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SB Nation gives a science-fiction glimpse into the future of football. (SB Nation Illustration / Jon Bois)

Spoiler alert: This report doesn’t give away any major plot twists in “17776,” SB Nation’s online presentation, but if you want to stay totally in the dark, wait to read this item until after you’ve checked it out.

What do space probes and football have in common? A weird and wonderful tale on the sports website SB Nation provides an answer, but you have to work for it.

As readers scroll through conversations from the future, author and illustrator Jon Bois introduces readers to Nine, Ten and Juice — referring to NASA’s Pioneer 9 and Pioneer 10 probes plus the yet-to-be-launched Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer. They’re able to watch how the world works in the year 17776.

The good news for sports fans is that people still play football — but the game has evolved dramatically over the course of 15,759 years.

The story will be unraveled chapter by chapter through July 15. For now, readers can scroll through first few chapters. (Be sure to click the “Continue” label to move through the story.)

SB Nation is teasing a photo of New York underwater, so even though the probes talk about how Earth has solved its problems, Bois may have some additional twists in store.

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