GeekWire Calendar Picks: Digitally Rendered Mind, WeWork Gallery Night, Aaron Swartz film and more

The relationship between the human experience and technology is hotly debated and constantly evolving. While some people unyieldingly charge forward on a mission to make the tech-human experience seamless, others are skeptical about the ramifications of allowing our tech to become part of us. Digitally Rendered Mind, a new video program being screened at the Northwest Film Forum, examines… Read More

Aaron Swartz

Untangling Justice: The case of Aaron Swartz

Commentary: I spent much of Saturday trying to reconcile two very different approaches to justice meted out by the Obama Administration. The first is old (mid-December) news: British bank HSBC launders money for at least a decade and is fined four weeks earnings. I learned about it Friday from The Daily Show. Blatant laundering, moving “tainted… Read More