Ben Taskar

UW computer science professor Ben Taskar passes away at 36

Ben Taskar, a rising star in the University of Washington’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering, passed away on Sunday after an unexpected and sudden illness. He was 36. The passing of Taskar, an expert in machine learning, computational linguistics and computer vision who arrived at the UW earlier this year, left colleagues and friends grief-stricken. “Ben… Read More


UW computer science program eyes 2nd building to meet booming demand

The Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering, which opened a decade ago, houses the University of Washington’s nationally-recognized computer science program. The building is currently operating at full capacity and demand for admission into the school is growing rapidly. In fact, more than 900 students are taking Intro to Computer Programming this… Read More


Mathletes: Students solve 375K algebra equations in 4 days with iOS app

Students across Washington did some serious algebra work this week — and I mean serious like 400,000 problems in four days kind of work. As part of the Washington State Algebra Challenge, K-12 students used an iteration of a learning app called DragonBox to try and solve 250,000 equations in just one week. They did that and much more, as 4,000 students… Read More


Gov. Inslee to sign bill that counts computer science for high school math, science credit

Washington high schools will now allow computer science classes to count as a math or science requirement toward high school graduation. Today at Seattle’s Rainier Beach High School, Washington Governor Jay Insee will sign bill HB 1472, which “provides initiatives to improve and expand access to computer science education.” He will be joined by Microsoft’s General… Read More


Heralded UW computer science professor scores $6.75M for GraphLab, looking to make better online recommendations

It was a major coup last summer when The University of Washington hooked computer science professor Carlos Guestrin, a leading data scientist and expert in machine learning. What wasn’t widely known at the time was that the Guestrin-led open source project, an ambitious undertaking known as, would soon sprout into its very own startup. But that’s… Read More


Nathan Myhrvold to Microsoft alumni: ‘We participated in one of the most beneficial revolutions in human history’

For nearly one hour, Nathan Myhrvold stood in front of members of the Microsoft Alumni Network and talked strictly about Modernist Cuisine — the epic, five-volume cookbook-to-end-all-cookbooks, featuring recipes engineered in a stainless-steel suburban lab, and photographs shot in a carefully lighted studio, created in collaboration with Myhrvold, co-founder of Intellectual Ventures and one of the technology… Read More


Washington bill could make CSE classes count for math, science credit

A new bill in the Washington State Legislature may allow computer science classes to count as a math or science requirement toward high school graduation. Currently, Washington high schoolers who take a computer science class don’t receive a math or science credit. HB 1472 would enable this and “provide initiatives to improve and expand access to computer science… Read More

gates-bill111111 video featuring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other coding geeks goes viral, the non-profit created by entrepreneurs Ali and Hadi Partovi, has struck a nerve with its video about the importance of computer science education. The video, which was released earlier this week, has already been viewed more than five million times. (across various platforms). Of course, it didn’t hurt that the video — directed by Lesley… Read More


New computing institute on UW campus will focus on big data problems

The University of Washington is already a budding hub for computer science. Now, with some help from a national laboratory, the Seattle campus will become even more of a CS powerhouse. The UW and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have formed the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing. Researchers there will jointly focus on developing solutions related… Read More

Jeannette Wing

Microsoft Research hires Carnegie Mellon leader as head of international labs

Microsoft Research today named noted computer scientist Jeannette Wing, the two-time head of Carnegie Mellon’s computer science department, to the position of vice president in charge of Microsoft Research International, overseeing the company’s research labs in India, England and China. It’s a newly created position for Microsoft. Wing will report to Rick Rashid, the company’s chief… Read More


Love and marriage: How the UW is making bets on the brains of ‘big data’ and ‘machine learning’

Computer science is very much a discipline that revolves around numbers. But it was something a little less mathematical that led to the University of Washington strengthening its computer science department in recent months: Love, marriage and friendship. In no fewer than three separate situations, the UW’s computer science department was able to attract world-class… Read More


Meet the future: These 21 UW computer science grads are ready to change the world

It’s a good time to have a degree in computer science. And it’s not just because, Google and Microsoft are paying big bucks to hire the best-and-brightest software developers and engineers. Computer science is transforming the world, radically changing industries as diverse as health, transportation, media and communications. With that in mind (and with the… Read More


Why Northeastern University chose Seattle, and what the UW’s Ed Lazowska thinks about it

In the words of Steve Ballmer, it’s all about “developers. developers. developers.” Seattle needs more of them, and the University of Washington and other state-run institutions just aren’t producing enough. Enter Northeastern University, a private university which announced this week plans to set up a branch campus in Seattle to grant graduate degrees in key… Read More

Paul Schimpf

State university computer science faculty fear deeper cuts as pressure builds on WWU

Western Washington University’s computer science department isn’t the only one encountering the harsh realities of the state budget crisis. Eastern Washington University is currently evaluating its graduate program in computer science, though chair of the department, Paul Schimpf, said he’s confident it will survive based on a committee’s recent recommendation to the president and provost…. Read More


Western Washington University computer science department faces the ax despite tech worker shortage

Western Washington University is considering eliminating or drastically reducing its computer science department, a proposal that comes amid a growing need for software developers and engineers in the state. “It was a big surprise to me. I didn’t dream that anybody would consider reducing the computer science department in the 21st century,” said WWU computer… Read More