It’s being called the “Mother of All Microsoft Leaks,” a 56-page document that details plans for the next version of Microsoft’s Xbox game console.

One big caveat: Even though the document appears real, it’s still nearly two years old, and needs to be taken with a big grain of salt.

That said, the general direction for the “Xbox 720” is very interesting. In addition to improving the underlying hardware, and making the console more powerful, the document lays out a strategy to turn the next Xbox into more of an entertainment hub, with background television recording and Blu-ray support.

A second generation of the company’s Kinect sensor would offer higher accuracy, dedicated hardware processing, and four-player gaming.

But what really caught our attention was the section on Project “Fortaleza,” a plan to release augmented reality glasses that would work initially in the living room with the next Xbox over WiFi (in 2014, according to the document) and later on the go, using 4G technologies (in 2015).

Because the document dates back so far, it suggests that Microsoft had this vision long before Google went public with its similar “Project Glass” initiative. It looks like the next big battle between Microsoft and Google could be in this area of AR glasses, with Microsoft leveraging the strength of the Xbox brand and Google building on the growth of its Android ecosystem.

The document has been removed from Scribd at the request of a law firm that represents Microsoft — more evidence of its authenticity — but the Verge does a good job of rounding up the highlights.

The timeline (as of 2010, at least) called for releasing the next Xbox in 2013. The document refers to the console as the Xbox 720, but our hunch is that the code name will be replaced with a catchier product name by the time this new console is released.

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  • guest

    Really sad how poorly MS keeps confidential information confidential. Xbox 720 (really their entire Xbox compete strategy, such as it is), Yammer. This tablet news. All leaked. And that’s just last week.

    • ted

      Most of the stuff you said “leaked” did not. People have no idea what MS will announce on Monday, for example, and anything you hear is just an unsubstantiated rumor.

      • guest

        Everything I said leaked. A law firm that often acts for MS have already sent take down notices to the sites hosting the leaked Xbox strategy. The Yammer deal has been leaked all over the place and widely reported. And at least two very reputable media outlets have gone on record saying tomorrow is a tablet announcement. Even if they end up being wrong about that, it’s still two major leaks in a single week. Outside of Sinofsky’s Windows group, the company is a sieve. Speaks to the general lack of discipline and pride.

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Microsoft on another successful viral! This is a great way to build buzz ahead of tomorrow’s Xbox TV event.

  • ShutUpIt’sMyOpinion

    Augmented Reality will cause many people to lose their jobs. I mean that shit would be soooo nice! Think of Battlefield 3 in Augmented Reality, man I hope it’s true.

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