The updated 'Speed Dial' in Opera 11.10

New and upcoming versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome have been getting a lot of attention lately, but Opera Software this morning came out with a smaller update that improves two key features in its Opera 11 browser.

The company says the “Opera Turbo” feature in the Opera 11.10 update is 15 percent faster than in the past, thanks to its own engineering and the use of Google’s new WebP image format. Opera Turbo, which can be toggled off and on from the browser frame, reduces the size of web pages for faster browsing on slower connections.

Opera also overhauled its “Speed Dial” feature, a page in the browser that offers shortcuts to favorite sites. The new version allows for unlimited “dials” and more customization. Here’s how it works.

And yes, for the record, Opera runs on Windows XP. Opera, which has carved out a niche in places such as mobile devices and the Wii game console, had a little more than 2 percent of the worldwide browser market in March, compared with 56 percent for IE and 22 percent for Firefox.

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  • Dr_Reed

    This update to the Speed dial is a backwards step tbh.
    Before this ‘upgrade’ the dial page showed a small picture with the whole page which was great as all you had to do was a quick refresh and you could see if a page had been updated, now you only get a small portion of the bookmark, e.g the NASA page doesnot show any updates to the main home page. Now it shows a crappy window with the word NASA on it.

    Good one guys. :/

    • Anonymous

      If you right click on the speed dial, and hit refresh every 99999 hours, and the thumbnail should be gone. :)

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