Rebecca Lovell

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to GeekWire since our launch in early March. But there’s been one key ingredient missing: a top-notch business leader. Today, we’re filling that role. We are thrilled to announce that Rebecca Lovell is joining GeekWire as Chief Business Officer. Many in the Seattle technology community already know Rebecca from her work as executive director of the Northwest Entrepreneur Network, and past roles at the Alliance of Angels and Preston Gates and Ellis.

But, for those who’ve yet to bump into her at one of Seattle’s many tech-related events, let me explain why we are so excited to have her join our team.

She’s wicked-smart, hard working and deeply connected in the tech community. She’s also a Seattle gal. And a lifelong geek — a former “mathlete” and valedictorian at Garfield High School who earned her MBA from the University of Washington in 2006.

But she’s no wall flower. Lovell has been known to light up local karaoke joints with her stirring renditions of Aretha Franklin songs, and has an amazing knack for pub trivia.

In other words, she’s a lot of fun. And, while we are building a new type of online media company here at GeekWire, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. (I can already see a GeekWire karaoke night in our future).

In her new role, Rebecca will oversee advertising and sponsorship initiatives. She also will help organize and run GeekWire events, including an upcoming launch party. She’ll represent GeekWire at other local events as one of the public faces of the site, and help me, Todd Bishop and Jonathan Sposato develop creative new ways for GeekWire to better serve the Pacific Northwest technology community.

Rebecca Lovell, Todd Bishop and John Cook

As an added bonus, she will also offer GeekWire readers her own insights on the tech startup scene through an occasional column called Lovell Letters (and her new Twitter handle, @lovelletters).

“I am super passionate about the Seattle community, and I am a huge cheerleader for everything this region can do, and this is the perfect platform for that,” she says.

We’re delighted that she’s bringing that passion to GeekWire.

As many of you already know, startups are all about wearing multiple hats. And this is one of the big reasons why we are so excited to have someone like Rebecca on board. Her energy is infectious, and we can think of no better person to pump us up when times are tough or celebrate the wins when things are humming.

Adds Shannon Swift, the NWEN board chair: “Congratulations to the GeekWire team for a BRILLIANT addition! And, a huge thank you to Rebecca for all she’s done for NWEN over the past 27 months. We look forward to our continued relationship with her, and working with GeekWire to promote innovation in our region.”

I had no intention of hiring Rebecca when we met for a beer at the Streamline Tavern a few weeks ago. Really, we just wanted to catch up.

But as the conversation turned to GeekWire and I explained the qualities of the person we were looking for, I had one of the more amazing “a-ha” moments in my life. The serendipitous way in which the conversation unfolded makes us feel even better about what’s in store. 

Rebecca plans to continue with the Northwest Entrepreneur Network part-time during a transition phase, working with the organization’s board to find a replacement. She’ll also strengthen the bond between GeekWire and NWEN, a partnership with enormous potential given that our missions are so closely aligned.

Please join us in welcoming Rebecca to team GeekWire. You can reach her at

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  • Joshua Maher

    Wow! Definitely following the “invest in the team” thesis… Congrats to both Rebecca and GeekWire on the news!

    • Anonymous

      Josh, thanks so much! Always look forward to seeing you at TechCafe events, admiring your new facial hair configurations, and incrementally upping the ever-increasing estrogen quotient at your keggers. Love the work you’re doing in connecting the community, and very excited to continue to work with you.

  • Bryan Starbuck

    Huge congrats to GeekWire and Rebecca. Rebecca has a proven track record of doing amazing things at AoA and NWEN. I know she will do amazing things at GeekWire.

    Her leadership has consistently been invaluable. Have a blast!

    • Anonymous

      Bryan, thanks for the kind words and the years of support! Already having a blast– don’t be a stranger!

  • Chris McCoy


  • Shannon

    Congratulations to the GeekWire team for a BRILLIANT addition! And, a huge thank you to Rebecca for all she’s done for NWEN over the past 27 months. We look forward to our continued relationship with you in your new role, Rebecca!

    • johnhcook

      We are really excited to have Rebecca leading the charge at GeekWire, and looking forward to new and creative ways that we can work together with NWEN.

  • Eric Koester

    Awesome stuff! Very happy for the entire GeekWire team. Keep up the great work and excited to see how you guys continue to innovate with tech journalism and community building.

    Kudos to you Rebecca. Really jazzed!

    • Anonymous

      Eric– thanks as always for the support! So excited to see what’s next for Zaarly. See you back in the 206!

  • Hanson Hosein

    Great news guys. I want an invite to that launch party!

