Demotix boasts more than one million photos in its news archive

Corbis is expanding its footprint in the arena of photojournalism, announcing today that it has purchased photo newswire Demotix for an undisclosed priced. Corbis had previously invested in London-based Demotix, which boasts more than 30,000 freelance photographer contributors. Many of those are citizen journalists — armed with smartphones and the Demotix mobile app — can easily upload images and sell them through the marketplace.

Demotix, which boasts more than one million images in its archive, splits revenues with freelance contributors through a 50-50 arrangement. Photos from Demotix contributors have appeared in the pages of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian.

“Today’s announcement underscores our commitment to providing our media customers access to an exceptional selection of breaking news imagery — from premium news sources to alternative coverage outside of the scope of the mainstream newswires,” said Corbis CEO Gary Shenk in a statement. “Demotix helps build out Corbis’ unmatched portfolio of news and entertainment imagery that cannot be found anywhere else.”

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  • BIll HIlly

    Demotix suckered all those photogs in with a promise they would pay no less than $50 per photo. That promise was not kept, average pay was $5-30 per PUBLISHED photo, and not that many get published. Now the hulking corporate mass called Corbis will consume them and you won’t get more than $5 per photo. All you kiddies who think you can make money in photography, think again.

    • Anti_Pap

      The rich (Photo Agencies) get richer…. The poor (Photographers) get poorer… As the market continues to de-value itself and rip off photographers across the world. It truly is a shameful and insidious industry of crooks, con men, stalkers and liars…. I have worked for most of the major Photo Agencies and they are all the same. In it for themselves and out to fleece you of your hard earned photographs and profits…

      Big, Getty, Splash, Corbis etc and all the useless, mind numbing Magazines that support and perpetuate this sickness of stalking, harassing and ripping people off all have one thing in common.

      Employee/slaves who will one day look back on their body of work in the sunset of their working careers and feel nothing but shame and an overwhelming sense of un-fullfilment about their life’s work.

      Glad I got out when I did and a big F.U. to all those tried to burn me. You know who you are..

      • esolesek

        The irony to me and the bad news to the ripoff artists is that excellent photogs these days are also web-savvy, sometimes even developers, and graphic designers, as well as peddlers of prints and other merch from the imagery that can pay more in one print or t-shirt than some lousy editorial publish unless you get the photo of the year, and then you can be your own agency. These clown agencies email me and ask me why I stopped posting, and I tell them you need to pay something real and promptly. Meanwhile, other pubs like Huff Post actually ask for stuff to be donated. The sucker public seems happy to contribute but that’s generation tool for you – not just be open source, but let someone profit off of your open source. Sorry, that’s not sharing in an equal society, that’s a game for suckers.

        I can redirect my time into numerous directions, and I can still sell certain images in different ways, without handing anything over to these sheisters. It’s been a tough realization, but ultimately, weaned me off of a condition of proto-slavery that would’ve just left me an angry hack anyway.

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