Yep, it’s a new era at Microsoft. Even the Blue Screen of Death is getting a cutesy makeover.

Try as you might, it’s hard not to like this downright adorable new look for one of the computing world’s classic symbols of user frustration.

This is Windows 8’s BSOD — much more charming and personable than its uptight predecessors.

I mean, how can you get upset at a face like that?

Don’t feel bad, little Blue Screen, it’ll all be better once you get a little sleep!

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Follow-up: Windows 8: Microsoft wants a trademark on the word ‘Charm’

[Via WinRumors and CNet Picture by Chip Hazard.]

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  • Lawrence Lam

    If they add a picture of a cat somewhere it could be even cuter! ^ ^

  • Lawrence Lam

    If they add a picture of a cat somewhere it could be even cuter! ^ ^

  • Lawrence Lam

    If they add a picture of a cat somewhere it could be even cuter! ^ ^

  • Guest

    I like the concept, but why not use the Unicode frowny? Windows 8 supports Unicode, after all.

  • Guest

    LOL,That one doesn’t look serious! :P

  • Parrotlover77

    I was worried they did away with the error details, but I see it’s in the fine print.  Whew.  Sometimes I get worried when user friendliness takes precedence over actually solving the issue.  Good compromise, MS.

  • James Wallis Martin

    Hopefully there will be two new features to BSOD.
    1.  The ability to keep the error message visible long enough to write down (rather than have it vanish faster than a double-mouse click)
    2. The error message give likely reasons and English translations of the error codes.  The errors are in hexadecimal, but the look up tables for the errors on the Microsoft site are all in decimal.  (This truly is a comedy of errors!)

    • sh

      1) In XP you could keep the message up for as long as you like – I forget how, now, but it was possible.

      2) Absolutely! It was like going on a really distressing and long treasure hunt, except at the end of it the treasure chest was usually empty.

  • HB

    I must be becoming old and grumpy, ‘cos I think that screen is like a mockery to end users.

    • asti

      I agree, and somehow the problem must be your PC’s fault not the OS.

  • Danny Martin

    Nice to see The Redmond lads are getting their priorities right :)

  • Logan Murray

    Haha I gotta admit I love it. :)

  • Robert C Ludwig

    Surely with all that talent at their hands, they could have come up with something more like the Fail Whale.

  • Mike

    Notice Windows blames the PC, not itself, for the problem?

    • Mark

      Since most blue-screens are actually the fault of hardware drivers (3rd party) and not the OS, I think that is actually appropriate.

  • Law2001

    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”…

    Except this BSOD has less information.

    An improvement would be sufficient information for IT to debug the problem and prevent it.

  • CoreAn_Crack3rZ

    Atleast its more friendly looking than the previous. :D

  • scipio

    reminds me of youtube dmca taken down vids

  • Jiduspace

    I think that o(╯□╰)o better than :(

  • Koustubh Shenai

    Finally something new. Hope this change doesnt provide the OS new reasons to crash

  • Itten

    I wonder whether there will be ability to add gadgets on BSOD – a clock, weather forecast, small games, and I also want to talk with paper-clip from Office and discuss my problem – paper-clip is very smart

  • gseattle

    Gee how inventive, only some 15 yrs behind the mac. Kinkos doing a scan circa 1996, mac says there has been a serious hd error. You click ok and then it says “This is probably a bad thing.”

  • Jason Hanson

    Not exactly a great marketing feature. While understandable in the updating of all facets, not something I’d really want to be included as a ‘feature’ of a new OS. Be like advertising a new Red Ring of Death on the XBox…”It lights up a new red color..and chimes ‘Whah whah whaaaaaah’….isn’t that cool?”
    Unfortunately an issue EVERY tech has and what EVERY company must deal with…not exactly a “Oh cool! Even is cute when it crashes!” selling feature.

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