Double Down Interactive's Glenn Walcott and Greg Enell have added more than 65 employees this year.

Executives at Double Down Interactive hired a mariachi band to entertain staffers at a company meeting in September — a special treat for hitting one million daily active users on Facebook.

And then — amid the tortilla chips and margaritas — the fun really started. CEO and co-founder Greg Enell — along with execs Glenn Walcott and Cooper DuBois — announced that they were taking the entire staff (and their significant others) to Mexico next March to celebrate the achievement.

And that’s not the only perk at Double Down, which allows unlimited employee vacation; pays for weekly massages; and presents a bottle of Dom Perignon to each new hire.

It’s been that kind of year Double Down, a Seattle maker of casino-style social media games.

Under the guidance of Enell and Walcott, Double Down has expanded fast. It just moved into new offices at Seattle’s Union Station, in part to accomodate a growing staff that has mushroomed from 16 to more than 80 this year.

The company’s DoubleDown Casino game now attracts 1.3 million players each day on Facebook, up from 70,000 at the beginning of the year. The game, which includes 19 different casino-style offerings but no actual betting, is now one of the 20 most popular games on Facebook.

“2011 was an incredibly productive year for Double Down Interactive,” Walcott tells GeekWire. “We’ve grown on all fronts, clearly establishing ourselves as the world’s most popular casino.”

Up next? Double Down is working on new slot-style and poker games and plans to expand to tablets, smartphones and “smart TVs.”

“With all this activity, we expect to grow our daily player base beyond three million, while extending our monthly players beyond 10 million,” says Walcott

Watch out, Vegas.

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  • guest

    dot com bubble all over again?  Are these perks really necessary? If I was a shareholder I’d be pissed.

    • Guest

      there are no shareholders in DDI other than the founders and stock they gave the employees. maybe they’re just good guys who want to share in the success with the people that helped make it a success.

  • jennipher

    This company is great and their leaders are super guys. Way to support your team! to the commenter below.. it is a perk and a somewhat extravagant one but this team is doing amazing work and it’s great to see exec teams let their folks know they appreciate it also.



    • Sugarbaby000062

      I agree with you Suzanne, the game is getting worse instead of better. Maybe they should take some players to Mexico too, thats about all they could do to make up. You couldnt loosen these slots with a can of WD40, they are tighter than they have ever been. I am retired and love to play but I cant afford the real casino and its really pitiful when you cant ever win at the free one. They give us 100,000 or 150,000 just when they feel like it and that last maybe 10 minutes. They are just toying with us and we will never get ahead.

  • Carroll Redd

    why dont you scumbags brag about beating the elderly out of thier money,that way you big daddys can teach your kids how to beat grandma out her money also but dont think that god will get your either now or later,so enjoy

  • Vic

    Success it is not. Ever since IGT bought out DDC in January, players across the board have been commenting a negative review of every review I see. (Don’t you people read the comments in fanpages)? DDC has a fanbase that liked and shared your games to get you where you are today. ($500 million dollars richer). It is these same fans that are all disgruntled as they win nothing anymore, and the slots are so tight, they are leaving in droves. In fact users of DDC are down 7% as of today as is IGT’s stock in failing to pay expected dividends due to the loss in 7% of the users leaving. I can personally tell you I used to be a big fan also, but when I was cheated out of 197 million chips by techs, killer bots, however they did it I dont know, but I got pretty angry. I won twice in DDC. Once for 115 million and once for 82 million. When it was the 115 million, I was playing Texas Hold-em. I was dealt AA AK and AQ for 300 hands straight (In a row). That in itself is crooked, but when I lost every single hand till the 115 million was gone, it showed me how much joy one of your techs got out of doing that to me. Unless it is crooked play, how do you lose 300 hands in a row of AA AK and AQ? Then, I won 82 mil playing Da Vinci Diamonds. I was the given no less than 2000 empty spins in a row with no bonus rounds nothing. And it was not unique, it is par for the course of anybody that won any large amount, DDC did them the same way, as seen in the comments section. DDC’s out of touch with the fans who made them what they are today. They treat them as if beggars begging for chips. And the slot odds are a nightmare and nobody wins nothing since IGT took over. Until that changes and they let people win again and not cheat them out of winnings when they do win, they are deleting DDC app and taking the mindset “Why play if I can’t never win anything anymore”? The free chip giveaways are pathetic and last you 30 seconds or less. The daily spins are pathetic and crooked also. Just this morning I hit the 5 million win twice, and after it hit the 5 million , moved to the 4,000 mark, as if to say “Ha Ha”. (Techs having a heyday again)? Personally I would fire your slot manager as he/she is way out of touch with the fanbase, and they are not happy and getting unhappier everyday that goes by. I know, I’m a fan and I follow the comments closely.

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