In what CEO Martin Tobias described as the company’s first mass refund, Seattle daily deal site Tippr has apologized to customers who bought a pair of what they thought were $49 Bose headsets. Tobias tells GeekWire that a merchant signaled that the headsets were genuine, and that it was authorized to sell them.

But Tippr started to have doubts about the merchant’s claims, and as a result took the step of offering a full refund.

“Upon further investigation and in partnership with Bose Corporation, we were unable to verify the merchant’s inventory levels nor the authenticity of the product to our satisfaction,” Tobias tells GeekWire in an email.  “There are apparently quite good fake versions of these headphones in the market and we were concerned that the merchant may have been attempting to ship knock-offs instead of factory authorized product. So out of a preponderance of caution, and looking out for the interest of our Tippr customers, we decided to refund all customer’s money rather than risk them getting a potentially faulty or poor quality product.”

Tobias said that they take great strides to make sure that the merchandise sold through the site is authentic, noting that the company is pursuing legal action against SwagShopCentral for misrepresentation and breach of contract.

“While it is unfortunate Tippr customers were not able to receive authentic Bose headphones at this great price … this quality assurance service is something that customers should expect from their daily deal providers,” Tobias said. “Customers should be wary of deal sites that don’t have high bars for merchant quality or provide full refunds in the case of merchant misrepresentation or underperformance. Sadly not all companies provide such a high level of service.”

Here’s the letter that was sent to customers:

Dear Customer:

You are receiving this email because you purchased the $49 Bose Headsets – thanks for your patronage!

Our goal is to ensure that the offers and merchants we promote are of the highest standards so that you, our customer, would always receive a quality piece of merchandise or service.  Unfortunately, we demand a level of merchant and product quality and for a few reasons we feel these standards were not met with the Bose offer.  Extended shipping delays and product quality issues have forced us to make the decision to provide you a full refund rather than have a less-than-acceptable product shipped to you.

With that said, we will begin refunding these transactions and it will likely take your bank 3-5 business days to process the transaction. You should see the credit in your account by the beginning of next week.

Thanks again for allowing Tippr to provide you with quality offers, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.


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  • Henry Randolf

    The actual news here is Martin’s competitors have not written nasty blog posts on bothe their company and personal websites like Martin has in the past. Refund of course and that’s the bare minimum tippr should do. Maybe you should be doing your homework prior to sighnimg up shitty business partners. Maybe “we” customers should be weary of tippr? I know I am.
    I’m currently wondering why Martin is in Hawaii getting a suntan and not at the home office…oh yeah, because RRE gave him 5 million bucks.

    • Guest

      The only man I see writing nasty comments about another human being is you, Henry.

      Please stop, Henry.

  • Tom Davis

    Martin Tobias is a an a$&@hole. Period. He’s on the top 10 hated CEO’s in Seattle. I worked with him at imperium…I know.

    • Guest

      Tom, after looking through your comment history, I’ve decided I’d rather have Martin Tobias, successful CEO, than you.

      Please stop posting your hateful and provocative invective. This is an environment of welcoming, and you should just get the hell out of here.

      • Guest0123

        Welcoming? Well welcome negative comments. You obviously have not been wronged by Martin. Many people here in Seattle have and karhma is a bitch.

        • Guest

          How have you been wronged by Martin? Please describe how you have apportioned karma.

  • guest206

    I bet all these negative posts are by the same 2-3 people- Grow up! and quit hiding behind the screen name. Great, you can say whatever you want because its the internet but deep down inside and you are just making yourself the victim by posting these unnecessary comments.

    Move on with your life-Oh wait, I forgot you don’t have one !

    • Guest210

      Whats funny about your post is the hippocrasy.
      2 things:
      1. What if statements are true? What if Martin is an adultuer? What if it was your spouse/partner? You don’t know how’d you react. Maybe Martin is lucky he has not been pounded with a baseball bat and has to deal with negative comments.
      2. I bet you are Martin

    • Guest207

      Hippocrite. Your entire post is the definition of one

      2 things:
      1. What if statements are true? What if Martin is an adultuer? What I’d it was your spouse/partner? Maybe Martin is lucky he did not get beat. You don’t know how you’d react.
      2. I bet you are Martin.

      • guest208

         Really dude?! Get a life! You must really be hating life right now to follow every Tippr post and badmouthing our CEO- I am not Martin by the way. And I am sure your life is all perfect-so perfect you are wasting your time on things like this. Learn how to spell hypocrite by the way!.

        • Guest207

          Thanks hypocrite. Just like Martin, just like tippr…it’s ok for you but not ok for anyone else. I know you’re afraid of Martin, but I dare you to ask him if he’s an adultuer…when he lies you’ll know.
          Tell him I’ll meet him anytime and he can apologize…he won’t he’s a piece of sh$&.
          Wondering the same about you…why are u wasting your time with this? Maybe getting back to work would be good, tippr needs all the help it can get to stay afloat.

  • Seattleinvestor

    Anyone who thinks they can get a pair of Bose headphones for $49 is an idiot.

    • Guest208


  • Chipsnsalsa

    Does it taste GOooOoddD! CHIPSS and SAlsa!!!

    • Flash

      SOOO gooooood. Prime pumpin’!

  • Gadgetroom

    I am a company who has just sold items on tippr and they are now ignoring all my emails as well as not paying me !!!! They are a complete joke !!!

  • inside source

    Might want to check those Ray Bans they are offering… They are fake as well.

    • Lauren

      Can you please follow up with this comment?? I ordered them and have not received them. I emailed Gadgetroom and Tippr, no help. After doing research on Gadgetroom, I’m a huge idiot for not checking out their site in the first place. No privacy policy or anything on their page, and their primary site visitors are from the US? Makes no sense if they’re a domain.

  • Lpr99

    I bought a Tippr Ray Ban sunglasses deal and the sunglasses I got were shipped from China in the cheapest looking packaging (already a red flag) but upon further examination I have come to the realization that these are 100% fake!!!

    • MadatTIPPR

      Have you had any response from Tippr? I, too, ordered these FAKE Ray Bans and now Tippr won’t respond. Of course, they were quick to respond when I had a question about order. SCAM!

  • sharon1948

    I have been dealing with not receiving my merchandise ordered in January through Tippr. After dealing online directly with the company and with Tippr, nothing has been resolved. How does anyone have faith in TIPPR if this first deal I made with them is bogus?!


  • Rosanna

    Tippr is a sham in my opinion. They’re refusing to give me a refund for a broken product they sent me (they’ve been giving me the go-around for 10 days now). Zero customer service is usually a good reflection of the company culture and the CEO’s ethos…

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