Amazon’s drones still on track for take-off despite new FAA guidelines

Amazon’s experimental drone delivery project has not been grounded by new rules set forth by the FAA. The Federal Aviation Administration released a document on Monday, which was easily misinterpreted as affecting Amazon’s plans. It outlawed using “model aircraft” for a number of activities, including delivering packages for a fee, or even delivering packaged for free — as… Read More

Amazon's Prime Air "Delivery Drone."

Update: Amazon says delivery drones not grounded by FAA

Update: Amazon said in a statement that this will not affect their drone project because it applies to hobby aircraft, rather than commercial planes. It is still likely years off from getting commercial approval. See our follow-up story for more. The original story follows … A new document by the Federal Aviation Administration distributed yesterday is… Read More

Raphael Pirker (via LeWeb on Flickr)

Drone pilot who beat FAA regs is skeptical about Amazon drone delivery

Amazon’s plans for a Prime Air drone delivery service captured the imagination of people who want their packages delivered by small, flying robots, but drone entrepreneur Raphael Pirker is skeptical that they’ll become a reality, at least in the near future. Pirker, the CEO of drone manufacturer TBS Avionics, told the Wall Street Journal that small drones… Read More


Amazon had to shoot the promotional video for its drones outside the U.S.

While it’s become abundantly clear that Amazon faces regulatory challenges to offering drone delivery, a newly surfaced piece of information reveals just how difficult the road ahead will be for the online retailer. According to the Washington Post, the promotional video for Amazon’s PrimeAir service — which aired on 60 Minutes and was posted online — wasn’t… Read More


FAA panel: Wi-Fi is safe during takeoff and landing

If you’re even a semi-frequent flier, those moments between takeoff and 10,000 feet can be annoying if all you really want to do is finish a time-sensitive email right away. Now, there’s hope. According to the Wall Street Journal, a panel has recommended that the Federal Aviation Administration relax regulations restricting use of Wi-Fi below… Read More


F.A.A. approves Boeing certification plan to test 787 battery fixes

The Federal Aviation Administration today approved Boeing’s certification plan to test the 787 Dreamliner’s battery system. Late last month, Boeing presented proposed changes to the FAA and several outlets reported that the FAA was to start flight testing as early as last week. But the FAA denied those reports, calling them “completely inaccurate.” Now, however, it has given… Read More


Breaking: FAA orders all US-based airlines to ground Boeing 787 Dreamliners

After a flurry of problems and emergency landings in Japan, the Federal Aviation Administration today ordered all U.S.-based airlines to ground Boeing 787 Dreamliners. This comes just hours after Japan’s two biggest airlines, All Nippon and Japan Airlines, grounded their fleet of 24 787s. On an All Nippon domestic flight today, instruments triggered emergency warnings… Read More


Just in case: FAA says Boeing 787 is safe, will still conduct comprehensive review

Even though both Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration insist the Dreamliner is safe, the government will still be conducing a “comprehensive” review of Boeing’s 787 following last week’s electrical mishaps. The FAA announced today that it will launch a safety review of the 787′s critical systems, including the “design, manufacture and assembly.” Last Monday,… Read More