A Dassault Falcon 900EX used by the Italian Air Force

Seeing news of Amazon’s Trekkie-themed corporate meeting is a reminder that CEO Jeff Bezos created an entity called Zefram LLC for his under-the-radar wealth management dealings, including the stealth acquisition of 165,000 acres in Texas for Bezos’ space venture, Blue Origin.

The Star Trek connection? Zefram Cochrane, of course, is the scientist whose ship, the Phoenix, becomes the first to break the warp barrier in 2063, leading to first contact with the Vulcans.

Bezos himself isn’t quite up to warp speed, but he’s not doing badly.

A quick search indicates that he and Zefram LLC also manage Poplar Glen LLC, the owner of record of a Dassault Falcon 900EX, a French-built corporate jet that’s also a favorite of the Italian Air Force and other military operators. Wikipedia pegs the price of a used Falcon 900 at $18,000,000-$40,000,000. (Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk took heat for using his Falcon 900 to commute to Washington DC to lobby for DOE loans.)

So much for Bezos’ old Honda. We can only presume the tables inside the Falcon are made of doors.

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[Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons]

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  • http://x.co/ULT2 MyAdCenter.com on sale at SEDO

    but this is NOT a Blue Origin idea: http://www.newspaceagency.com/articles/03notblueoriginidea.html

    • Guest

      Congratulations on inventing the astronaut escape system! I wish you the best of luck in building it.

      • http://x.co/ULT2 MyAdCenter.com on sale at SEDO

        anyhow, now, it already is an “old design” since I’ve developed (but not yet revealed) something better :-)

        • Guest

          Congratulations on developing an improved astronaut escape system! I wish you the best of luck in building it.

          • http://x.co/ULT2 MyAdCenter.com on sale at SEDO

            actually “build it” isn’t my goal, while, now, I just want to…

            1. startup my NewSpaceAgency.com

            2. develop and patent my idea (that’s one of many I have)

            3. sell the licence to use to the aerospace companies that want use it

          • Guest

            My friend Nathan runs a company called Intellectual Ventures that helps innovative visionaries patent and licence big audacious ideas like yours. Please send him a mail.

  • http://blog.daryn.net daryn

    Those are sweet jets. I know there’s at least one other that’s parked at Boeing Field that belongs to a former MS exec.

  • http://eyejot.com/users/davidg davidgeller

    Bravo to him for owning one if he can.

  • Thiago

    It’s unclear weather those are lights or windows there on the bottom of the jet. Windows would be cooler. One day, it won’t be an issue and we can have glass bottom jets. I can see how lights might be more helpful, though. Thiago | http://www.callahanental.com/our-practice

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