Chris Lewicki

Planetary Resources plans to boost space exploration with interstellar ‘gas stations’

People heading off on an interstellar journey may soon have one of the prerequesites for a road trip: gas stations. Planetary Resources Chairman Chris Lewicki told the Future in Revew conference this week that his company wants to take asteroids and turn them into interstellar pit stops, where spaceships could stop and refuel. The Bellevue-based asteroid… Read More


Asteroid-mining company reveals new telescope, says ‘water is the gateway drug of space’

A lot has happened since Bellevue-based Planetary Resources announced its plans to mine near-earth asteroids just one year ago. To celebrate its one-year anniversary, the company just held a half-hour live stream today to discuss the past 365 days and talk about plans for the future. “It’s really just been epic,” President and Chief Asteroid Miner… Read More


Planetary Resources founder: ‘Humans will migrate off Earth in the next 30 years’

Can you imagine packing your belongings and hopping on a spaceship to go live on another planet for the rest of your life? Eric Anderson, co-founder of Bellevue-based asteroid mining company Planetary Resources, certainly can. Anderson gave a great talk at this week’s Hacker News Meetup, a monthly get-together of geeks who like reading Hacker News. The… Read More


Newsmakers 2012: Asteroid miner Chris Lewicki points Planetary Resources to a new industry in space

They plan to send robots into space to mine asteroids — opening up a new frontier for natural resources and creating a trillion-dollar industry in the process. Planetary Resources’ mission would sound crazy if it wasn’t for the people behind it — led by “chief asteroid miner” Chris Lewicki as president and chief engineer. A… Read More