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Google Carboard Plastic
The Google Cardboard Plastic VR headset offers technology that’s as powerful as you are — but not any more powerful than that. (Via Google)

Be mindful of what you click on today in search of too-good-to-be-true deals or out-of-this-world technology news. While not everyone is laughing at what happened with Gmail, the biggest holiday of the year for tech companies and companies which use the Internet to spread their (make believe) message is now April Fool’s Day.

We’ve rounded up a bunch of pranks from numerous places and we’re adding more as we get them. Have a laugh, tell us your favorites, and if you see a good one, let us know about it in the comments.

Google: Cardboard Plastic VR headset

What’s realer than real? Google tells us that the things that make virtual reality compelling have been with us for tens of hundreds of thousands of years. And so its new headset goes beyond virtual reality, to actual reality. No more attached devices. No more nausea. The future is clear.

H&M: Mark Zuckerberg collection

Need a splash of color? Shop elsewhere. (Via H&M)

Just like the Facebook founder, you, too, can take the guesswork out of getting dressed thanks to a monochromatic new collection from the retailer H&M. The Mark for H&M offering includes seven basic grey T-shirts and one pair of jeans. Dazzle the folks at your next corporate retreat with your billionaire fashions and ability to not waste your time thinking outside the style box.

PATH: Game-changing microencabulator

Certainly the turboencabulator, seen here in classic 1970s 16mm, revolutionized industry with technology that, frankly, we shouldn’t even have to (read: can’t) explain. Now PATH, the leader in global health innovation, is leading a 21st century charge on technobabble with the release of a product that even features a transvective micro-controller. What a breakthrough!

T-Mobile: Binge On Up

Don’t let your daily life get in the way of non-stop streaming. The Un-carrier’s latest unconventional move in the wireless space lets you binge on a date, binge on a hike or binge in the bathtub. Forget hands! Those are for the suckers at Verizon and AT&T. Binge On Up straps to your head and puts your hands-free phone in front of your face where it belongs. In addition to all of that, the Bellevue, Wash.-based company is making sure you can’t get enough of its colorful CEO, John Legere, with Binge John. Put on your headphones and turn up Legere After Dark, for instance.

Virgin America: Logo redesign

When Virgin founder Richard Branson thinks about the “core of the Virgin America brand” he pads his chest with both hands and says he feels it “right in here.” Makes sense then that the company’s new logo, created by agency N_Fuzion, looks like breasts.

HubSpot: P.E.T Program

Your company is barking up the wrong tree if it thinks letting you bring your dog to work is an innovative perk anymore. At HubSpot, they believe in the idea that ALL animals provide a boost in morale and productivity. Chicken on a desk? Check. Llama in your cubicle? Cool. Leading thought leader Orlando Scampington unleashes the details in HubSpot’s video.

PCC Natural Markets: Play with your food

The Seattle-based intergalactic sustenance emporium brings in the finest foods based on shoppers’ astrological signs, according to its website makeover. In a special video, PCC is promoting DIY edible beard baubles — “no better way to celebrate spring in the Northwest.” Save room in your basket for cruelty-free croutons (finally!) and asparagus-flavored Greek yogurt (yum!).

evo: Bike the Moon

evo bike the moon
Adventure travel reaches new heights in evo’s Bike the Moon offering. (Via evo)

The lifestyle and action sports retailer finally has a gravity-defying adventure for the truly hardcore with this evoTrip. All levels of mountain bikers are welcome to experience lunar hang time and painless crash landings over six days. Dehydrated wine and cheese tasting included, as well as a day tour to dark side of the moon.

Faira: White House listing

Faira White House
(Via Faira)

A spacious, 132-room mansion built in 1792 for $250,750,000? No, it’s not a steal in San Francisco. It’s at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C., and the current occupant has had enough of the office shaped like an oval. Seattle-based real estate startup Faira has the details on this 16-bedroom, 35-bath Colonial stunner. Trump White House reality series

Trump reality White House

“We’re gonna beat ‘Scandal,’ we’re gonna beat ‘West Wing,'” says front-running Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump about his planned series, which will of course “make American television great again.” Check out the story from the website aimed at getting you the best deal on programming in your area, if not necessarily the best programming. Cat Walking

Rover cat walking

Don’t choke on that hairball. Seattle’s site for trustworthy pet sitters and dog walkers is finally able to free your feline with its newest service. Your cat can get a 30-minute walk (probably more like a drag) around the neighborhood and they’ll send you cute photos of your cat not walking. Mewow!

