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Blue Moon lander
Artist’s concept shows Blue Origin’s Blue Moon lander on the lunar surface. (Blue Origin Illustration)

SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk may have his heart set on building a city on Mars, but Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos’ space vision looks closer to home. He’s gazing at the moon.

“I think we should build a permanent human settlement on one of the poles of the moon,” Bezos said today during a Q&A with kids at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. “It’s time to go back to the moon, but this time to stay.”

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Bezos has talked about moon missions before, and he’s even told NASA that his Blue Origin space venture could make Amazon-like deliveries to the moon, as part of a program called Blue Moon.

Today he went into more detail about his space aspirations when students asked him questions at the Museum of Flight’s “Apollo” exhibit. Bezos’ backdrop for the event included the decades-old pieces of Saturn V rocket engines that he arranged to have recovered from the Atlantic Ocean, plus an intact, never-flown engine of the same type.

Bezos said his dreams of spaceflight were fostered at the age of 5 when he watched NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong take humanity’s first steps on the moon in 1969. Now he’s able to follow through on those dreams – in large part because of the success of Amazon, the online retail company he founded in 1994.

A couple of months ago, Bezos acknowledged that he’s funding Blue Origin to the tune of a billion dollars a year, fueled by his sales of Amazon stock.

Blue Origin is ramping up its employment count and making progress on two big projects: the New Shepard suborbital spaceship, which has made five successful test flights to space and back; and the New Glenn orbital rocket, which will make use of Blue Origin’s BE-4 rocket engine.

New Shepard could start flying passengers as early as next year, which would provide opportunities for suborbital space experiments as well as space tourism.

“There’s a long history of tourism and entertainment driving innovations in technology,” Bezos pointed out. For example, barnstorming and joyrides helped sustain pilots and airplane-makers in the early days of aviation. Today, advances in machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence are being driven by improvements in graphics processing units, or GPUs.

“Why were GPUs invented? For one purpose, and one purpose only: They were invented by Nvidia for playing video games,” Bezos said.

On the orbital front, Blue Origin is currently testing the BE-4 engine and building a multimillion-dollar production facility and launch center in Florida to accommodate New Glenn rockets.

“That vehicle will fly in in 2020 for the first time,” Bezos said. Blue Origin already has lined up its first customers for New Glenn satellite launches in the early 2020s.

Bezos is clearly thinking about frontiers beyond Earth orbit: When asked about the potential impact of artificial intelligence on space operations, he said AI will point the way for “even better robotic probes to explore the solar system.”

Today, Mars rovers have to wait for detailed instructions from mission controllers on Earth on how to avoid that potential hazards they come across. “That’s one of the reasons that you get to cover very little ground with those rovers,” Bezos said.

“But if you had really good self-driving technology, machine vision and other things, those rovers could keep themselves safe and they could go faster and explore much more in a given amount of time,” he said.

They could also help build that city on the moon.

“There, you would want to pre-position a whole bunch of equipment and supplies before the humans show up, and some of those things might need to be assembled on the surface of the moon,” Bezos said. “And that’s the kind of thing that could also be done by advanced robotics with machine-learning systems on board.”

Jeff Bezos at Museum of Flight
Jeff Bezos talks with students at the opening of the “Apollo” exhibit at the Museum of Flight. (GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota)

Bezos noted that the moon’s polar regions would be the best places to build a base, because some craters in those regions are thought to contain reserves of water ice that are shielded from sunlight. That ice could be converted into liquid water for drinking, hydrogen for fuel, and oxygen for breathable air.

During past talks, Blue Origin executives have made clear that it expects lunar settlements to be created as the result of private-public collaboration, rather than purely private-sector or purely NASA-funded undertakings.

Why go to the moon? Almost 55 years ago, President John Kennedy said America chose to embark on missions to the moon “not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.”

Bezos’ moon ambitions are motivated by more down-to-earth considerations: He argues that in order to keep up with a global population’s growing demands for energy and manufactured goods, we earthlings will eventually have to take advantage of resources and territories beyond Earth.

“I want to see millions of people living and working in space,” said Bezos, repeating what has become a mantra for Blue Origin.

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522 responses to “Jeff Bezos lays out his vision for city on the moon, complete with robots

  1. BO will need a BFS for New Glen to deliver cargo to the Polar village. This creates a fuel market at LEO and at the base. I’d like to see some estimates for how much cargo could be sent at what cost with a reusable system like this.

  2. I would love to see as moon village or Moon city or Moon base, what ever we call it I think we should build it. If NASA does build the DSG then commercial companies and/or any other space agencies will have a lunar space port to use in the building of said moon base.

  3. Jeff Bezos reminds me of Nimrod…”A mighty one on the earth”, then went on to build the “city” of Babel. (Genesis 10) We know what happened there, good luck with the Moon.

    1. Lol, wtf!? The Tower of Babel is a myth, it never happened. We know why humans speak different languages. Ironically, the AI like Alexa will soon be able to translate any language between anyone instantly. Making language moot.
      So you think Bezos is like “He [Nimrod] captures the minds of men with his mouth, and leads them to rebel against the Omnipresent. He intends to provoke Him in His presence.”
      Not sure why you think Bezos, a Sephardic Jew is rebelling against god.

        1. the builders of the colossal tower of babel defied G D by building a tower that reached to the sky and shooting arrows toward the sky as an act of defiance and rebellion to G D
          G D changed their language into many languages making them helpless in the midst of their arrogance
          Sammi = bullseye

          1. Are you referring to Jeff Bezos?
            When you are a billionaire, many times over, you can be whatever you want to be. Or wash as many pickles as you want.

          2. Until God says, “This day thy soul is required of thee, now who’s goods are these?”

          3. There’s a difference between THINKING you’re God, and being God.

        2. Kevin has no need to think upon things concerning “god”. AI will solve all of the world’s problems. Both present and future.

          1. A I
            lacks too many human qualities especially intelligence and a soul, A I sounds more like a recipe for Frankenstein

        3. “Starting”? Bezos has believed he’s God for years. Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, is a fascist liberal, who daily shows his hatred for middle America and any conservative alive in the US. He should be sent to outer space in a casket.

      1. Ignorance like yours abounds.
        1. Troy was a myth, until Monogenisis was found to give credence to it.
        2. Noah Arc was a myth, until its pictures are all over the web.
        3. The creation of the Universe was a myth, until the Big Bang Theory was discovered.
        4. Adam and Even are considered mythical persons, until the Science of DNA found that all humans come from one Woman.
        5. The Might Wind’s Saving of Japan from Ganges Kan was a myth until Archaeology found that two great battles of warships from mainland China were sunk on two events off the coast of Japan.

        The Trouble with IGNORANCE is that it ABOUNDS!

          1. What kind of proof would be the question? And who audits that kind of proof? Example what proof exist that proves without a doubt of Man Made Global Warming. So far the proof is mere consensus. If you ask some scientist that its exist their consensus IS THE PROOF. Would that same kind of consensus Prove that the Tower of Babel did exist?

          2. Proof, the kind you can measure, observe, quantify and share. Faith is not proof. Something written by a bunch of sheepherders who thought the world was 5,000 years old is not proof.

            Consensus is not proof. If it were, then reasonable people would still somehow be forced to believe that some man took 2 of EVERY creature on the Earth and crammed them into one giant boat at the bidding of a great sky pixie.

          3. Then where is the actual measurements that prove without a doubt that Global warming is true. There is none. It is like the WAPO a creator of FAKE NEWS. Scientific Global warming Experts only use consensus and not Facts that are measurable.

            When science alters its method, and science is only one way of proving things. What is MYTH to Science, can be true to Story Telling. What is MYTH to Religion can be Truth to Science. I.E. Multiple Transgenders is a MYTH. The Benefits of Homosexuality is also a Myth. The Islamic Religions benefits to the World of Science is also a MYTH.

            That Modern Medicine in many ways in which is claims to help humankind is also a myth, for there are more deaths by modern doctors in America’s population than there has ever been since 1776.

            That the Washington Post Tells the Truth is daily demonstrating that it is full of FAKE NEWS. WAPO is becoming mythical in its fact finding.

          4. Do you think I am advocating the theory for anthropogenic climate change? I am not. The fact that you came to this conclusion is disturbing on its own.

            In fact, your entire rant reeks of ignorance. Have a good day.

          5. Ouch. Sounds like you cannot even entertain the thought of “faith”.
            Obviously “climate change” was just being used as an example.
            And yet you refer to someone else as being “ignorant”? That’s a good one.

