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Dinner at your door: Amazon launches food takeout service

Amazon already delivers groceries. Now, the Seattle giant is quietly moving into the takeout business. Amazon is launching a food takeout service as part of Amazon Local beginning in Seattle and will compete with companies like GrubHub and DeliveryHero. A source told GeekWire that the new service was available in the Amazon Local iPhone app… Read More


Amazon’s drones still on track for take-off despite new FAA guidelines

Amazon’s experimental drone delivery project has not been grounded by new rules set forth by the FAA. The Federal Aviation Administration released a document on Monday, which was easily misinterpreted as affecting Amazon’s plans. It outlawed using “model aircraft” for a number of activities, including delivering packages for a fee, or even delivering packaged for free — as… Read More


eBay scales back same-day delivery plans, but denies report that it’s giving up

eBay is drastically scaling back its plans for same-day delivery, but says rumors that the service is shutting down are completely false. “It’s just not true,” said Christopher Payne, an SVP and head of eBay North America, in an interview with GeekWire. “We have no plans to shutdown our same-day delivery offering.” Payne says it will continue to focus on Chicago, Dallas, New York, and the… Read More


Amazon enables returns through delivery lockers

Amazon is now letting customers return purchased items through its Amazon Lockers — a new feature of the large delivery lockers that have been installed in locations around North America and Europe. The feature, offered as an option for returns through Amazon’s site, was noted by the Wall Street Journal overnight. The process is essentially… Read More


Speedy delivery! Verizon customers in Seattle can now get phones the same day they order them

Waiting for a new gadget you purchased online can be a frustrating experience. But a bit of thumb-twiddling is usually the price to pay for online selection. For Verizon customers in Seattle, that wait has just gotten shorter. The wireless company announced today that customers in 10 cities, including Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles and… Read More

Amazon's Prime Air "Delivery Drone."

eBay CEO on Amazon’s drones: ‘We’re not focused on long-term fantasies’

It looks like eBay isn’t too concerned about its competitor’s audacious plans to have fleets of aerial drones delivering products to customers’ doorsteps. During an interview with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang today, eBay CEO John Donahoe called Amazon’s drone ambitions “long term fantasies”: Re: Amazon drones, John Donahoe tells @emilychangtv eBay not focusing on "long term fantasies"… Read More


HomeGrocer founder Terry Drayton’s new startup aims to be ‘the Uber of storage’

Terry Drayton has seen plenty of ups and downs throughout his startup career. High-flying cratered during the dot-com bust, and then a subsequent venture, Count Me In, was forced into bankruptcy. But, like a classic entrepreneur, the affable Canadian just keeps getting back up. Drayton’s new effort, Storrage, is the latest gamble. And it’s… Read More


Postmates arrives in Seattle to deliver tacos, burgers and anything else in under an hour

Postmates CEO Bastian Lehmann hears the comparisons all of the time: Isn’t his new online delivery service just another version of dot-com darling Of course, getting compared to a defunct company — especially one that disintegrated as fabulously as Kozmo — isn’t the most flattering thing. But Lehmann, who is officially launching the Postmates… Read More


Amazon patents the milkman this week won a broad patent on technology that lets customers schedule product deliveries to their doorsteps or mailboxes on a recurring basis, without needing to submit a new order every time. The patent filing says this approach will be particularly useful to overcome “the challenges presented by the delivery of perishable goods or… Read More


Hey, Seattle: Amazon wants to deliver your next meal

Some of Seattle’s hottest restaurants have partnered with Amazon Fresh to deliver everything from lobster bisque to fancy donuts to ready-to-cook chicken sandwiches — right to your doorstep. Rebekah Denn at The Seattle Times has details on the new delivery program, giving it a whirl with favorites from La Spiga and Samurai Noodle. Dubbed “Seattle Spotlight,” Denn notes… Read More

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Report: Amazon Lockers arriving at Staples stores has struck a deal to put its new locker system — which allows customers to order products online and pick them up at physical locations — in Staples stores, according to a report today by Reuters. Staples is the largest office supply retailer in the world, with more than $25 billion in annual sales and… Read More