Andy Lees

This certainly isn’t as shocking as the Steven Sinofsky announcement on Monday. But here’s more evidence that Microsoft is shaking things up.

Bloomberg News reports that Andy Lees was recently chosen to lead the company’s corporate development and strategy operations. He is reporting to CFO Peter Klein in the new role, overseeing deals such as Microsoft’s investment in Barnes & Noble. The role of corporate development chief had been vacant since the departure of Hank Vigil last year.

Lees stepped down from his leadership positon on the Windows Phone team late last year, with CEO Steve Ballmer saying at the time that Lees would “move to a new role working for me on a time-critical opportunity focused on driving maximum impact in 2012 with Windows Phone and Windows 8.”

Windows 8 has since launched, and now Lees has landed in the corporate development department. It will be interesting to watch what he accomplishes in the new role.

The Verge reports that the timing of the Lees appointment is interesting in light of the larger changes happening at Microsoft and since he was “effectively benched a year ago.”

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  • Guest

    Congrats to Andy on the new job! I’m sure he and Scott Porad will get along swimmingly.

  • guest

    That’s Ballmer’s Microsoft for you. Reward the people who consistently fail, like Lees, and get rid of those who consistently succeed, like Sinofsky or Muglia. Rinse. Repeat.

  • MSPravda

    Two days after announcing Gen. Stephan Sinofksy was removed from office and executed for treason, the Kremlin reports that Gen. Andrei Leesov is being returned from exile in Siberia.

    Leesov fell from favor last winter and was sent into exile in Siberia in a shake-up that saw Sinofsky gain more power in the Kremlin.

    Sinofsky was removed from power and executed with little warning for treason Monday. The Kremlin labelled him a “Kulak”, an enemy of the people, citing Sinofsky’s “anti-collectivist” tendencies claiming he would not work with other generals.

    Kremlin watchers view this as the purge of another potential rival by Premier Ballmer similar to that which swept Generals Bach and Allard from power two years ago. Similar to Sinofsky, Bach and Allard were viewed as strong and capable lieutenants whose days became numbered when people started to speculate that they could replace Premier Ballmer.

    It’s unclear how much power Leesov will wield after his return and rehabilitation. Kremlin watchers also believe that more purges and changes are yet to come ahead of the upcoming party congress. What is clear is that Premier Ballmer has again secured his position by leaving no clear answer to the question “who would lead if he [Ballmer] were to be topled by the Politburo?”

    • guest

      Erm, don’t quit your day job to become a satirist. Oh, and Lees and Bach were incompetent. Nobody who objectively reviewed their actual performance could conclude differently. Including them in the same company as Sinofsky blows all credibility. Sinofsky was the real deal; they were wannabes. Allard was never a general. He did however make some important contributions, especially earlier in his MS career. But nothing even remotely comparable to Sinofsky.

      The original Pravda was known for being FOS. Looks like the MSPravda follows in that same fine tradition.

  • Swirls

    Lees is an idiot, long live Lees.

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