    • johnhcook

      Oh yeah, you’ll be there. Gonna be fun.

  • Matt Heinz

    Rebecca is a veritable fire-hose of energy and ideas. Can’t wait to see what you guys do together.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Matt! Have been enjoying your guest posts and psyched to get to work with you in this new capacity!

  • Kevin Lisota

    Great addition to GeekWire!

  • Roy Leban

    Congrats to all concerned! I think this is a fantastic fit and look forward to (more) great things.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Roy! Looking forward to our paths continuing to cross, and seeing what you do next with Puzzazz.

  • Anonymous

    This could be the tipping point.

  • Rob Nachbar

    Sounds like a perfect match of local tech visionaries! So does this mean there will be an inaugural GeekWire ping pong tourney this Summer?

  • Tony Wright

    That’s huge– Rebecca is an awesome addition, though her ping-pong game is sub-par, to say the least. :-)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the love, Tony. Rematch? This time you wear the 4″ heels? Let’s take this up at the GeekWire launch party, or if you dare, the karaoke stage.

      • mckoss

        I want to see that! Congrats, Rebecca!

    • Anonymous

      I *knew* we skipped something important in the interview process!

      Is there such thing as a karaoke tournament, and if so, can Rob Nachbar still wear his headband and knee pads?

      • Anonymous

        Don’t think I’ve forgotten you, John, and Jonathan still owe me that condition of my employment! I’d hate to wait until the launch party to unleash all that on the community.

    • daveschappell

      I may be the only regular GeekWire reader who Rebecca can actually beat. I haven’t played since losing my ping-pong tourney first-round match 0-21, 0-21 (or, whatever the score is for total smackdowns). I thought the guy would let up at some point, but no, he displayed a real @webwright -like lack of class. I figure he was probably ‘HATER’. And, no, he wasn’t even the nationally-ranked ringer. Just some guy who was actually coordinated. So, bring it @lovelletters — we’ll settle the score once and for all. Oh and congrats on your new role — perfect fit for you and team GW :-)

      • Anonymous

        Oh it’s already been brought! @lovelletters accepts your challenge, and thanks @daveschapell for his ever-gentle encouragement to get on the twitters. ;)

  • Rossi

    Geekwire is going the route of the private school recruiting seven foot tall players for its basketball team. Stacking the deck with all stars! I’m looking forward to watching the action! Congratulations Rebecca and GeekWire.

    • Anonymous

      Dan, you absolutely rock. And I know I wear high heels, but that whole seven foot thing is a pretty high bar. Will do my best not to let you down. At least my layup is better than my ping pong game.

  • Dan Shapiro

    What a perfect hire! You guys are really set to make great things happen for Seattle startups.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Dan! I’m due for a visit to TechDwellers soon and will look forward to seeing you there if not before.

  • FrankCatalano

    Congratulations to GeekWire and Rebecca on this launch! (Oh. Wait. Don’t I have to log out and post as “Guest” to make that kind of comment?)

    • Guest

      I believe you speak for everyone with that comment, Frank. :)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Frank! Awesome to see you at that mind-blowing performance at the Rep Saturday. Looking forward to working with you– so great to have your voice in the mix.

  • Jonathan Sposato

    we absolutely can not be more excited about bringing rebecca onboard geekwire! i like rossi’s analogy of geekwire being “the little private school hiring 7 ft tall players…” already rebecca is innoculating the whole team with her enthusiasm and great ideas : ) we’re incredibly lucky to have her.

    and by extension, it is also the great insights from this community (all of you commenting and interacting) that is also the necessary external energy that team geekwire feeds off of. pls keep the comments and interactions coming, whether you agree with us or not.

    can’t wait to see you all at the launch party. and if we’re lucky, perhaps a very special rendition of aretha franklin from ms. lovell. : )

  • jordanmitchell

    Wow, congrats to you all … can’t think of a better addition to Geekwire!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Jordan! Won’t soon forget our first meeting at Alliance of Angels (years ago now) and wish you and your family all the best. Don’t be a stranger!