          6. you’re wasting your time with that moron, but keep going, it’s fun to watch him dig a deeper hole every time he writes something stupid.

          7. Sorry it all is not like that. Engineers get stuck in that and it is hard to say what it costs them. There are truly things which exist that do not fit regular criteria.

          8. There is no “proof” of anything, only a strong indication of proof. A person can not even prove their own existence, therefore nothing can be proven.

          9. Consensus of scientists is not proof. That is not how science works. I should know, I’m a published microbiologist who works full time in the sciences. We work with evidence, not appeal to authority. Consensus means nothing and some of the most important discoveries in science were ones that went against the consensus of scientists at the time. That’s what makes science great. Evidence always is the most important thing. It’s what allows science to self correct and always improve itself. Unfortunately science is still run by humans who are prone to bias. But the scientific method is designed to cancel out bias as much as possible.

          10. With the assumption that scientist are honest… they chase dollars just like everyone else… who funds your operation?

          11. Who funds my operation? The national Institute of Health and National Academy of Sciences. And for your information most scientists publish conflict of interest reports that make public any potential conflicts of interest that might arise. Despite what you want to believe, most scientists are ethical people.

          12. Saying I work only for grants is insulting. I have worked on HIV/AIDS research, cancer research, helped solve the molecular structure of a protein in hantavirus, and consult on disease outbreaks like salmonella and help authorities identify the strains and potential sources of the outbreak. What do you do to help the world?

          13. Waste of time to present information to a fool. Ignorance is a choice which grizzle has made.

          14. You can say that, certainly. But on the same hand, I have no evidence YOU really exist either, gzizzle.

          15. Oh yes, he exists alright. You can’t get this stupid without practicing very hard.

          16. Noah kept both a male and female Arc as well as circles, squares and trapezoids on the Ark. Thank God for humanity’s sake….

          17. arrogance rises so the fall is greater
            wake up
            learn to read with an open mind or be wrong often gnorance like yours abounds.
            1. Troy was a myth, until Monogenisis was found to give credence to it.
            2. Noah Arc was a myth, until its pictures are all over the web.
            3. The creation of the Universe was a myth, until the Big Bang Theory was discovered.
            4. Adam and Even are considered mythical persons, until the Science of DNA found that all humans come from one Woman.
            5. The Might Wind’s Saving of Japan from Ganges Kan was a myth until Archaeology found that two great battles of warships from mainland China were sunk on two events off the coast of Japan.

            The Trouble with IGNORANCE is that it ABOUNDS!

          18. 1. Troy is just a city. Not a magical city.

            2. Noah’s ark is a myth. There are no “pictures” of it except in movies.

            3. The Big Bang Theory, which you don’t understand, merely states that our universe had a beginning. Not that it was “created”.

            4. The one woman DNA theory is just a theory. Even if it were fact, your argument is a total non sequitur. Just because we all share DNA with some primitive protohuman female from 500,000 years ago does not mean “Adam and Eve” existed.

            5. Again, there’s nothing magical about this. You’ve mixed mundane battles and cities with the magical fantasies in your mind.

            The trouble with you is that you’re ignorant, but don’t know it or don’t believe it.

          19. The laws of thermodynamics mean the Universe was created, dipshit. Anything that has a beginning has a creator.

          20. The commonality of genes in the X chromosomes (and probably more importantly the fact that all mitochondrial DNA in man come from a single original mitochondria) followed by differentiation via mutation at a predictable rate is pretty good for supporting the argument that all women (and humans for that matter since men have an X chromosome too) arose from a single progenitor. Whether her name was Eve or not seems to be quibbling does it not?

            This is all along the lines that everyone in the world with light blue eyes all arose from a single progenitor in the Caspian Sea region around 6-8,000 years ago. Easily shown by looking at the DNA sequences – essentially identical across all blue eyed people.

          21. I am a scientist. Not religious. My point is only that the concept of humanity emanating from a single man and woman – essentially the first Homo Sapiens – is not inconsistent with the genetic data. In terms of the Biblical timeframe – any literal interpretation is definitely off – the events happened much more than a few thousand years ago – given that the genetic remains of Homo Sapiens are spread across the earth in far older strata. But the religious can easily and correctly make the retort that what is referred to as a day for a God does not necessarily translate into a day for a human.
            The larger point is that this is all evolution. We share close links to chimps and bonobos and closer links to Neanderthals – including some gene sequences in our genome that were found in theirs indicating cross-breeding. Whether this is all a combination of randomness leading to structure by natural selection or an intentional effort is not something that can be definitively resolved by the available data. The difference is that the evolution hypothesis is potentially subject to refutation by appropriate facts – which makes it a scientific hypothesis (for example if we found a genetically modern man in a space suit on geological strata 2 million years old on the moon, that would put an irremediable dent in the concept of the origin of man from primates) while the religious hypothesis is not refutable by factual data (this is the essence of Faith, you believe in it no matter what) and is in that sense not testable and therefore not a scientific hypothesis. Like the statement that there is a God who created the Universe – it is presumably either true or false but it can never be disproved to a true believer or proved to a true disbeliever and so it exists in a different realm of knowledge than a theory like evolution which is testable, which has been tested over and over and so far stood up to the testing and developed.

            My own mind runs to testable hypotheses. That is why I am a scientist. But precisely because I believe in science, I do not like it when people who are ignorant of the underlying epistemology of science make incorrect statements as KevinD did. Science is disserved by being sloppy in one’s thinking about it.

          22. It’s all irrelevant to the hundreds of millions of muslime wahabi savages that want your head on a spike.

          23. Whether they hate me because I am a Westerner (and proud of it) or because they think me a Christian (ex-Catholic probably counts to them or because I am a scientist – there is no doubt that there are many in Islam who would hate me. It is not clear that all the believers in Islam would hate me. Doubtless there is a fair percent of fundamentalists, especially Wahabi-ists who do, and a fair percent of over a billion is a lot. But I know a lot of people who are nominally Muslims who have no truck with the fundamentalists. What I do not have a sense of it what percent of the billion plus Muslims are fundamentalists or not. Reading about Islam I can understand how a literal true believer would be an Islamist – the religion is pretty up front about the superior rights of Muslim believers over non-Muslims. Yet I do not think it is 100%. Not sure how big the real threat is. But I would say that I am perfectly happy with using Western values, Western science, Western Military Technology and the Western ruthlessness that enabled us to beat off waves of aggressors from the Battle of Tours and the battle at the gates of Vienna to the fights against the Huns and the armies of Ghengis Khan to be applied in a lethal manner to exterminate any of the Muslims who wish Westerners harm. And I would say, in agreement with President Trump – that until we have a good means to distinguish Muslims who are a threat from those who are not a threat, we are best off not letting them in to America

          24. What you call “myth”, others call “faith”. Believing in something that they cannot readily “prove”.
            However, just because something cannot yet be “proved”, does not necessarily mean that it is not true or that it never existed or happened.
            Google (or search engine) “5 Things Science Cannot Explain”.

          25. The problem with proof regarding ancient figures of history is that historical preservation of people and places favors wealth and power. If they were rich and built/did really big things we know about them. If they were humble commoners, history at the time had no reason to carve thier memory into stone. We have evidence of Pharoah, but much less of Joseph and the slaves. Furthermore the farther back in history you go the less likely you are to have proof of anything regarding human identities or activities because record keeping was not on the list of priorities compared to survival. Also the evidence decomposed over time. What if we had never found the dead sea scrolls for another thousand years? We would be dating scripture much later than we are now. Certainly a respect for evidence is due, but an intellectually honest person must respect the trend towards biblical verification as new artifacts and documents are continuing to be discovered which verify ancient claims of the bible. We now know there was in fact a King David of Israel based on inscriptions on stone by a contemporary foreign kingdom of that time. Before that artifact arose he was considered a myth.

          26. Was Noah a mathematician? I don’t recall studying Noah’s arc in math classes

        1. “Myths are prose narratives which, in the society in which they are told, are considered to be truthful accounts of what happened in the remote past.” Theories serve to explain why these myths are created. However, myth theories that are taught in school, such as the Greek myth of Zeus, are taught in such a way that makes it obvious that the stories are fictional.”

        2. Touché
          But please give Kevin and his artificial intelligence a break. He is still evolving.

        3. The EASTER BUNNY
          the TOOTH FAIRY
          and the FAIRY GOD MOTHER

        4. In more than 40 years of trying to hand out clues I’d come to realize some time ago it’s a useless endeavor as ignorance defends itself ceaselessly. Don’t waste your time.

