On the surface, things look pretty good in the tech industry. Amazon.com has openings for 1,000 positions in Seattle, and companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Zynga and others are establishing engineering offices here. Venture capital is flowing, as evidenced by the more than $100 million that just arrived at the doorstep of Bellevue-based Donuts Inc. And, from what we’re hearing, more is on the way for Seattle area companies.

But things might not be as rosy as they seem. Facebook’s lackluster performance in the public markets is giving some pause. And Y Combinator founder Paul Graham wrote a letter to entrepreneurs Monday suggesting that things are going to get worse for early-stage startups trying to raise money.

“If you haven’t raised money yet, lower your expectations for fundraising,” Graham wrote.

Those comments got us thinking about the state of tech industry, and so we’d thought we’d ask the GeekWire community what they think. Where are we at? Still ascending the mountain or on a rapid, painful descent? Let us know your feelings in the poll below.


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  • Guest

    Seems a category is missing?

    Between “things are bad” and “things are good.”

    Money will tighten.  Valuations will decrease.  And, businesses will be required to project real revenue (within rapid time frames).  So, depending on whether or not you can adapt to a revised definition of “good,” it may be “bad.”

  • tryingtocalmdown

    “What will ‘happy’ in the wild world of tech”?  Is geekwire using yahoo’s prooreaders now?

    • johnhcook

      Oops. Sorry about that. I made the change above. 

    • Guest


      People who live in glass houses and all…

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