Amazon: Kindle sales jump 4X to unspecified levels of greatness

Amazon is infamous for declining to release specific sales figures for its Kindle devices, but that doesn’t keep the company from publicly marking its progress in a way that would make an algebra teacher proud.

The pattern continued this morning with the announcement that Kindle unit sales on Black Friday — including the new Kindle Fire tablet — were four times greater than whatever they were on Black Friday a year ago.

“Black Friday was the best ever for the Kindle family – customers purchased 4X as many Kindle devices as they did last Black Friday – and last year was a great year,” said Dave Limp, Amazon Kindle vice president, in a news release from the company this morning. “In addition, we’re seeing a lot of customers buying multiple Kindles – one for themselves and others as gifts – we expect this trend to continue on Cyber Monday and through the holiday shopping season.”

Another notable tidbit from the release: Target, which also carries Apple’s iPad, says Kindle Fire was its bestselling tablet on Black Friday.

The overall jump in sales is fueled by the addition of the $199 Kindle Fire and also price reductions that have taken the low end of the Kindle e-reader product line to $79.

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    Congratulations to Amazon on a job well done! Kindle is the product to beat this Christmas.

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    “We love our strategy. The board loves our strategy”

    - Steve Ballmer