        5. Isn’t weird that they found chariot wheels, hundreds of them, under the sea, where mOSes crossed it after they fleed from Egypt. Nice try to deny the Bible, every year they find more evidence that it is completely true, including the Earth is flat, not some spinning ball going 67000 mph. Around the sun. It is a fixed plane.

          1. I believe in God.

            I dont believe the Earth is flat.
            What are you even saying?

        6. What do theories of monogenesis have to do with Troy? Heinrich Schliemann found Troy by studying the Iliad and comparing it to the coast of modern Anatolia. His theory was then confirmed by extensive archeological digs. In recent times, translations of Hittite court documents have confirmed the existence of the city and it’s probable origin as a Hittite colony/outpost on the Aegean.

      2. The bible, earth’s oldest and only mathematically and logically self-evident book, is an allegory for the elevation of the mind- a big difference from a pointless myth to awe the uninformed…

        1. Plus there is plenty of archeological evidence that backs up the Bible. I look at the Bible as the wisdom of the ancients. People of the ancient world were more advanced than most people think.

          1. Hey there, moishe. The Talmud is the evidence that will cause the extermination of all jews. It’s also irrelevant to anything regarding the Bible, as it was written in 200 AD–millennia after the Bible first began to be codified.

            Keep your demonism to yourself.

          2. Your illogic = Bunk

            Appeal to authority [Talmud of Jmmanuel] = Logical fallacy

        2. “The Bible mentions a circle whose dimensions would make pi equal to 3. This has been a source of humor for skeptics and consternation for literalist Christians, Jews, and Muslims.
          The cauldron is first mentioned in 1 Kings 7:23-26 (KJV):”
          “According to the Genesis creation myth, the Earth was formed before the Sun. Aside from bio-mechanical problems, this flatly contradicts the nebular hypothesis of stellar formation, in which planets form in the accretion disk created by a young star.”

        1. “However, we cannot state with certainty that the area of Babylon in the south was under the entire 80 m (262 ft) of water at the time that the early people started building the Tower (in the north, as we shall show), because there are a number of factors that can affect this figure, depending on the assumptions that we make. For one thing, the Bible does not say how long after the Flood that the people started building the Tower and City of Babel. Nor do we know exactly when the global ocean level started to go down because of ice buildup after the post-Flood equilibrium, nor how fast the water lowered.

          According to the commonly accepted Usshur chronology of the Bible (Usshur 1658, pp. 21–22), there are 106 years between the Flood and the Babel dispersion (this assumes that the dispersion took place at the time of the birth of Peleg). For the Tower to have been located at Babylon, the following events would have had to have taken place in that period of time: the ocean lowered more than 80 m (262 ft) because of continental ice buildup, the land area at Babylon dried up enough to build a major construction on it, the people migrated south about 600 km (372 miles), they started work on the Tower project, and then dispersed. This seems like a very unlikely scenario to have taken place within 106 years.

          The alternative LXX chronology allows 531 years from the Flood to the Babel dispersion/Peleg, but the current creationist Ice Age model as described above does not work for this timeline because the entire ice buildup would have taken place by the time of the Babel dispersion, with the meltdown already starting; we know this did not happen because of Neanderthals that have been found in widespread places where they had lived during the time of the thick ice (Habermehl 2010). Clearly a somewhat different model for the Ice Age would be needed to accommodate the LXX timeline, one that allows for a lot more time between the Flood and the glacial maximum. As of this writing, no Ice Age model for this timeline has been produced.

          However, from the foregoing discussion it appears that the Babylon site would most likely have been under water, perhaps quite a bit of it, at the time that the Tower project was under way. It is beyond the scope of this paper to go into further detail on this.

          Why Babel Should Be Located in North Mesopotamia”

      3. Lots of very useful and eloquent fables in the Bible. You should read it. There is a reason it’s been around for 3000 years.

        1. Some of the stories reflect Ice Age conditions so that knocks it back to 18,000 years ago ~ maybe more.

          It’s been written down more or less for 3,000 years, but before that it was handled with Memory Palaces.

      4. Speaking of myths…Bezos has yet to reach escape velocity, but is talking about building a city on the Moon?

        1. You don’t need to reach escape velocity to reach the moon. Escape velocity will take you out of Earth orbit. The moon is still in Earth Orbit, just very far out there. I think what you meant was Bezos has not reached orbit yet. Bezos just builds rockets that go straight up and back down at this point, no orbit.

      5. Any effort to uplift man is usually met with superstitious Luddites trying to drag them back down to the bottom of the crab bucket. Almost always some irrational bible situation/verse is used as justification.

        1. Both Russia and the US already tried to blow a hole through the firmament by firing missiles at it but failed (Operation Fishbowl). Outer space is pure fantasy and we don’t live on a flying sphere.

        2. I love it when religious fanatics and environmental activists team up to stop us from leaving earth. Because we need to stay on Earth and perish like the Bible says or else! And we should turn those rocket factories into bus factories..

      6. Next you’ll be telling me Uhura from Star Trek isn’t real…

      7. According to Dr. Andrew George, a professor of Babylonian at SOAS University of London whose works were featured in a new episode of “Secrets” on the Smithsonian Channel, a “very compelling” evidence that the Tower of Babel, as mentioned in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament actually existed, has been discovered.

        The existence of the ancient Tower has always been a topic of debate by Biblical scholars. The evidence which was discovered in Babylon more than 100 years ago was not available for study because it was privately owned until recently and the professor was able to interpret the text and found that its account of the tower’s construction is identical to the biblical story.

        1. I bet you believe that all one language until poof! God smited them.
          Whether or not a tower existed in Babylon, doesn’t mean that the Tower of Babel was “real”

        1. “over time, language changes. Given a sample of Middle English text, we might have a reasonable shot of reading most of it. Given a sample of Old English text, we don’t. Since we have text from that time, we can see how much language drifts over time. We see many places where one language “borrowed” words from another. It’s pretty clear that if you took a group of people and separated them from one another for thousands of years that they wouldn’t be able to understand one another if they encountered each other afterward. There’s nothing mysterious here to explain.

          So in order to believe that the Tower of Babel was real, you have to first be able to ignore that. You have to believe that we were never in groups that were isolated from each other, so we all spoke the same language.”

      8. if Bezos is not a practicing Jew that would make him an ignostic the same as the builders of the tower of babel
        Sammi is correct
        kevin your knowledge is not exactly right

          “if Bezos is not practiciing, that would make him agnostic”
          Umm, no. That would make him a secular Jew.

      9. Sure…all the historical events of the Bible never happened (just ignore all the archaeological evidence) ;-). This exercise should be easy for those who have a problem with ‘the truth’ nowadays…..

        1. There are many of the places in the bible are real but not everything in there is supported by archaeological evidence.

      10. How do you “know” that the Tower of Babel is a myth? Indeed, your present day babbling is a very good indicator that it probably did exist.
        BTW are you, yourself, an example of artificial intelligence?

      11. Only a hopeless ignoramus would equate the word ‘myth’ with ‘it never happened’. You’ll never even come close to having a clue when your brainwashing holds you back at that level.

      12. Where was he talking about a tower?

        Are you saying Babylon never existed? LOL

      13. The teachings in the Bible may not have historically happened in the way they were taught, but the point of the message in those stories are very real.
        Just because you don’t believe in God doesn’t mean the Bible has no importance to the future of humanity.

      14. Great example why people of good intent can leave their brains at the door! Bezos and his genealogy and past it irrelevant to me is attempting to inspire the world very much like JFK. I was in you Yanks equivalent middle school school when Armstrong’s crew set foot on the moon . Like it not they did claim it for USA . I don’t mind as a bit of American in all of us and we Aussies still remember 1942-43 and what the US Navy, Marines and Army AC did for us.
        Qld Australia. Where you all want to live.

      15. Hey history moron, the ruins of the city of babel is in Iraq today! Even the evil Nazi-Baathist Saddam Hussein believed he had found the ruins. He wasn’t no bible thumper. Watch a little news instead of THINKING ur important

        1. Again, the story of the tower of babel is not real. Whether or not a tall structure actually existed isn’t really the point.

          1. U also believe the earth is flat & moon landing never happened. Ur “religion”. Like Dr Tyson says “were done here”

    2. Sammi dog, say what? I don’t see the comparison. Plus, there is no evidence this fairy tale bible story ever existed.

          1. Genesis 11. Although the specific name “Babel” is not used. Go look it up.

      1. If you had any knowledge of what you are talking about you would know what to say to prove your point.

    3. Sometimes Bezos reminds me of Bugs Bunny’s “Nimrod,” (if you’ll remember, it was said sarcastically) when he tags Elmer Fudd with it.

