The elves at are hard at work tonight trying to fix yet another outage at Amazon Web Services. The outage took down Netflix today, which means many can’t tune in to Love Actually, A Christmas Story  or other holiday favorites.

Netflix said it is working on the issues, trying to fix them alongside engineers from AWS.

The outage caps a tumultuous year for Amazon Web Services, which has experienced a number of hiccups over the past several months. The issues also are impacting one of Amazon’s biggest customers in Netflix, whose CEO, Reed Hastings, took the stage at an Amazon Web Services event last month in Las Vegas to tout the offering.

Even though Netflix competes with Amazon in some realms, Hastings noted that he hopes to have the streaming media company be the largest business in the world that runs 100 percent on AWS by the end of next year.

He added that the more competes with Netflix in video streaming, the better “symbol” Netflix becomes that it is “safe to be on AWS.”

Here’s the report from AWS on what’s going on.

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  • Kevin Lisota

    Wow. Long outage. Still down for me at 10:15PM PST

  • Guest

    Still out. Stupid. Seriously thinking of dropping NetFlix over this.

    Don’t care who their vendor is: they provide the service, they bill me. If they can’t deliver then I’ll drop ’em.

  • Tom

    Is there an SLA on ELB? Bet not….

  • DownIsExpensive

    Amazon’s culture doesn’t understand 4 or even 3 nines of availability at all points. If they want AWS to really succeed they’ll need to approach it a lot more like an old fashioned phone company of an FDA or FCC monitored system. Yeah, less nimble, but better proven. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but AZ can’t be as cavalier as they are with the storefront.

  • Guest

    Thank you to Amazon for owning this issue and for taking great pains to resolve it.

  • Dig

    love actually is not on netflix

  • Guest 2

    I ended up watching a movie via Amazon Prime. Ironic.

    • steve

      Same here. wierd. Maybe it’s a plan…

  • annoid

    Well, here it is, another day for those who believe in the Jesus, maybe Amazon, just wants people to spend Christian time together? Christmas, first, and now Easter. Maybe it’s secretly run by Catholics? down, but up Does NOT equal service up.

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