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The State of the Tech Industry

One of the hallmarks of journalism is holding people accountable, and the GeekWire Summit is no exception. We like to say this is live journalism on stage. Three years ago, back in 2015, we asked our speakers to predict what the world would be like in 2018. And hey, look what year it is! So let’s see how they did. Video link here.

Fireside Chat: Sue Desmond-Hellmann, CEO, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Sue Desmond-Hellmann runs the world’s largest charitable foundation, but she really wants it to be the best at solving the world’s toughest problems. The doctor and scientist, who oversees a $43 billion philanthropy as CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, shares insights and new developments in the quest to end disease, transform U.S. education and lift people out of poverty around the world. Plus, a glimpse of the cutting-edge innovations that are fueling those efforts, and new research that is changing our understanding of the world. Moderated by GeekWire co-founder Todd Bishop. Video link here.

Geeks Give Back

If solutions were easy to come by, then the Seattle region’s troubles would be fleeting. We’ve seen homelessness affecting so many members of our community and want to lend our support to the organizations and policy advocates who are working hard to create meaningful change. This year for Geeks Give Back, GeekWire, Bank of America and Seattle Foundation are collaborating with five local nonprofits to deliver resources and solutions that will make the Seattle region more inclusive and accessible for everyone in our community. Join us in making an impact. Video link here.

Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design – Kat Holmes, Director for UX Design at Google

There is a growing interest in making inclusion a positive goal for companies, teams, and products. To begin developing and growing inclusive practices in company culture and in the design process for mass-scaled technology is challenging. In this power talk, Kat Holmes of Google explains why inclusive design choices are much more than a good idea, they are becoming an economic imperative. Video link here. Slides here.

Fireside Chat: Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin

Glenn Kelman knows how to make a statement. GeekWire Co-Founder John Cook will take a deep look at the changing dynamics of the human-powered real estate industry, and what it means for cities with Redfin’s CEO. Video link here.

Fireside Chat: Jamie Siminoff, CEO of Ring

Ring founder and CEO Jamie Siminoff left “Shark Tank” empty-handed but caught the attention of Amazon, selling the smart doorbell and home security startup to the tech giant earlier this year for a reported $1 billion. As part of Amazon, Ring is continuing to pursue its mission of reducing crime in neighborhoods, as Siminoff and team release a growing array of home security technologies. The serial entrepreneur joins us to discuss his startup journey, and share insights on the future of the smarthome, video, privacy, interoperability and more in the IoT age. Moderated by GeekWire co-founder Todd Bishop. Video link here.

Sponsored Lunch Talk: Technology + Customer Experience: How and where new opportunities are forming

Innovation drives enormous potential to enhance the customer experience. This panel in the Willow Room, presented by PwC, explores how technology solutions are evolving and what organizations are focusing on first to create new business opportunities. Panelists include Kevin Miller, group program manager of Microsoft’s Azure IoT Platform where he leads development of IoT products and solutions, and Rik Reppe, leader of PwC’s customer and digital experience center. Moderated by CJ Bangah, Partner at PwC. Video link here.

Panel: Cutting Through The Craziness of Crypto

How will the ever-changing and nebulous world of cryptocurrency impact society and business? We’ll hear from leading experts on the topic, including Lawrence Lerner of Pithia and Arry Yu of Washington Technology Industry Association’s Blockchain Council. Moderated by J. Dax Hansen, who leads Perkins Coie’s electronic financial services, blockchain technology, and digital currency industry groups. Video link here.

Geek on the Street: Would You Want to Live to 200?

Ahead of our first-ever Health Tech Track, presented by Regence, with panels on everything from AI in health to personalized medicine to the future of primary care, we sent GeekWire video producer and host Starla Sampaco to Seattle Center to get the pulse of the public with some very interesting questions. Video link here.

Robot Farmers: Brent Frei, President of TerraClear Inc. and Mark Frei, Co-Manager, Isidore Farms

One farmer feeds 155 of the world’s people. That farmer fed 4 in the 1930s and 73 in the 1970s. In another 40 years span, by 2050, that farmer will need to feed 199 people. Big data, machine learning, and robots are helping make the next step function in productivity possible, while reducing the amount of erosion, chemicals, and easing the short supply of labor for difficult, mundane jobs – in particular the rocky ones. Video link here. Slides here.

Panel: Cybersecurity, Social Media Manipulation, Fake News and the Future of Democracy

Featuring Emilian Papadopoulos, president Good Harbor; Laura Rosenberger, Director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund of the United States. Moderated by Ina Fried, chief technology correspondent at Axios. Video link here.

Power Talk: Pokémon Go, Harry Potter and the Future of AR

Pokémon GO has generated well over a billion dollars in revenue, and the active community continues to grow. We will cover how to combine Augmented Reality (AR) technology with user psychology to achieve mainstream success. Learn about the future of AR and how AR applies to your industry! Presented by Ninantic’s Senior Director of Engineering Niniane Wang and server engineer Christina Quan. Video link here. Slides here.

Geek on the Street: Most memorable Uber ride?

Before our session with Uber’s Chief Legal Officer Tony West, we sent Starla Sampaco, host of GeekWire’s TLDR video show, to ask people at Seattle Center a very important question related to their experiences with one of the most influential and controversial companies of the new economy. Video link here.

GeekWire’s Elevator Pitch, presented by Smartsheet: 8 Startups, One Winner

Over the past six months, 27 entrepreneurs competed in this unique challenge, pitching their concepts in the elevator at the world famous Space Needle or iconic Smith Tower. But only one will truly make it to the top. Now, eight finalists will present live onstage in front of the GeekWire Summit audience where they will have just 48 seconds for their pitch before our judges announce this season’s winner. Catch all of the past episodes here. Video link of the finals here.

TLDR GeekWire Summit Highlights: ?️Gates Foundation,?️Redfin,?Ring (2018)

TLDR, GeekWire’s daily news rundown, highlights interviews from the first day of the 2018 GeekWire Summit. Video link here.

Fireside Chat: Tony West, Chief Legal Officer of Uber

Uber’s new chief legal officer, Tony West, joined the company at a pivotal moment, bringing experience from the very agency investigating his new employer. The former Justice Department lawyer will discuss Uber’s efforts to right the ship after a year of controversy and scandal. West will also share insights on Uber’s IPO ambitions and the next chapter for one of the world’s most valuable transportation companies. Moderated by GeekWire’s Civic Innovation Editor Monica Nickelsburg. Video link here.