    4. Well, I’d like to go, but it’ll likely never happen for me. I’ll be stuck here in a Blade Runner backdrop world.

    1. That’s fine if it’s his money. I don’t want to see one dime of my taxes spent on this nonsense. Explore our own oceans first. We can’t do that, but we can explore space? That’s some seriously flawed logic there.

      1. I agree. Make this planet the best it can be first before we go spending money for Mars or the moon. Don’t give up on earth yet, despite what 45 and his administration is doing.

        1. The Dreamer BEZO, needs to fix his Washington Post FAKE NEWS before he will make a believer out of most people.

          The guys a foolish dreamer, who only thinks about promoting himself.

        2. You’re mentally ill and have zero comprehension of what you’re saying. You actively seek the genocide of humanity by demanding that it not engage in scientific advancement.

      2. I’m with you on that, but he will be contracted by NASA which is funded with our tax payer dollars. Space travel is a con, and all they have done since 1969 is low-earth orbits (supposedly) with a 50 million dollar per day budget. We have paid billions for fake astroNOTS to tell us about how to take a dump on the ISS, play guitars, and television programs designed for elementary school kids. It’s all fake with augmented virtual reality, and it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes, but NASA ACTORnauts are very bad at it. The only thing NASA is good at is job creation. The space program floats a lot of boats for Bezos and other aerospace companies contracted to NASA.

          1. Don’t be a paid shill. Either kill yourself or prove the Moon landings didn’t happen. Just go buy the rope now, please.

          1. Glad you liked it. Buzz became an alcoholic and Armstrong went silent after they got back. I suppose it is hard to live with a lie for that long. However, some people will do anything for buck. After listening to many of them being interviewed, the moon men were not sharpest knives in the drawer. If you choose to believe it, that’s your choice. “Just ask the blind man, he saw it too”.

          2. It doesn’t take much to impress a lot of folks! 50 years of space exploration and we still light fires to giant liquid fuel bombs and hold our breath. Lately we haven’t been too good at that. It’s like SpaceX is learning from scratch. I’d say if our technology hasn’t gone beyond that in half a century, then it means we still don’t know how to get there. Don’t tell me we did all that in the 60’s and forgot how to do it. Compared to the gaming world, space travel is still stuck on PONG with no advances on how to get up there. Where’s the anti-gravity device? If we don’t have one, then don’t plan on real space travel anytime soon. It’s all BS. Only a fool would sit on top a rocket.

      3. Currently NASA is sending your tax dollars to Russia. Would you prefer Putin or Bezos?

    2. Bezo is a retailers with a fairy tale imagination, and a producer of a whole lot of FAKE NEWS (i.e. WAPO)

      1. “Amazon Web Services reported $3.53 billion in revenue for Q4 2016, up 47 percent “

      1. Actually 2 Billionaires each paid $50 million to do a fly by this year.
        So they will be going closer to the moon than any non-astronaut individual in human history. I’ll let you guess what comes next.

        1. Again, they’ll never go to the moon. There’s an impenetrable firmament above us and those “space agencies” know it full and well. They fake everything. All rockets go out to sea so that they can dump them in the water and land their aircraft at some undisclosed location.

  4. I’d like to suggest that Congress and most of the Washington state politicians be sent there. It’s quite apparent to me that most of these loons haven’t inhaled any fresh air for decades and would be perfect for moons atmosphere.

  5. Well i’m rooting for Mr. Bezos, it would sure be something if I got to see this actually happen in my lifetime. The moon is certainly much for feasible than Mars. At least it wouldn’t be only a one way trip.

    1. Don’t get you hopes up, it’s not real….nobody is going to the moon….nobody has been. Spend some serious time looking into the evidence. The reason we have not established a presence there since 1969 is because they can’t figure out how to keep the lie going. Back then, there were no computers, no digital cameras, and we are to believe they took bulky “plastic film” cameras to a place that is 250 degrees? Not possible. Whatever you see coming through your TV screen is what they want you to see. It’s all a huge deception.

        1. The guy is talking about making a city. Moon Rocks? There are also meteors at the Smithsonian! So what – we’re not gonna travel to the outer galaxy either.

        2. hmmmm…let me see if i understand your argument:
          Premise A) NASA has rocks that they claim they got on the moon. Premise B) one has to go to the moon to get moon rocks. Conclusion: NASA is not lying about going to the moon.
          I guess that makes sense but sadly it breaks down after thinking about it for a couple of seconds since it stands to reason that, if they did lie about going to the moon, they may also have lied about the origin of their rocks.

          And please ignore this comment as I just realized you were being sarcastic, sorry.

      1. The footage is too real looking. The special effects would have to be 10 times better than they are now. Getting the moon in 1969 was a question of pure horse power (Saturn) and advanced mathematics and understanding of how the universe works. Newton and Einstein already pretty much figured out those problems. In fact some of Newton’s equation were used in the moon program. There was enough technology at the time to pull the mission off. Remember, this was the age of the transistor and microchip. The engineering was probably the most important part of Apollo. Not believing man landed on the moon is as absurd as believing the Earth is flat. Do you believe the Earth is round – just checking.

      2. Gee Mike, you’re a real fucking retard, ain’t you? Cuz U aint ben their? U shud go! Cuz the film wood melt!!!

        1. ….says the retard that writes like a 13 year old. Go take a flying fuck at rolling doughnut.

          1. Hey, I don’t recall ever asking for your opinion. Out of the blue you call me a fucking retard because I don’t agree with you. You drew first blood, so if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. Now run along and watch your space porn.

    2. Most of us don’t give a rats behind about foolish notions that will impress you during your lifetime. How about getting Bezo to STOP SELLING A NEWS RAG FULL OF FAKE NEWS. That would be impressive.

      1. “most of us”? What, do you think you seriously speek for “most” of mankind? Kinda arrogant don’t ya think. I Guess i can be a snotty little brat back at ya and say most of us don’t give a rats arse that you don’t care.

          1. thanks, makes much more sense. my parents would watch the honeymooners and by default (only one TV) I would also watch.

  6. The earth can benefit from utilizing the moon if we put some or all of our most dangerous industries there- the ones that do the most damage to the earth’s environmental health. Relocate them and automate them too, making a use for AI in that solution very apparent. When you look at it, the three day or less delivery time of products from the moon is not bad service. With modern propulsion techniques we can probably get that delivery time to be a lot less.

  7. Before Blue Origin talks about going to the moon, they should really find out what made their rocket engine explode last week… But that’s just me…

  8. World population rates of increase has been going down year after year. If it wasn’t for immigration, the population of the US would be down 25% of today’s level.

  9. I’d rather have the bread instead of the circus.
    Who he associates with exposes some nefariousness.
    He brought an inordinate amount of payoff to the former owners of the Washington Post/CIA orifice.
    In his hands, he wields tremendous potential to do good or harm. To me he appears a NWO shill

  10. Please send #45 there with all his ignorant followers and also include the mannequin that is married? to Gingrich.

    1. I’m guessing English isn’t your first language or you were educated in a public school.

    2. Either cry some more about your mental illness being exposed to the world or start believing in facts so you’re not executed for treason.

        1. Stop being mentally ill or enjoy being executed for treason. It’s pretty simple to comprehend.

  11. How about you rich, spoiled, bored idiots try to bring civilized medicine and ability to eat to someplace that helps us all…like the middle east, africa or even poor areas in the U.S.

  12. Too bad people like Bezos don’t care about more mundane pursuits like
    curing diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s

  13. Dear Bezos

    Please turn your gaze towards Earth. That is where the most pressing problems are extant. You can start by eliminating islam from the face of the earth.

  14. This is GREAT news! Ship all the snowflakes, illegals, Clintons asap! I’ll donate gladly!

  15. If you want to know how Bezos really views America, read his newspaper, the Washington Post. Bezos is scum. Shop at, NOT at Amazon.

    1. I agree. Last night I did my weight loss walking at Walmart, flirted with a cute check out girl and walked out with a new computer stand that was cheaper than Amazon’s prices. Buying local is more fun and better for your health. By the way, Best Buy now meets Amazon’s prices. So you can get your stuff TODAY, have a real person help you and purchase at the same price or lower than Amazon. Good bye Bozo.

