Cheezburger, Seattle’s oddball network of comedy Web sites, already does a pretty healthy business selling T-shirts, plush toys and calendars.

Now, the company that revolutionized cat photography with silly captions is rolling out a new line of holiday greeting cards. Working in partnership with The Madison Park Group, the Christmas card collection includes 16 dog and cat photos from the the company’s Web sites. The holiday greeting cards will be available on Cheezburger’s Web site beginning in November as well as at select retail outlets across the country.

Unfortunately, at this point, there’s no plan to offer holiday cards from the company’s other popular Web site: Fail Blog. (Even though there are plenty of great possibilities).

However, it is good to know that a portion of the sales from the greeting cards do go to pet shelter and rescue organizations.

And, if you can’t wait for the holidays to get your Cheezburger greeting card fix, the company is already offering a boxed-card set for Halloween.

Cheezburger, which raised $30 million from Foundry Group, Madrona Venture Group and others earlier this year, operates about 50 different comedy Web sites. The profitable company, led by Ben and Emily Huh, attracts more than 19 million visitors per month.

UPDATE: Ben Huh tells The Wall Street Journal that merchandise sales are an important part of the Cheezburger empire, with more than 100,000 T-shirts sold to date. Huh also notes that the company’s page view total has jumped to 500 million per month.

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  • Guest

    How are they profitable if they just raised $30M? They can’t be profitable unless they are not spending any of that money. Seems to me they were profitable before and they are not currently, but their investors are betting they’ll be even more profitable in the future.

    • Marcelo Calbucci

      Profitability has nothing to do with funds raised. You are profitable (in rough terms), if you make more revenue than it cost to run your business. You can be profitable and have zero dollars in the bank, or be profitable and have $30M in the bank, and everything in between.

      Usually, companies raise large amounts of money if they already have a cash-flow positive business and need to put more wood into the fire, this is, acquire more customers because they know exactly how much profit they can generate from each one.

  • Guest

    Congratulations and best of luck to Cheezburger in developing a “Cards killer”! Just for those who don’t know, Cards is an application (or “app”) for iPhone that lets one send a paper card to anyone in America for no more than the cost of a preprinted card and stamp.

  • Holiday Charity Cards

    I run a little holiday greeting cards website myself (, but these are just gorgeous! Absolutely fantastic. You’ve got quite the collection here.

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