Things are far from perfect here however”

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice if the cliplets would run on XP. I’m just wondering if this is a new strategy by microsoft to help move people off of XP and purchase a license for win7 or later?

  • Fei NtZebra

    Been messing with this stuff and have a tumblr site that I post my results on: 

    Am using well known movies first to get to grips with it, and you can do some decent stuff.

    Makes the stuff that iwdr has been producing for ages that “little bit” easier.

  • drgeorge7

    I worked with Cliplets and it is really easy and fun to play with.  You can get as creative as you want but the drawback is you cannot get them as a .gif to use in email or blogs.  I took the Mpeg4 to and had it converted which was easy as well.  

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