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Photo via YouTube
Photo via YouTube

How does at least $1.5 million for talking about Disney toys sound? Or maybe $1.2 million for making some comedic videos about video games?

That’s the low end of what YouTube’s top influencers are raking in, according to Social Blade, which monitors YouTube stats, and this Huffington Post report which crunched the data. They found that “stats for the top YouTube channels show many of these leading video stars drawing large audiences for narrating gaming sessions or unboxing brand-new toys.”

The top YouTube channel is, get ready for this, DisneyCollectorBR. It features an elfin-voiced narrator basically opening up new Disney toys and talking about them. Social Blade estimates DisneyCollectorBR earns between $1.5 and $23.4 million each year, which is a huge difference, but hey, $1.5 million for opening boxes and talking about it isn’t bad cash. DisneyCollectorBR has more than 3.6 million subscribers and the channel’s videos have been viewed more than 5 billion times.

Social Blade estimates earnings based on every thousand ad views, so it’s not an exact science, but instead projecting a range.

“The range is huge because the CPMs [cost per thousand views] vary SO much,” Jenna Arnold, support services manager for Social Blade told HuffPo. “They can be anywhere from $0.25 to $4.00 on average. It’s a huge range because we just don’t know CPM’s for individual channels, or many of the factors that would affect it, like what country their audience is based in, how many views are from mobile, how many of their viewers have Adblock, etc. Stuff like that all affects earnings.”

Of course, Google takes about 45 percent of the ad revenue, too, and these amounts don’t reflect that.

In any case, check out the top 10 YouTube influencers’ estimated annual incomes below (none are major companies or celebrities BTW, to keep the playing field fair), courtesy of HuffPo:

1. DisneyCollectorBR: $1.5 to $23.4 million for videos about playing with Disney toys.

2. PewDiePie: $1.2 and 18.9 million for comedy videos, often about video games.

3. LittleBabyBum: $845,500 to $13.5 million for making animated nursery rhymes.

4. Stampylonghead: $698,100 to $11.2 million for videos about “Minecraft” and other video games.

5. Popularmmos: $750,900 to $12 million for “Minecraft” commentary.

6. Blucollection: $720,700 to $11.5 million for videos showing a man playing with Play-Doh and other toddler-friendly wares.

7. DisneyCarToys: $642,700 to $10.3 million for short films like “FROZEN Elsa Teaches Barbie a Lesson PART 2.”

8. MarkiPlierGame: $588,400 to $9.4 million for video game commentary.

9. TheDiamondMinecart: $603,000 to $9.6 million for daily “Minecraft” videos.

10. Jacksepticeye: $568,300 to $9.1 million for the “most energetic video game commentator on YouTube.”

Now get cracking on your Disney/Minecraft/Play-Doh mashup channel.

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