  16. Yeah, this is a great way to be benefit mankind. Hey Bezos, go there and stay there. One less lib on this planet.

  17. His head looks like a moon, makes sense. See if Tom Cruise is still doing ok when you get there.

  18. This program will never work. We never landed on the Moon. Bezos will spend spend tens of billions and never come close to his goal.

    1. They’ll do what NASA and every other “space agency” does: fake the entire thing and deceive the public.

  19. Tell Trump about it. Tell him he can put his golf courses and condos there and he can live there and be president of the moon for as long as he wants. That’s a deal I’d be willing to make to get rid of him on earth. Straight to the moon Alice!

  20. Bozo, your moon city sounds like a great idea. Let us know when you plan to leave so we can have a departure celebration. The sooner the better.

  21. I hope he succeeds, and then moves himself and The Washington Post to his city on the moon and stays there. Maybe he can convince others to follow him (Soros, Clintons, Obamas, et al). They all live in an alternate reality here on Earth anyway, so it would be a refreshing change for everyone.

  22. Awesome, now all the beautiful people that didn’t move to Canada have a new habitat. Instead of wasting billions on free college education with zero value, let us prepare a Moon colony and start shooting their nasty, angry, violent selves somewhere that will truly benefit the rest of mankind.

  23. Bezos is a complete FRAUD. A classic sick Oligarth, who bought the Washington Post so he could use it to help destroy our Republic. This little FRAUD needs to be taken out by any (legal) means necessary.

  24. Considering the fact that it cost 17 billion dollars for the Boston Big Dig highway project, which essentially depressed a few miles of roadway underground and built a tunnel under the harbor. I think Bezos 1 billion dollar per year investment is going to be a drop in a rain barrel full of holes. And with his “public/private cooperation” comment tells me its going to end up being public only project after it has started, and then he suddenly he can no longer keep up with his end.

  25. The moon makes far more sense than Mars at this time. Much of the same tech needed to run flawlessly on Mars, is also needed on the moon. Better to test it out where you are only 3 days from home, rather than 6 months from home. It is also much easier to launch to Mars from a moon base than from Earth, fuel wise..

  26. And what social system will be implemented in said colony? If not liberty, then it will be a money suck on Bezos’ wallet until the whole thing fails.

  27. Decadent globalists want to go to the Moon- literally- to lord it over us. I guarantee- the first thing they do is build a weapons platform aimed directly at us Morlocks down here.I say let them blast off on a Chinese-built rocket. Bon voyage Star-child

  28. These people are trying to leave earth because they’re screwing up our planet… leave and don’t come back…for Pete’s sake… Question: who is this Pete guy anyway? And why should I care about him?

  29. News flash any planet or moon in our solar system without a magnetic field is highly radioactive, before you do anything, you better reestablish the magnetic fields on both Mars and the Moon, to this you will have to incorporate the technology in the book “there is something about the Moon”

  30. Hey Bozo, what you gonna do with your USA money that we are holding in OUR banks? Oh, never mind I just figured it out. You will print your own money called moon bucks.

  31. Funny how when you are THAT rich–like Bezos and Elon Musk–you can say ridiculous thiings and people still take you seriously.

  32. Great, another government subsidized city. Are they going to ship homeless and stacks of EBT cards?

  33. What a crock and a crackpot this guy is. Yes it will be so much easier to create energy and manufacture goods on the moon vs earth. Who belives this fairy tale nonsense. Another Fake CIO.

    ” He argues that in order to keep up with a global population’s growing demands for energy and manufactured goods, we earthlings will eventually have to take advantage of resources and territories beyond Earth.”

  34. Too bad the moon is (1) one of TWO GREAT LIGHTS; (2) a vertical disc. Proof? The unchanging precise moon phases.

  35. Jeff better check the Lunar crater water for hazardous levels of Deuterium before letting anybody drink it. Lunar water probably has Deuterium concentrated during solar wind deposition/evaporation. Probably better to use it for rocket fuel or radiation shielding.

  36. Bezos is approaching super villain status. Amazon does really need to be broken up.

  37. Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post have been engaged in a conspiracy with the New York Times and other left leaning media outlets along with the deep state, to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump using deceit, lies, and innuendo. I personally have vowed to never buy another thing from Amazon or do business in any way that profits Mr. Bezos. He can take his army of leftists to the moon and never come back.

      1. Perhaps. But the loss of millions in revenue will help shine a light on the cockroaches. Also, my conscience and the consciences of those who do the same will be clear.

        1. Monopoly laws faster. A clear conscience by applying ineffective means is self deceiving.

  38. Today Bexos plants the Amazon flag on the moon, tomorrow Uranus!!!

  39. Some of the comments below appear to have been made by the descendants of those who told one another that Columbus would never make it out of the port of Palos, much less make a landfall across the ocean…

  40. Beezo will have to stop playing with his prick while he looks at little boys long enough to build some mock ups with legos. And we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

  41. complete with death ray pointed at earth unless we fork over ONE MIIIIILION DOLLARS!….

  42. I Knew It…..I Just Knew It……NOW……

    Bingo Bezos Want to Corner the Market on SWISS CHEESE Too!

  43. I suggest we send Bezos to the Moon and leave him there. Fix the earth first. Its not likely we ever get off this planet.

    1. That’s right! Think of the poor starving chilrun, who never get the chance to succeed! We need these Uber rich to give all their hard earned money to the UN and other responsible groups to give to poor countries. We (USA) have never given billions of dollars in cash and aid to anyone, have we? Those poor gang members only want to be loved and understood. People like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and George Soros want to lift the poor out of poverty and despair. Don’t forget that no good thing has ever come out of NASA research and development…..

      1. Bezos owns the Washington Post that invents FAKE NEWS. Meanwhile his Amazon .com violates our Anti Trust laws as he pays off politicians to suppress his prosecution.

  44. I wonder what gave him the idea…did Allah tell him there are 72 virgin boys waiting on the moon for him?

    1. That’s just silly, everyone knows Bezos gets his prepubescent boys from Jeff Epstein.

  45. This JACKASS owns the Washington Post which makes up stories and hates President Trump. He sucks.

  46. Lol… these guys spew global warming and make billions on it and then want to build cities in a place where you need special suits to breath. Wake up and smell the coffee folks.

  47. Entire cities could be carved underground using robotic mining equipment. Strange that a liberal would want to do this when most other liberals think all that money should instead be handed out to the poor…

  48. We should have a limit how wealthy people get to around 100 thousand times the average income.

    Average US income is around 56 thousand dollars. 100 thousand times that would be around 5 billion 600 million.

    Bill Gates 84 Billion is around 2 million times the average income of 56 thousand dollars That is way too much money and power in the hands of a few.

    If average income rises so does that ceiling. it is an incentive for the rich and powerful to make sure the average income goes up

    1. No, you have no right to tell people how successful they can be. How about you actually fix the problem instead of imposing your marxist bullshit, okay, moron?


  49. Bezos should go and take the Washington Post with him. Hurry…

  50. Who actually believes this is really going to happen? I want to see them first put a live real time HD camera in space showing the WHOLE EARTH… not snippets and CGI demonstrate that first then worry about getting to this object called ‘the moon’. HD Camera, LIVE, WHOLE EARTH with continual live feed… can’t be done folks…

  51. He and the rest of his ultra liberal billionaire buddies can’t go soon enough! I want to start a go fund me business where we strap mobile homes to rockets and shot them to the moon. In order to qualify for the ride you must have voted for Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama and Clinton. So these people who destroy the earth in so many ways want to be the first ones off? How thoughtful of them. Please go!!!

  52. All I see is a rip off copy-cat of what Elon Musk is ALREADY doing.

  53. Bezos is aware that hiding on the moon won’t change reality that his head still looks like the biggest dildo on Earth, right?

  54. SORRY Bozos. SpaceX is already doing what you think you can do in a few years. You lose.

  55. So I read all of you’re comments and I think the whole “BIBLE” comments are needing to be tabled for a different board. Seriously.
    1. I think its about time we should be up there on a base then a community on the moon. Should of happened about two decades ago but for some reason we never did it as a country.
    2. Hes right about that how the moon would be a great place as well as a jumping point for people that want to move from earth to Mars.
    3. Mars, its interesting to see what will happen here. There are some seriously odd things that have happened over the 15 years of pictures and what NASA (Never A Stright Answer) says about the planet. If all it true I can’t wait to sit and watch with my son just like I did with my dad as we take the first steps as AMERICANS on Mars.

