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Map via Broadviewnet
Map via Broadviewnet

What are the biggest revenue-producing companies in each state? A cool map from Broadview Networks let’s us know.

If you guessed that high-tech powerhouses such as Microsoft or Amazon would top that list in Washington state, you’d better guess again. Washington’s biggest revenue generator is none other than brick-and-mortar retailer Costco for the second year running.

Even in California, Apple and Google didn’t win the top seat. That goes to Chevron.

Broadview Networks put together the same map last year, which caused quite a “buzz,” so they decided to do it again. To gather the data, they used Hoover’s to “search through each state’s list of companies to find which had the largest revenue in the last fiscal year.”

Broadview’s press office did tell us that the “revenues are not all based on the same exact timeline…each company has a different fiscal year, so the data included on the map was taken from the most recent report made available from each individual company.”

“At first glance, you may ask, ‘Where are Apple and Microsoft?’ ” states Broadview’s post. “Yes, these are huge companies, but this map is specifically looking at total revenue from the last fiscal year. If we look at California with Apple vs. Chevron, there is a large discrepancy between market value and total revenues.  Apple’s market value as of March 31, 2015, was $724 billion while Chevron’s was only (and we use “only” lightly) $197 billion. In terms of revenue, Chevron comes out on top with $203 billion in the last fiscal year while Apple had revenues of $182 billion.”

Costco’s revenue grew from $105 billion in 2014, to over $112 billion this year, according to Broadview’s analysis. Meanwhile, the latest financial reports from Microsoft report revenues of $86.8 billion, while Amazon made nearly $89 billion, according to Hoover’s data.

Even so, Amazon and Microsoft are much more valuable companies. Microsoft boasts a market value of $369 billion, while is valued at $199 billion. Costco, meanwhile, is valued by Wall Street at $60.5 billion.

Another item of note: Boeing took over Archer Daniels Midland to be the largest revenue generator in Illinois this year with revenues over $90 billion. However, if Boeing had remained in Washington, it still would not be the top revenue producer in the state.

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