This is going to be fun to watch. The creative forces of Sir Mix-A-Lot and Giant Thinkwell are set to collide next Tuesday as they unveil a new social media game called Mix-N-Match that taps into the star power of the Seattle rapper.

Giant Thinkwell, a developer of celebrity-based games and a recent graduate of TechStars, is known for its silly marketing stunts (remember when they tried to lure developers with free cats?) and offbeat culture (their first game was a spoof on John Stamos called Raising Uncle Jesse).

Now, the Giant Thinkwell team of Adam Tratt, Kevin Leneway and Kyle Kesterson are gearing up for their official launch. And they’ve invited Seattle rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot — known for hits such as Posse on Broadway and Baby Got Back — to come along for what we can only imagine will be a hilarious ride.

Giant Thinkwell has started a campaign via social media channels promoting a virtual “War Room,” recruiting folks to help get the word out on the new game.

Here’s some of the chatter from the recruitment poster, which is circulating on Twitter.

You probably know Mix’s stance on big butts (he likes them), but do you know where he nets out on Snuggie vs. Shamwow? Is he more afraid of STDs or PMS? Would he pick the King of Pop over the King of Beers?

In the game, players take a hilarious trip through Mix-A-Lot’s head and pose similar questions to Facebook friends in a quest to win awesome prizes like a chance to roll with Mix in his Lamborghini down Broadway in Seattle, dozens of personalized video greetings from Mix, or an exclusive track.

GeekWire will be following the action next Tuesday, so check back for updates. Meanwhile, want to know more about these Giant Thinkwell folks?
Here’s our podcast with the crew from April.
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  • Matt Heinz

    I still hear, all the time, that it costs a lot of money to launch a business, create a brand and build a customer base.

    That may be true, but there are plenty of businesses right here in Seattle proving that wrong.

    Exhibit A: Bacon Salt

    Exhibit B: Cheezburger

    Exhibit C: Giant Thinkwell (in progress)

    Who else?

    Thinking someone should start writing “the playbook” based on what these guys and others are doing well so that other entrepreneurs can follow their path…

  • Giant Thinkwell

    Woo! Ground swell in full effect, thanks John. :DAlso there’s still room in the Invasion Posse! We’re also going to give away some great “Sir” prizes for a few GTW friends who help spread Mix message. Readers can enlist here:

  • Adam Tratt

    Thanks for the coverage, John and for the props, Matt. We’d welcome any/all to join the virtual war room. Aside from being fun and offering fun “Sir” prizes, it’s also a great chance for others to learn some practices (best? worst?) from the effort. Register if you’re up for it!

  • Anonymous

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  • Will Miceli

    Does Mix-a-lot read Geekwire?  Be cool if he commented, he has a way with words :-).

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