  56. I wish Bezos would launch his evil self and his billionaire globalists and the WaPo staff into the sun. They can go at night…

  57. And what would be the point of this city on the moon? To subject the inhabitants to 24/7 all things Bezos? Not like there is much around except earth. Anyone living there would be subject to atrophy due to low gravity, and increased cancer because of higher cosmic radiation.

  58. This guy will say anything to keep himself in front of the cameras. What a moron. Why don’t you get to work instead of talking bezos?

  59. Bezos wants city on the Moon… but only if Amazon Prime free delivery is included.

  60. Bezos, I think, is an alien. Certainly looks like one. Hope he is Moon City’s first and only mayor for life.

  61. I don’t care how much $ Bezos makes, he is one dumbass pathetic loser geek, in the right place at right time like Zuckerface. His use of Washington Post to smear our President is disgusting, even for a leftist control-freak geek. I will never use Amazon again and I would not invest a dime in Amazon (P/E ratio astranomical, massive antitrust violations), he’s a loser and will blow all the $ on pipe dream BS.

  62. Bezos and his Washington Post are snake oil salesmen, frauds, opportunists, without one shred of decency.

  63. Fine, as long as Bezos is the first long-term occupant of his Moon village.

  64. I hope he makes it there. It will prove one way or the other if humans can actually survive the radiation from the solar flares of the sun. Im sure our govt. would never lie to us about something so serious.

  65. At the speed of light it would take 5 years to get to the nearest star…let alone other stars that may have habitable planets. Of course we can not travel that fast….and at current speed it would take 10’s of thousands of years to get to “nearby” extra-solar star systems…..and 100’s of thousands to get to ones further out in the Milky way that may have habitable planets.

    There is only one planet known that is habitable and is beautiful in its abundance. The other planets in our solar system are dead, lifeless and inhospitable worlds. The Moon is a rock with no atmosphere.

    Add to this space travel is far from proven technology….such as jet travel. It is risky.

    With all this said….who is going to volunteer to colonize these other dead worlds and leave behind the beautiful Earth. Over the course of humanity we explored new lands and settled in one that were bountiful…and of course they were all on Earth. People tended to not choose to settle the most inhospitable parts of the Earth. So why would this change. Sure we will have the brave explorers to be first to step on Mars…but live there? How many people are going to want to live out their lives in a bubble on the Moon or on Earth?

    My vision is more bleak. The wealthy and connected will live out their lives on the beautiful Earth. Those deemed unworthy will be shipped off to the Moon or to Mars…permanently exiled to live on dead planets inside bubbles or structures from which there is no place to run…no escape…..while the well-to-do live their lives on the beautiful blue marble that is Earth….the only one we know of and/or can get to.

  66. The Homosexual community is demanding that they be the ones that populate the universe, starting with the moon.

    1. How are faggots going to POPULATE anything? I know they’re mentally ill, but even they don’t think that they can create children.

  67. LOL! Considering mankind has never gone to the Moon, and has yet to solve the problem of the radiation streaming from the unshielded nuclear furnace, the Sun.

    And yes, I have done the research, if one can call it that, as a blind monkey could discern the fraud in the Apollo record. My favorite is AS15-86-11603 in which the shadow of the SEP pallet is missing, fill-light reflections are in abundance, and the ‘not’s visor has been crudely masked over to hide said fill-light reflections.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    1. Faked by Stanley Kubrick at a tremendous cost as he insisted on filming on location.

    2. Why do you believe this? Do you believe the Space Shuttle, International Space Station and satellites of all varieties orbit the Earth? I assume you do. If you do….getting from Earth orbit to the moon is the relatively easy part. The heavy lifting…the most difficult part is getting up off the Earth into orbit. From there it does not take much more thrust to point the vessel to the Moon.

      Once to the Moon there is no atmosphere to contend with, no entry heat issues. And the Moon has about 1/6th the gravity of Earth so getting up from the Moon back into orbit and heading back to Earth is relatively easy.

      Then of course there are the mirrors we placed on the moon that have had lasers pointed at them from Earth to get precision distance measures….not sure how those mirrors got there from a Hollywood set. And during the Moon missions armature radio operators all over the world…and the Soviet Union for that matter….monitoring the progress of the space capsule and lost communication with it when it traveled the back side of the Moon.

      Of course you are free to believe what you want. I just find the personality of people such as you interesting…I think it is what I have termed PCA disorder….Purposeful Contrarian Antagonism. ….but why some people are more susceptible to this disease than others remains a mystery….

      1. Space shuttles can’t get more than a few hundred miles above the earth without serious radiation problems.

        NASA is still trying to figure out how to navigate through radiation of the Van Allen Belts.

        NASA said they accidentally erased the Moon landing tapes in 2009.

        The moon rocks Aldrin and Armstrong gave Holland turned out to be petrified wood.

    3. Correct.

      NASA is still trying to figure out how to navigate through radiation of the Van Allen Belts.

      NASA said they accidentally erased the Moon landing tapes in 2009.

      The moon rocks Aldrin and Armstrong gave Holland turned out to be petrified wood.

      1. Yeah, radiation killed the entire enterprise. Not necessarily the radiation by itself, but also in conjunction with the burden of shielding weight. The need for shielding, in the belts, between the Moon and Earth, and on the Moon itself, would have added much to the payload. That added payload would then have required a lot more fuel just to get into low Earth orbit, much less accelerating to the Moon.

        A fraud from start to finish that continues today.

        Another fav.: AS17-143-21924, where the SEP transmitter’s antenna shadow twists and turns in midair so as to fall in a completely new, and incorrect, direction. LOL!

        An American citizen, not US subject.

  68. High technology in the hands of evil men will never end well, regardless of where they travel to.

  69. Will Elmer Fudd Bezos take the WaPo with him? If so, Godspeed Elmer.

  70. Is there a competition between Bezos and Musk to see who can get a journalists to print the most ridiculous stuff they say? You think they call each other and go..I got them to write a story about Mars colonies in 10 years. Oh yea, well I got moon robots.

  71. No need to tear the rich down in an ill-advised attempt to create equality. Eventually they find ways to burn away all their money all by themselves. There will be no city on the moon, but there will be plenty of people ready to take Bezos’ money as he makes the effort.

  72. Moon prisons! A great place to lock up terrorists and traitors! Complete with robot guards my vision is better than yours Bezos, this visionary thing is easy!

  73. So Jeff, you want to explore the Universe? Try becoming a Bible believing Christian.


    1. Very offensive, and not a very nice thing to say… your parents did not teach you manners did they

  74. Seems kind of silly to be burning fossil fuels all over the place, and putting tiny payloads on top of giant bottle rockets, when the secret unacknowledged black projects of the military and secret aerospace departments have had anti gravitic vehicles for at least 40 years.

  75. Can anybody tell me all of the fun things there will be to do on the moon? Other than rocks and dirt what else is there?

    1. If you build a large enough enclosure and fill it with air at Earth’s pressure, you can FLY AROUND UNDER YOUR OWN POWER simply by strapping fabric wings onto your arms and flapping.

      That’s enough of a tourist draw to pay for an entire base, I’d imagine.

      1. Let me guess. American taxpayers will have to pay to build your imaginary enclosure.

        1. There’s this little thing called private business. Maybe it wasn’t clear from the fact that I mentioned tourists, but it’d be a private venture. Learn how to read.

  76. NASA has made a deliberate decision to never send a homo-sexual crew into space, or anywhere else, but personally I think they should seriously reconsider.

  77. Bezos looks inbred. Why is it that we’re supposed to be listening to this dingbat?

  78. A secluded moon city, filled to capacity with all the disgruntled liberals on Earth,along with few hundred Islamic immigrants to signal that’s a paradise for both locations!

  79. With all the problems we have here on earth, this view of the power of wealth, while intriguing, may be shortsighted and misdirected. First fix the problems here, maybe?

  80. The thrust of these efforts is to circumvent the inevitable WW3, there-by resupply of Bezo’s moon base would be a very low priority or nonexistent, leading to a lonely, excruciating slow death, with possible cannibalism, with low gravity, but knock yourself out.

  81. Is he collecting his urine in jars yet? Wearing a tin foil hat? If I had a large amount of Amazon stock, my Red “Howard Hughes” -Flag would already be up, as well as an investment plan for when this weirdo goes insane…because he will go insane.

  82. Spend it on the moon instead of paying to spread lies about Trump on WaPo.

  83. The US cannot even send a man to the space station right now without help from the Russians. Lets first get the basic skills to get into Earth’s orbit. The New Glen rocket is a decade away.

