An unknown number of sites that use online services from domain registrar have been knocked offline today. A member of the activist group Anonymous is claiming responsibility for an attack targeting and overloading the company’s servers.

Sites reporting problems include Zipline Games and the newly launched ThingsWeStart site, featured on GeekWire earlier today.

“I’m taking godaddy down bacause well i’d like to test how the cyber security is safe and for more reasons that i can not talk now,” wrote Twitter user AnonymousOwn3r after claiming responsibility for the attack.

The problem appears to be affecting sites that use GoDaddy services including hosting and DNS. If your site is down or you spot any that are, please let us know in the comments.

More coverage at TechCrunch and CNet News.

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  • Seth Pilkey is down

  • Sliders Cafe

    Yep, our site is down.

  • PeerCube

    What a day for us to introduce PeerCube :-( We are down the first day of introduction … not a good omen at start. Hopefully, things can’t go worse going forward.

    • johnhcook

      Ugh. Well, hang in there. Reminds me of the day that Yapta launched. You may recall that their building caught on fire on launch day.

      • PeerCube

        Thanks everyone for suggestions and concerns. Despite the outage, we did pretty well on our expectations.

      • Michael Hazell

        Well that’s got to be a bad way to start a day.

    • Christopher Budd

      Ugh, I’m sorry as well. At least it’s a big outage and so well known (particularly in terms of who’s affected).

    • guest

      call it a successful “soft launch” and then do your formal launch again…

      …especially, if you felt you had 1-more-thing to tweak…

  • Palongi Deals is down for some users (AT&T Wireless), but others have been able to access it.

  • Felix Livni

    GoneDaddy ;)

  • FrankCatalano

    My site, hosted with GoDaddy, is down. But my email for the same domain is still up, since I moved its email hosting to Google Apps several months ago after flaky GoDaddy email service. Apparently wisely.

    • Robby Andrews

      Email was down or spotty for customers using Go Daddy Name Servers, regardless of provider. For a time no MX records existed for many sites. BTW I used to work with your son at Muscle Beach Lemonade.

      • FrankCatalano

        Good point on the MX records; I’m pretty sure I had also switched my name servers as I continued to receive email today. But others may not have been so lucky. (And I’ll say hello to Michael, who’s even been featured in one of my columns here – thanks!)


    I have been calling Godaddy for the last 2 months on the fact my email has been hacked. Not from my devises (2 – iPhone, iPad & Macbook), but from the server side. I even sent them an email that I received and thought it could be part of the hacking. I have not heard anything back from them or the security team they “should” have in place.

    The best I got was to update a .txt (SPF?) on my account and we can do nothing to help you as the email account is set up as a catch all.

    I will be looking to change companies soon. Any suggestions of a good one that does not offshore support?

  • Terry Brown

    All of our sites are down that are hosted on our GD dedicated server – and it appears from talking with a few of our clients who use different GD servers that some users are able to access sites as long as they aren’t using AT&T as their ISP.

    Our email is also down – we use GD for that too. :( Sucks to be us today.

  • Tyrell

    Our site and e-mails are down. Might as well just say the net is down too and just call it a day.

  • Michael Hazell

    I’m sure that GoDaddy lost some customers after this, but then again this still isn’t their fault. They were attacked.

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