Naveen Jain at his company's offices in Bellevue

Naveen Jain has built some of the Seattle’s best known Internet companies, founding InfoSpace in 1996 and Intelius in 2003. Now, Jain is kicking around yet another idea, and it too starts with the letter “I.”

Meet Inome Inc., which is the new corporate umbrella for the properties that previously were housed under Intelius. Jain tells GeekWire that Inome — which stands for “information genome” — is much more than a simple name change. It represents an entirely new business.

“Just like genome is unique to each individual, Inome is doing the same thing for
information about an individual,” said Jain. “Google set out to organize (the) world’s
information and make it accessible. Our vision with Inome is to organize the world’s information that’s online or in deep web and make it person-centric — essentially assign every bit of information about a person to the unique person just like their genome. Our world is centered around the person and not information.”

As part of the change, Intelius will become a division of Inome as will the company’s US Search, Zabasearch, Talentwise and Live Family units. Some of the management from the units will run those divisions, while other executives will join Inome, said Jain. For Example, Chief Corporate Officer Bill Kerr will become president of Talentwise.

Jain said that Intelius is largely identified with online background checks, and because of that it was harder for the company to tout its other offerings, such as the Talentwise  service. Under the new entity, Jain said that the company may launch new units or brands in the identity management arena.

“We are really excited about Inome and want to provide — not just great platform — but utilize our expertise in analytics to find relationships and connections between people that are not obvious,” he said.

The timing of the change is interesting given that InfoSpace — which no longer has a formal connection to Jain — just changed its name last week to Blucora.

A controversial figure who has rubbed some the wrong way in the tech community over the years, Jain has hinted that an IPO could be in the cards for the company this year.

“We will consider an IPO if the markets are open,” Jain told GeekWire last fall. “We feel good about where we are, and feel confident about our future.” The company — which reported net income of $12.1 million on revenues of $122 million in 2008 — canceled plans for an IPO in 2010 after filing to raise as much as $143 million. It had about $150 million in revenue in 2010.

Could the name change signal that Jain is prepping to go public?

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  • Guest

    Congratulations to Naveen and Inome on this new strategic direction! Like a chameleon, one must always keep one’s identity and focus geared specifically to the situation at hand.

  • Me

    Controversial? I’d use a different word. The guy just lacks integrity.

  • Wones for Everyday People Searches!

  • Joe d’Coder

    Hmmm, Naveen managing my identity.   I’ll pass…

  • Dave Jordan

    Well, there he goes again. I’ve been following Mr. Jain for a couple of years and it seems that quite a bit of what he does is surrounded by controversy in one form or another. Intelius, USSearch, etc, are already making people angry and now he wants to bring everything about a person available online together in a single location. I can just see all the happy people lined up waiting to get in on the action. First there was the online background check and now there are going to be online life checks.

  • Bradley

    This guy is a thief and you all know it.

  • TellItStraight

    This clown takes credit cards for a $3 order and takes it upon himself to charge another $20 for a monthly membership not ordered nor authorized. Previously, he would pass it through a confusing survey prompt. Now, they just charge people’s accounts outright without authorization. Criminal, plain and simple.

  • Jason K.

    Mr. Jain is one of the least scrupulous individuals I’ve come across in my 20+ years of business in the tech industry, from the time he was removed from Microsoft to this latest round. I am not surprised at all that he would be onto this type of idea, and I hope that he fails miserably.

  • bill richards

    this guy and his company are disgusting.
    I dont want to become a billionaire by selling PORN or doing shit with people’s identity.
    He is a loser, not a hero.

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