  84. His reasons for it don’t seem to justify the effort. Although he would get a good contract out of it. and an ego boost. But does he really need anymore?

  85. NASA is still trying to figure out how to navigate through radiation of the Van Allen Belts.

    NASA said they accidentally erased the Moon landing tapes in 2009.

    The moon rocks Aldrin and Armstrong gave Holland turned out to be petrified wood.

    However, NASA appreciated all the tax $ they have collected.

  86. Perfect example of an elite Libtard.Complain about the poor and how we need to have more social programs and then uses his own money for idiotic things like this.

  87. As the legal owner of that particular parcel of moon land I’d be more than happy to sell it to Bozo. The building regulations on the moon are out of this world and the environmental impact studies that will need to be done will be daunting. Nothing is impossible but knowing the right people in the planning department can be a big help.

  88. It’s a good thing Amazon is generating cash, because WaPo and Bezos are hemorrhaging it big time.

  89. The sooner Bezos leaves this planet the better off humanity will be…

  90. This makes a lot more sense than Mars. Getting set up on the Moon would make a good training ground for further exploration.

  91. Let Jeff Bezos build a city on the moon. Then let him move there and take his fake newspaper with him.

  92. Moon city, eh? So, like a Silicon Valley tech campus.. in space! Excellent. Faster please.

  93. Looks like Bezos wants to name the first lunar city after himself.

    Everyone who has read Asimov and Heinlein and Clarke know the proper name is Luna City.

  94. I remember in the late 90s G Bush the 2nd used to go on about a one piece at a time base on the Moon as a stop before Mars. Makes me wonder is NASA has already had something in the works for awhile that could conflict with Bezos.

  95. Good thing they have grocery stores, hospitals, freshwater sources and WalMarts there already. It’ll make it less expensive than having to transport them in shuttles. Smart.

  96. I suspect he might want to actually land there before he builds his city. My money’s on SpaceX.

  97. I hope there will be affordable housing and rent controls in Moon city. Yes, section 8 housing too. No discrimination. Of course, there will need to be social services in Moon city to deal with drug addiction, homelessness, and Moon-violence.

    Also, They better come up with a way to dispose of human waste and garbage. I mean, it’s not ethical to move to the Moon to desecrate a virgin planet with human waste, right? So Bezos will surely have to incinerate waste… and that will put particulates in the moon atmosphere… and will lead to Moon climate change! No?

    1. Hey I got an Idea about waste etc. Build a trebuchet. They could pay me to be a launcher and I’d be content.

  98. If you build a mansion on the moon Jeff Bezos — I will be sure and wave.


  99. Bezos is one of the most wicked people on earth. He uses the profits of his stocks to drive small businesses to bankruptcy. He is stealing millions of jobs from people that cannot compete with a company that can lose 800 million dollars in 3 months. While some are enjoying the cheap prices now what do you think will happen when there is only Amazon to buy from.

  100. We’ll have a permanent settlement on the moon only when the settlement can pay for itself. That may happen with moon mining or as a way station for asteroid mining. Or maybe it will happen in some way I don’t foresee. But pay for itself it must.

  101. Hey Bozo er Bezo, please ship that other star- gazer nick named “moonbeam” from Calif. first to outer space where he would fit in nicely.

  102. It would be nice to beat the ChiComs to the first viable He3 fusion reactor

  103. Jeff Bezos is an out of control megalomaniac who should be the first resident on the moon…

  104. Just another scam to steal more money from these pirates! You cant build anything on a luminary hologram! He knows we live on a big beautiful FLAT EARTH just like the ceator designed!

  105. The moon isn’t anything that anyone can build a city on… It’s all NASA fakery and B.S.. Good luck with that J.O.. I chalk this kind of talk up right along with colonies on Mars. LMFAO!

  106. A guy who is seriously considering building cities on the moon has no interest in you or me. Amazon has destroyed retail in this country (it takes in half the money spend on the Internet) and should be considered along with Google as to whether the Anti-Trust laws apply. I know my friends on the Left will agree.

  107. Yea ! Let’s build the Moon’s cities and send over there taxocrats party and all clinically insane leftists . They can fight “climate change ” over there and tax each other to the death. And live us, normal folks alone.

  108. Ah, I see JB has brought out some biblical scholars and theologians today. Amazin.

  109. Hey Steve, will you also push for unvetted Muslim refugees to your new moon settlement?

  110. Current technologies do not lend themselves to a city on the moon. In an airless barren environment no rational being would want to remain there long. Even Bezos’ inflated stock’s worth will not be enough to fund a small settlement for any length of time. Earth, to our current knowledge, is the most adaptable planet in the cosmos. Let us keep it that way. Mark Davis MD

  111. Stay away from the Moon, you idiot! If you think ‘global warming’ is a problem….just imagine where’d we be without the Moon!!!!!

  112. Earth to Bezos. Earth is a mess and is on path to destruction. FIX earth 1st because DA moon is not the place, to close to earth, to be if nukes get earth.

  113. Ego is bezo’s motivation. I grew up enamored with science fiction books, Star Trek, etc. There is no reason to colonize the moon, much less Mars.

  114. LOL…they should name the city CGI in honor of everything we’ve ever seen as a result of our space program.

  115. I wish somebody would lay out this creep with more money than sense….I look at at his weasel face and all I want to do is mush it….

  116. What’s with these Nimrod billionaire wizzes? Here is a message to Beezoz and Muskie:
    I don’t need no stinking electric car! I love my big engine and acceleration.

    I don’t need no driverless car, I happen to love driving around in the car of my choice.
    I don’t need no rocket to the moon or mars. I mean WTF 200 below zero at nite. No water or rivers, no lakes, no trees, no food, no scenery, and no way to go outside.

    And what exactly will we be living in, a 50 square foot amazon cubicle with no air to breath?

    And who exactly is going to run this megalopolis on mars, Let me see, the babbling marxist lefty trying to get me up there owns the Washington Post and you all know who he wants for dictator. Hildebeast..Yep I’d say these people are sure enough insane dictators looking for a kingdom to dictate.

  117. Jeff maybe a great biz guy, but building on the moon will cost $$$$ and you can be sure, some folks will die doing this.

  118. If he is so smart, why does he spend millions to attack Trump with his rag newspaper. Will he want government money to support his project? Why is he such a political asshole?

  119. Is garbage pick up on Monday or Wednesday? And how come my Comcast bill is so high?

  120. I’m actually interested in the science behind producing oxygen/carbon dioxide. I get if you transfer the two in a ship to the location and cycle it but is there a way to truly create it? Forgive my lack of knowledge on the subject but does it escape our atmosphere and get replenished on earth? I always thought that there was an abundance but still finite supply. So in a sense to inhabit other areas we have to transfer the Earth’s to said location depleting the quantity on our planet. Weird curiosity I’m having. *passes the joint*

  121. I know a lot of people that would love to send Jeff Bezos and his personal blog, AKA, the Washington Post, to the moon.

  122. Bezos please take the rest of the liberals with you and maybe this world can get back to normal.

  123. According to insiders and whistleblowers there are cities on the moon since the 50’s, built by humans and extraterrestrials , so cut the BS you morons and disclose the space program once for all!!

  124. This will work, so long as humans are left out. We never made it to the Moon in the 60’s and 70’s because we knew humans wouldn’t survive. All NASA did was a studio film job on the world population, B.S.’ing all of us into thinking we were ahead of the Russians.

  125. This monopolist is already in outer space and his empire may be crumbling.

  126. We all know how Bezos has revolutionized retail/wholesale shopping.

    I’m not doubting his insight, nor certainly his intelligence.

    His expertise, though, has been straight line marketing…

    Now his “visionary” is moon exploration/populance?

    Yes….there will be colonies on the moon and Mars in the upcoming

    decades. Technological advances will see to that.

    What distrubs me about Bezos is that he trying to be God like.

    That he….and only he….can see the future and knows what his

    “best” for mankind.

    Society does not need a marketing guru, with no more science

    background than the average Joe, to “guide” society.

    This is what happens when a person becomes too successful……

    they establish themselves with self-rewarding ego powers that

    overshadow common sense and scientific knowledge.

    This Bezos person is becoming to act illogical.

