The Frugal Dad has created an awesome infographic, detailing the impact that Bill Gates’ philanthropic efforts have had on the world. Taking a phrase from comedian and talk show host Jon Stewart, the Frugal Dad notes that the Microsoft co-founder is better than Batman.

The infographic estimates that Gates — through donations to global health causes — has saved an estimated 5.8 million lives.

“Obviously most of us don’t have the kind of capital that Bill Gates has to work with, but I feel that everyone could learn from his philosophy towards philanthropy,” writes the Frugal Dad in introducing the infographic. “I admire that his approach is both compassionate and practical. He sees charitable endeavors as something well worth investing in, because ultimately everyone benefits from an overall better quality of life around the world.”

microsoft infographic



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  • Mike D.

    All that work and they didn’t even bother to get Warren Buffett’s name right. Sigh.

  • Mike D.

    All that work and they didn’t even bother to get Warren Buffett’s name right. Sigh.

    • MHazell

      Think about the Children…

  • Anonymous

    Hold on. The Bill and Melinda foundation got billions but actually only spend the DIVIDENDS on those. The money is invested into shares of big, global corporations who are responsible for many of the planet’s problems (hello oil companies, or Monsanto in Africa). This infographic is a massive piece of misinformation. None of those billionaires have really given their money.
    It could be great if those people could stop pledging and actually giving the money. Until that we shouldn’t talk about them, that’s just a free advertising for something they haven’t done.

    • Anonymous

      So there is a politically correct way to save millions of lives? Who knew?! I’m sure those dying kids really care about your opinion.

      • Arthur Stordahl

        Plitcal kerect way is not to kill everyone when pretending to do good. The poster should be the “Most Wanted” list.

    • M_ross86

      You are quite literally a financially illiterate moron. That is how trusts work. One benefit is that it allows the gift to keep on giving. I dont know of many charities that can efficiently absorb a multi billion dollar donation. However, most would gladly accept $100+ Million a year for eternity.

      Going out on a limb here… Are you also collecting unemployment while “occupy”ing your local park without suggesting any viable and progressive actions?

      Stop complaining.

      • stf

        Just FIY, I actually happened to work in finance. So unless you also had, you two are the morons here. Giving $100 millions a year to companies to exploit a country and at the same time giving $100 millions to a charity to fight its negative effects is like applying a band-aid on a wooden leg. Plus you’re encouraging corruption. That retarded logic is exactly what America is doing for ages, and as far as I’ve seen, you guys haven’t really fixed anything by doing so.

  • David Blomstrom

    As a former Seattle teacher, a Microsoft watchdog and a political activist, I’d like to welcome GeekWire to the world of media wh*res. Bill Gates has done NOTHING to help the schools in his own home town; on the contrary, they’ve continued to go downhill under a tidal wave of corporate corruption.

    Are you aware that Bill Gates has teemed up with Monsanto to promote the virtual recolonization of Africa, turning it into a corporate agricultural collective dedicated to replacing subsistence agriculture with genetically modified food? So what’s so bad about genetically modified food? Never mind – your geeks, not teachers, biologists or environmentalists…more like Bill Gates.

    I could go on and on, but what’s the point. I’m obviously not the one buttering your bread, if you get my drift.

    • David Blomstrom

      P.S. I’m currently running for Washington State Governor, and I’ll have plenty more to say about Bill Gates and other capitalist who exploit people around the world, including their fans’ children.

    • Stig-Rune Skansgård

      Well, Africa is mostly unable to support it’s own population. Your options are really; Culling, Sterilization, Genetically modified crops that can actually yield enough food… Which of those are more horrible?

      • David Blomstrom

        Gaddafi was on the verge of turning Libya into Africa’s breadbasket – without the help of genetically modified food. I’m sure Bill Gates and Monsanto had no influence on Obama’s decision to attack Libya – or did they? I sure found it interesting that Gates was quick to donate money to the new capital of Southern Sudan.

        • Stig-Rune Skansgård

          How do you suppose that one country should have been able to feed millions uppon millions of people with no money and with the standard behaviour of breeding like rodents as long as they are alive? As long as we keep throwing food/money at them without stopping them for over-populating their resources, they will just continue to starve and be poor.

          If (person.GoToSchool || person.SendKidsToSchool || person.DoesOtherProductiveShit)

          • Anonymous

            You know that the whole world doesn’t necessarily want / have to live like you do right?

        • Arthur Stordahl

          Bravo David! Like Seattle, i’m sure similar stories exist everywhere…well not here but, he did help somebody else…I was told by the media (sponsored by: B M Gates Foundation)

  • 莫文佳

    Feels like everyones forgotten just how great bill gates is

  • Grafis

    Gates + Monsanto + Blackwater, just sayin….

  • KoolFirE

    You idiots, you should think about why even anyone want to spend a dollar, no matter where that income is from. Ask your self, would you give away your property or a major part of it if you were as rich? You hypocrites, all you do is criticize criticize and criticize to a man who is trying to help the society and the world. Shame on all you people…

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