If you say nothing else about social media, you can at least say it’s developing a sense of humor. Mean? Maybe. Self-deprecating? Definitely. But it’s a sense of humor.

The latest evidence is Klouchebag, a parody of Klout’s influence score that launched earlier today. And if the name of the site isn’t enough to clue you in, you need only read the “The Standard for Asshattery” tagline.

The one-page site encourages you to enter your Twitter handle. Then it returns, Klout-like, a score based on four metrics: Anger, Retweet Abuse, Social Apps and English Misuse. Or, as the site summarizes it, the ARSE rating system.

Klouchebag’s FAQ states that it’s “about as scientific as Klout’s own measurements.”

I asked creator Tom Scott, who lives in London (thus perhaps slightly skewing the “English Misuse” metric), whether this month’s Wired feature story on Klout inspired Klouchebag — and indeed it did.

“I’d been annoyed with the idea of Klout for a while, and that article crystallised it. Today, I registered the domain name (sadly, “klunt.com” was already taken) and built the site in a couple of hours of spare time,” he wrote.

As to the social media community’s reaction to the site — or, potentially, its obsession? “Well, it only launched a few hours ago, so I can’t be sure — but so far, it’s been overwhelmingly positive.”

And then he notes, perhaps ominously:  “No one’s thinking of using it seriously, as far as I can tell.”

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  • Guest

    As a Klout user with a high score, this “parody” site reeks of jealousy and condescension. Not all men are as influential as I am. Who would you rather have promoting your product — some unknown person with an unknown level of influence, or a guaranteed influencer?

    The men behind “Klo…” (full name omitted) need to read “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell to understand why tastemakers and mavens like myself are high-value targets in the war for eyeballs and dollars.

    • http://www.intrinsicstrategy.com/ FrankCatalano

      I suspect you’re an unusually high scorer on both sites. Congrats!

      • Guest

        I have an excellent score on Klo…, Frank. I never succumb to anger, I never “retweet” the words of others, I eschew social apps that post insubstantial automated data to my followers, and my English usage is impeccable. It is because you too have an excellent “ARSE” score that I read your words, Frank.

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