akamaiinternetIf fast Internet is your number one priority when thinking about where to live, East Asia might your best bet.

That’s one takeaway from Akamai’s Q3 2013 “State of the Internet” report that was published today and analyzed Internet connections in locations around the world based on data from Akamai’s Intelligent Platform.

Globally, Internet speeds grew 10 percent from Q2 2013 at an average of 3.6 Mbps. However, global average peak connection speed dropped by 5.2 percent to 17.9 Mbps.

South Korea had the fastest average connection speed at a blistering 22.1 Mbps, marking a huge 66 percent increase from Q2 2013. Hong Kong had the highest average peak connection speed at 65.4 Mbps.

akamaiinternet3The U.S. finished with the eighth-fastest average connection at 9.8 Mbps, a 13 percent increase from the previous quarter. Nearly all 50 U.S. states actually saw at least a 10 percent increase in speeds from Q2 2013, with ten states seeing quarterly growth above 20 percent. Washington had the tenth-fastest average connection speed at 11.4 Mbps.

The report also noted broadband adoption worldwide, which grew 5.8 percent quarter-over-quarter to 53 percent. In the U.S., overall broadband adoption increased by more than 30 percent and by 40 percent in Washington.

Finally, Akamai reported that mobile data traffic saw massive increases. Based on information from Ericcson, that traffic grew by 80 percent from the third quarter in 2012:


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  • panacheart

    Those numbers only tell part of the story. Having lived in Japan, I learned that the internet can be blazing fast within Japan, if you’re viewing content being delivered within the country, but as soon as you try and access foreign content the bandwidth goes to hell. Pings show fast speeds to the international hubs and then lag, timeouts etc. RDP to servers in the US can be difficult.

    In the US you’ve slower speeds perhaps, but more content available at reasonable speeds. Plus some of the trunk lines between the US and other countries is faster than in some of the countries mentioned.

    • gandif

      Hi, can i quote your reply (I’m a contributor for a daily paper in Jakarta). Let me know, eh? Thanks big big.

  • Dustin

    I have had internet now for almost a year and it is 100 Mbps and I am not talking about my link speed to my router. It is a newer development and they put fiber to all homes. I can also have dual internet connections at 100Mbps * 2 but the one connection is not cheap to start with so I will stick with it. I find it awesome for downloading games and watching 4k video. I gave up cable and just went with an internet connection only because I hardly ever watch TV anyway, minus Netflix that is.

  • BlackWing88

    dosent the use have the fastest internet with google fiber

  • Nemes Ioan Sorin

    that’s nice – but where is Romania in your top or in your sketch ? – do you ever know about Romania ?


    no matter which average percentage of whatever criteria entered on your data from Akamai – but my country was always on top for some years regarding the internet speed in Europe…

    You should change your sources because the Akamai data is from the past century

    just put on Google ‘Romania internet speed’ and check more sources …
    or please come here to check for yourself – seeing is believing !.

  • nonne

    very fast speed insane but my internet 16kbps.

  • Haas Cripperz.SG

    You are missing Singapore in this list… lol

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