Redbox: Kiosk ambassadors

How are your DVD stacking skills? (Via Redbox)

If you love movies and sitting in one cramped place for eight hours at a time, Redbox has the job for new. You have to think “inside the box” and not be afraid of the dark to become a kiosk ambassador.

CarGurus: Vinder

If you’ve ever been infatuated with an automobile, this Tinder for cars will steer you in the right direction. From the folks who always want to match you with the best car deal comes the ability to swipe through cars near you for the perfect connection. What’s going to rev your engine: A quickie test drive or your forever car?

Duolingo: Language pillow

Duolingo pillow
How do you say, “Wake up, you’re late for work” in German? (Via Duolingo)

Falling behind on those French lessons you’ve been taking via the online language-learning platform Duolingo? Well, rest easy. You can get a good night’s sleep and wake up ordering fake breakfast in fake Paris thanks to a new pillow that employs sleepable technology.

Kickstarter: Jesper watch

Who doesn’t love hands-free technology? (Via Kickstarter)

Looking for a timeless statement piece for your wrist? No, really, a watch that doesn’t tell time is a very big statement. This Kickstarter for the ultimate minimalist watch won’t turn you into a clock watcher. But you’re definitely going to be super early or totally late for whatever trendy thing you’re headed to.

Alaska Airlines: Mini jet

Your carry-on is definitely not going to fit in the overhead compartment. If you’re traveling to the island nation of Lilliput, plan on having your leg room greatly reduced aboard this little 737.

ThinkGeek: Vertical landing Mentos & Diet Coke rocket

Launch the soda rocket 30 feet in the air and watch it return to Earth safely. (Via ThinkGeek)

Forget the unpredictability of a normal Mentos & Diet Coke rocket — you never know what direction that thing will shoot off to, or where it’s going to land. ThinkGeek is taking a page out of Jeff Bezos’ space-age playbook with a reusable soda rocket. Too science-y? Perhaps a flavor-of-the-Day, lickable desktop calendar is more your speed.

University of Oregon: LED football field

Autzen Stadium has never been this neon. In another innovative move from the Ducks football program, LED lighting is replacing the field turf in time for the 2016 season. Forget marching bands, this colorful display will take college football pageantry to the next level. (OK, time out. Is there anyone else out there that thinks this could actually become a thing, like, soon?)

Google: Self-driving bicycle

No city is more bicycle friendly than Amsterdam. So it makes sense that Google Netherlands would introduce the self-driving bike before self-driving cars have even been proven safe. Go ahead, call one via smartphone and put your kids on it. We’ll just stand over here and watch.

Tableau: Journey Analytics

Tableau Journey Analytics
Business users and aspiring homesteaders can embark on a data journey. (Via Tableau)

Welcome to the modern frontier of data from Seattle-based pioneers Tableau. Heading out on the Oregon Trail? Keep track of key metrics and real-time analytics such as mountains crossed, bullets fired and meat consumed. The journey from the Great Plains to the Pacific Northwest has never been so painstakingly mapped out.

Boatbound: 3D-printed tiny yacht

Boatbound mini yacht
Is that Beyonce onboard? Maybe it’s Gisele. (Via Boatbound)

If you just jetted in on that tiny Alaska Airlines 737, above, then hop aboard this tiny yacht from pier-to-pier boat rental marketplace Boatbound. You don’t have to be Paul Allen to set sail in luxury. Worried about rising oceans and fuel consumption? The MiSLY (Mini Super Luxury Yacht) “quite possibly could save the planet,” says CEO Aaron Hall.

Wonder Workshop: Wonder Paw

Sure, it’s great to bring your dog to work. But shouldn’t your pooch actually DO some work? The robotic innovators at Wonder Workshop — who already taught your kids to code — have introduced an app to get dogs up to speed. Canines constitute 0 percent of the engineering and computer science fields. One dog in the video above was eating out of the garbage last month, and now he’s interviewing at Google, Apple and NASA.

Note: This “breaking news” story is being updated regularly. Check back for more foolishness.

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