Streampix movies will be available on the iPad

Comcast this week is rolling out a new video streaming service called Streampix, an offering that will be available only to subscribers of the giant cable company.

The offering, which includes access to past seasons of TV shows such as 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and The Office as well as movies like Brokeback Mountain, Ocean’s Eleven and The Big Lebowski, will cost $4.99 per month when bundled with other Comcast video packages.  It will also be included for free with many Xfinity “triple-play packages.”

Netflix and Hulu Plus, on the other hand, charge $7.99 per month.

Of course, the kicker here is that Streampix is only available to existing customers of Comcast.

Streampix will compete with, Netflix, Hulu Plus and Coinstar’s Redbox unit, which earlier this month inked a deal with Verizon.

Comcast says that Streampix — available on the Web and certain mobile devices — is designed to offer “greater flexibility with packaging and bundling options.”

Content partners include Disney-ABC; NBCUniversal; Sony Pictures; Warner Bros.; and Cookie Jar Entertainment. Later this year, Comcast plans integration with Xbox 360 and Android.

UPDATE: Here’s more from a Comcast statement on the new service:

“We have always offered current and popular entertainment content. We recognized there was also a market for popular library content and extensive past TV seasons. What differentiates this service from others is that we are offering a convenient one-stop source for video entertainment on multiple screens, eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple video services, with multiple bills and passwords.”

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  • Jeska Dzwigalski

    Wow, I would totally subscribe but I DON’T WANT to also get cable. Cause, you know, I WATCH MY STUFF ONLINE. Oi. Someday they’ll get it. Hopefully. 

  • Jeska Dzwigalski

    Wow, I would totally subscribe but I DON’T WANT to also get cable. Cause, you know, I WATCH MY STUFF ONLINE. Oi. Someday they’ll get it. Hopefully. 

    • Leandro Oliva

      I don’t think you understand their innovative model, Jeska. :sarcasm:

    • Tessa

       Coming soon: buy 1000 CDs, get a discounted subscription to Spotify.

  • Guest

    Only $5 a month on top of the $80 a month I pay for basic cable? I hope it works with Xbox 360, as Netflix does.

  • Social Media Maven

    Typical old media. Their idea of competing is to copycat their competitor and then make you buy their old product to get their new one.

  • Vafer

    Just another way to try to get, yet another nickle out of sheeple.

  • DC

    Another way to get you? If you already subscribe to their Triple Play (which I do) then this is free. Once it hits the Xbox – goodbye Netflix streaming.

    • Guest

      Just to be sure, this is the Triple Play combo of telephone (unnecessary; everyone has a mobile phone), Internet (necessary), and television (unnecessary; see Internet).

      Of course Comcast wouldn’t charge you an extra $5 in this case. They’ve already got you on the hook for over $100 a month.

    • Tessa

       It all depends on the content and the ease of use. I have Amazon Prime for the discounted shipping, so I get the video service bundled, and have it on my Roku box. So far, the only time I’ve used it is when I had an episode of a show that wouldn’t stream right on Netflix.

       The Netflix UI is better, and they have a lot more content. So I won’t be dropping it anytime soon.

  • Dj Temple

    Good luck with your adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe M.

    How is this not basically saying they are now going to charge for Xfinity on Demand?  Will that go away?

  • Naqa23

    “30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost andThe Office as well as movies like Brokeback Mountain, Ocean’s Eleven and The Big Lebowski,”
    4 out of the 6 I can get on Netflix, pretty innovative stuff going on right here.

  • Anonymous

    We need less services and a more reliable dumb pipe, that is all thanks.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s free with the bundle, which a majority of Comcasters already have, it sounds like a great promotion to me. Assuming they offer different movies/shows then that offered OnDemand, I think it’s a smart move. Why have Comcast and Netflix when you can have just one. More convenient and cost-effective. 

  • Anonymous

    This is like the coolest thing ever dude.

  • UnderSerf

    FER CRYIN OUT LOUD, people (I don’t agree that EVERYONE are sheeple, only those who do, are) Comcast has a USAGE CAP!! The mighty vaunted streaming video is a huge bandwidth hog – CC caps ya @ 250 gigs – fine if you play Flash games all day, but TWO people watching ONE movie each per day runs yo into the cap, then they cut ya off and blackball ya. Now, if wireless were HALF as reliable as everyone seems to believe it is, it would be a great substitute for fatpipe, but it most certainly is NOT – it’s just radio, with all the limitations THAT has. Although there’s more’n enuff market to support lots of technologies, Capitalism dictates only one wins. This bunch looks to be much in favor of monolithic devices AND communications…

  • MEE

    4.99 streampix is a cool deal, it fits our needs and my kids like it. On the other hand, comcast didn’t mention that there are two type of boxes (digital (HD) vs. regular) Our tv is HD but, be’c comcast didn’t mention about 2 types as i mention earlier, we got the regular box so the pic is regular pic not digital pix. for additional 5 bucks more then you can get better pix. at the end it costs the same as Netflix. :(

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