Where do they come up with some of this stuff? A new infographic out from attempts to put Apple’s recent mammoth quarter — you know the one where the iPhone maker just posted $46 billion in revenue (or as we termed it “three Yahoos, two Googles and a Microsoft”)– in perspective.

And how do they make their point? Well, consider this: The company’s $400 billion market value (actually $417 billion as of last count) is enough cash to cover 42 percent of the United States if laid out in dollar bills.

OK, now that’s a little odd. But this isn’t: The company’ s $97.7 billion in cash reserves would be enough to pay off the debt of eight countries in the European Union, including Bulgaria, Slovakia and Malta.

Apple's Cash
Created by: MBA Online

Apple photo via Bigstock

[Hat tip AllThings D]

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  • Guest

    Yeah, it’s simply amazing how Apple has steamrolled over everyone else, particularly MS. What a difference a talented CEO can make versus a buffoon.

    • Guest

      Lucky for MS that Apple wasn’t “investing for the future” like MS was, cough, or the differences would be even more pronounced.

    • Guest

      Steve Jobs is dead. You can stop kissing his ass now.

      With Tim Cook, the “Steve Ballmer of tech,” at the helm, Apple will be cash-poor and product-poor once again. On the other hand, I’ll be happy to see the Newton revived.

  • Guest

    I don’t think it would be wise for Apple to invest in Europe. If you give an irresponsible man a euro, he’ll probably waste it. Give him billions of euros and he may harm others as well as himself. The same is true for countries.

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