  127. I think Jerry Brown would make a good Governor of the new territory and Nancy Pelosi can be the Mayor.

    1. The free loader earthlings would have be taxed to be able to enjoy moonlight.

  128. Bezos’ attempt to one up Musk, Musk will come back and propose intergalactic travel next week.

  129. You can’t “settle” the moon, it’s not a frontier filled with unsettled beings. By all reports the moon is a dusty rock with an uninhabitable climate and zero life of any kind. Now, the need of men to “conquer” things is always an Impetus for storming the desired area, and putting up for flag. Afterwards, countries with less space technology will follow suit. Then, “Lunar Wars” will begin. Then we will send politicians to the moon, and the whole nightmare will begin.

  130. The goal should be a sealed, rotating cylinder in space, up to 1 to 10 miles in diameter and 100 miles in length, powered along it’s axis by ion or plasma drive. Then you could go some place.

  131. Bezos that liberal billionaire cockroch is worried about the Moon? Ugly little liberal is rich enough to feed the world. Typical liberal jack-ass followed by a writer that is dumb as rocks. SOB owns the lying fish wrap Wash. Post jackasses/ What else do you need to know about the fraudulent clown???



  133. I remember the Apollo Moon landings. There has been nothing but talk since then. When I see it, I will believe it. Until then, this is just a bunch of hot air.

  134. Humans already fucked up the earth. Don’t touch other bodies in the universe.

  135. Too bad we can’t stuff Bezos in a rocket and shoot him into outer space – and stuff Soros in there too.

    Both of them want nothing other than to destroy the country as long as they increase their own wealth – two complete psychos, and both are a curse on humanity

  136. I wish this alien-looking Bozos would move to the moon where he can be with his kind.

  137. Bezos can start his own fascist world on the moon. It will be nice to have him off of this planet.

  138. I’d love a moon base, I just hope this self-important twerp isn’t the one who builds it. I don’t know why I care though… he’ll probably only give flights to Prime members who have politically correct buying histories.

  139. this man is a demon, an absolute antichrist who runs scams on the amazon website and sucks real sellers dry in order to steal from them. he can rot in hell

  140. Isn’t Bez going to have to first figure out how to get a human safely through the Van Allen belts?

  141. Bezos thinks he’s God because he’s rich and (obviously; SARC) smarter than the rest of us. Well, Mr. Bezos, Sir, please tell us all how we are going to get humans through the Van Allen Belt.

  142. Truly remarkable that we live in an age where establishing colonies on other worlds might not only be achievable, but that it might be sustainable.

      1. It depends on the purpose and the cost. I am all for space exploration. With some reservations I welcome private enterprises’ involvement in space exploration. I don’t see a colony on the Moon or Mars as viable. I see them as merely research facilities initially.

        1. I see them as commercial enterprises. Partly government funded and partially privately funded where the results are paid out by shares. Pretty sure that is the way the space race is going. The Space race is exploding. I am 100% in support of it. This time it isn’t bragging rights, it is Solar System security.

          1. What is wrong with “bragging rights”. What the he!! is “solar systems security”??? You don’t really believe man is a threat to the solar system?

  143. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would be against trying to establish colonies on other worlds. Why wouldn’t we do that? There are Trillions to be made out there, not to mention just the survival aspect and the scientific aspect. Why would you be against trying to do that?

    1. So sorry he is so much richer and smarter than you. It’s ok. You will get over it.

      1. I don’t know Bezos, have never met him, have never worked for him, but what he has done at Amazon is truly a technological wonder. I can sit here at my desk, order practically anything I want, after reading reviews from my fellow Americans on the product, and have it delivered right to my door, sometimes in as little as 2 hours! And their customer service is the best in the history of business. Truly a guy who had a vision and made it happen to the betterment of us all. Anyone putting the guy down is probably suffering from a bad case of envy!

        1. I literally own the book series your name is based on lol. You do know how it ended up though right?

  144. I love it. It’s about time we started dreaming again. We can’t depend on the bureaucratically addled NASA any longer, despite all the money we’ve put into cannot even get out of low earth orbit for the last 50 years. So we have to depend on private industry, as always, to make things happen. Shut up, luddites, you’ll always be losers.

  145. What bunch of nonsense he spews to the naive, how is he getting pass the van Allen belt, 2000 megahertz of radiation, you thought we went to the moon? You will believe anything. All pictures of the Earth, the moon and even the planets, are all photoshopped. NASA racks in big bucks for shooting so called space walks, in a pool, ever wonder in those shots you never see the stars? Think, snowflakes, it’s produced in a Hollywood basement. Look how real Hollywood makes things look and you’ll understand Bezos hoax and NASa’s as well.

    1. OMG, another we never went to the moon lunatic? Is that why you love science? Do you also believe that Russians hacked our democracy and that space aliens are controlling us from the hollow moon? Go back to your tin foil shelter, luddite.

      1. Your the moron, nothing we have today can get pass the Van Allen belt, lies all lies, you would vaporize, I bet my life on it. You people have no idea what your talking about, and the people that do know, know you don’t know, so they tell you fibs.

    1. Maybe he’ll call it NASA City, the city of 50 years of overly bloated government bureaucracy that cannot get out of of low earth orbit despite generous tax payer provided money?

    1. Water ice is indeed on the moon. And how is that relevant to this guy being a billionaire?

  146. I’d love to Besos flew to the moon and rocket broke stranding him there.This guy thinks he’s the greatest since sliced bread.HeMayBe rich and have a big brain inside that ugly bald head but he’s a total a hole

  147. So if bozos builds a house on the moon, does that mean that he will be the first settler on the moon. If so does he get to claim the moon as his own, like the pioneers did when establishing the wild west…

  148. Bezos can do anything he wants as long as he is spending his own money and not lobbying for taxpayer coin. He can send a missile up Uranus for all I care. So long as consent is given that is.

  149. hello.
    Is not the point of miserable earthlife for peasants; to encourage nirvana in space?

  150. It’s his money. He can blow it any way he wants.

    Too bad he doesn’t spend it on something like philanthropy, medical research, or saving the American republic from the attacking one-world thugs and racketeers.

  151. Could you put my socialist neighbors in California at the top of the list please?

  152. 99.99 % of the human race will never benifet by private enterprise in outer space. Bezos cares nothing about the human race and seems to be eager to utilize robots instead.

    There’s going to be a global civil war to prevent the super rich from taking out the vast majority of the human race with robot technologies turning the human race into useless eaters within the next 10 to 20 years.

    It must be done or 6.5 billion human’s will be exterminated by the super rich.

  153. Bezos really needs to be aboard the first several trips back and forth. Everybody reports to him — he needs to report to his customers.

  154. I presume it will have an open borders policy and a great welfare system and free copies of The Washinton Post, assuming it is still being published. Steve of McLean

  155. Please take Babs, Katy, Cher and the like with you to the moon. Don’t forget the Middle Eastern cultural enrichers.

  156. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk two billionaire crazies who want to destroy human race so they can go live with other billionaires and robots on other planets.

  157. I like the idea of a permanent presence on the Moon. Eventually we could make and send our spacecraft from the Moon to Mars or out into the rest of the Solar System and on to the Galaxy; but i’m getting ahead of myself. Located on the pole would allow us access to the water ice on the Moon.

  158. Can’t wait to he leaves earth for good make sure you take all your delusional customers who drank your grape coo lade which I bought 60% cheaper at Wal-Mart and got it in 1 hour.

    1. Lol, I like Amazon myself but it kills me that they charge about $100 a year for prime, and then all the “free shipping” items all are priced at the average internet price plus shipping.

  159. Why? Just because he dreams it? If he wants to pay for it, fine. This pointless venture deserves no taxpayer funding.

  160. I can only pray that Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, will soon be on a flight to the moon and establish a fascist liberal colony, where he can preside as emperor. From that location he’ll be able to aid ISIS and other organizations that wish the destruction of America.

  161. BEZOS: the man that would buy the world! Don’t be confused, Bezos believes HE runs America, NOT U!

  162. Oh, goody . . . is Bezos going to be the very first pioneer up there??!! Hope so . . . then he can take a whole mess of lib’s with him, ’cause it ‘takes a village’, don’t ‘ya know??!

  163. What if we send a little technology up there to pre-build our city but later when we go up the technology already has it’s own society set up? ?

  164. Nvidia did not invent the GPU, they simply created the term. Does anyone remember 3DFX? On the other hand, this nonsense of settling the moon is a pipe dream of these billionaires who want so badly to become the first trillionaires, and see such fantasies as the path there.

  165. Once the base is established, they can send princess Pelosi, Maxine W, Chuckie Schumer, etc. up there. The lower gravity will greatly reduce their need for botox and it’ll be a good first stem in getting them as far away from us a humanly possible.

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