  • Anonymous

    To Jonathan, John, Todd, and Geeks– I’m delighted to be on the team. Love this platform– the authenticity, the community focus, breaking news that not just observes but catalyzes innovation– so excited!
    To this amazing community– I will be as accessible as ever and, as Jonathan said, can’t wait to hear more from you about what you need and what we can all do together. From Garfield High School to UW, Alliance of Angels to NWEN, Startup Weekend to Tech Stars, I’ve loved every part of this journey, and we’re just getting started! Being a part these organizations, and talking to entrepreneurs every day, gets me out of bed in the morning.
    And Jonathan — be careful what you ask for re: the launch party. ;)

    • Marcelo Calbucci

      Hey Rebecca, congrats on the move. This is a fantastic opportunity for you and GeekWire to do great stuff. I’m 100% sure you’ll do a phenomenal job at a for-profit organization!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Marcelo– your support means a lot to me! While I did the corporate for-profit thing for a solid decade before grad school, will say my own ah-hah moments have been mission-driven (with a healthy dose of serendipity). Have been living that dream for the last five years, and absolutely LOVE the GeekWire mission. Look forward to our paths continuing to cross. Plus, will never forget early days at Seattle 2.0, blogging for you back in 2008…along with Kevin Leneway, Alyssa Royse, Matt Hulett, and Kelly Smith. Good times! And see you Thursday on the red carpet!

  • Jesse Proudman

    It was that same “Ah Ha” moment that brought Nathan Kaiser aboard with Blue Box. Congrats to Rebecca and Geekwire. We look forward to seeing what you guys come next!

    Rebecca – Will you be continuing at NWEN?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Jesse! Those Eureka moments make the world go ’round. This month I will be at NWEN just part-time, helping with the transition to the player to be named later, i.e., the next Executive Director. That gig is most definitely full-time– 70 events a year, with a two-person staff– let me know if you know anyone awesome who’s open to their next dream job!
      For now, I’m wearing two hats– GeekWire and NWEN– and accessories make the woman. Fear not- both hats match my shoes. :)

  • Greg Gottesman

    Wow! Great hire!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Greg! Look forward to seeing even more of you in this new role– if possible! You’ve been such a great ally, even when taking my money at the poker table. All the best.

  • Bob Silver

    Wow, terrific hire. Congrats, to you all.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Bob! And a much belated congrats on your role (happy anniversary)– sounds like we park our cars in the same garage: innovation and thought leadership!! Awesome!

  • Emer Dooley

    Great to see some superstar Husky power on the team!
    Way to go John, Todd and Jonathan!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much Emer! Go Huskies.

  • Bill Harding

    (Cribbing from my LinkedIn recommendation :)) Rebecca’s energy and enthusiasm for helping entrepreneurs is a key to what makes the Seattle startup scene tick. She has an uncanny knack for being able to swiftly break apart a complex situation and provide insights that are at once creative, lucid, and relevant.

    What a lucky group you are to have Rebecca on your team. Sky’s the limit here.

    • Anonymous

      Bill– thank you so much for your endorsement, both then and now! I’m really touched and will try to live up to your kind words.
      As for you, sir, your special blend of confidence, humility, and humor makes you an inspiration, and though I miss the days of strategizing with you over a Bloody Mary, I’m so fired up by what you’re doing now!
      If any of you don’t know Bill Harding, you’re not paying attention. :) Leading the charge at Bonanza, amongst his many attributes, he may have also demonstrated that the best path to venture funding is winning the “best bootstrapped startup” award.
      All the best to you!

  • Jan Hendrickson

    You are very fortunate to get her talent! We expect even better things from geekwire!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much Jan! It’s been terrific to have your support– with NWEN, evangelizing women in tech and infrastructure, and your voice here! I know I’ll see you soon.

  • Todd Humphrey

    What a great addition to the GeekWire team, which just got more energetic, talented and intelligent! Looking forward to y’all doing some great things together, and to the launch party!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Todd! I look forward to seeing around town as your Up-In-The-Air-esque travel schedule allows (air mileage rivaled only by @jordanmitchell:disqus). Stay tuned for launch party details!

  • Alonso Chehade

    Oh wow!, Rebecca we definitely have to schedule a going away party at Laredos before you leave completely!

    • Anonymous

      Alonso! Though I’m leaving NWEN as ED, NWEN will always be a part of me as I hope to be a part of NWEN. And now that you’ve gotten me addicted to the tacos al pastor, you know I’ll be back to Laredo’s! Thanks for all your enthusiasm, and for the follow. :)

  • Guest


  • Patrick Smith

    Nicely Done! Rebecca is awesome and will be a great addition to your team!

    • Anonymous

      Patrick my good man! Thanks for the kind words and we are overdue for some ICB’s. Cheers!

  • Jacob Miller

    Congrats Rebecca and Geek Wire huge win for both of you. There isn’t anyone out there in the startup community quite like her and always a pleasure to have her around.

    • Anonymous

      Jacob, thanks for your support! It was terrific to get to work with you at the Alliance of Angels and see all the great things you’re doing with IBM. All the best!

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