I am huge fan of Downfall, a classic war film that depicts Adolf Hitler’s last days in Berlin. But even better than the film are the number of parodies that have arisen around the Oscar-nominated film. And here’s one that you’ve got to see.

The fictional Hitler (played by Bruno Ganz in the 2004 German movie) unhinges upon learning of HP’s decision to abandon WebOS and the Touchpad, going off on everything from Microsoft to the iPad to Angry Birds. Even, PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies gets a mention.

At one point, he says:

“What do you think I am? Sure, Android might look cute with its new Tron Legacy visual effects. But all of those apps look like shit. They told me it’d get faster. And that I could bump my friends TouchPads to share music. How can I do that if no one has one? How can I have one of these, when Stalin has an iPad.”

Near the end of the rant, Hitler finds comfort that HP at least is still in the PC business, though none of his trusted confidants have the heart to tell him that HP is getting out of that business too.

Meanwhile, PC World notes that HP has dropped the price on the TouchPad to $99 and the devices are “getting snatched up at lightning speed.”

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[Hat tip to Neowin.net]

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  • Eric Hawk

    This is a really good video of this genre…

    • http://geekwire.com Todd Bishop

      It really is. The plotline is flawless.

  • Gerardo Madrigal

    I loved the part when he asked who uses an android or ipad and almost everybody left the room. This was so hilarious.

  • Lindam

    Exactly how I feel… I’ve been waiting for a Pre3 forever (and apparently I will wait forever).

  • Anonymous

    Tears from laughing so hard at this.  Beautiful!  And the random Bieber comment at the end. LMAO!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HSMTCLPJ2MN5HSOIMQPHOZ5JRY russt7500

    “Android looks cute with its Tron animations but the apps look like crap!”
    LOL! It’s true!

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